Six early suitors for DeSean


It’s just a matter of time before former Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson has a new team.  As Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald mentioned during Friday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, six teams made early contact with Jackson.

The full list isn’t known.  We’ve consistently heard that the 49ers are very interested in adding Jackson to a receiving crops that currently includes Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, and tight end Vernon Davis.

It’s also not known whether Jackson will get a short-term deal that puts him on the market next March, or whether he’ll sign a multi-year deal.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it’s very possible that one team that views Jackson as the last piece of the puzzle will make a significant offer that covers more than one season — and that possibly pays Jackson (between bonus and salary) as much or more than he was due to earn in Philly for 2014.

If it’s a one-year deal, look for it to possibly be in the range of $6 million or $7 million.

Regardless of structure and terms, too many teams want to win now to ignore Jackson.  While the Eagles, for one or more reasons, didn’t want him, Jackson’s career highs in receptions and receiving yards will result in someone taking a chance on Jackson being a guy who can be the difference between getting to the playoffs and getting to the Super Bowl.

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  1. Gee…. Jets are in the mix for DeSean…. oh why or why am I not surprised. Woody Johnson + PSL’s + Mike Vick = DeSean Jackson

  2. This fly’s directly in the face of logic, but something tells me New England may be the team that signs him.

  3. He has always been a prima donna. He plays well when he plays. He is outspoken. His obvious “mistake” is not being there (Philly) for workouts. Too much “me” in him. Even the hint of gang connections should make teams back off. Someone will sign him. 1 year deal is probably not a bad option. No guaranteed money, pay as you go with performance bonuses would be wise. I expect Oakland or someone else to sign him to a 4-5 year deal.

  4. Detroit, Atlanta, Washington, Baltimore, and the New York Jets & Giants.

    Six teams where the fan base would appreciate and identify with a gangsta.

  5. If he checks out and the flags aren’t as red as everybody is worrying based upon the shade the Eagles saw, then you should lock him up for more than 1 year. Now would be the time to capitalize on getting a good value on a premium player that can help you out for quite some time.

    I agree with Salguero that the Chiefs don’t have the cap space to sign him though.

  6. Regardless of structure and terms, too many teams want to win now to ignore Jackson.


    Are you saying there are teams that don’t want to win now?

  7. Niners fan and that lineup would make us nearly unstoppable..wouldn’t be able to double any of them or put 8 in the box…they need to make it happen if they can financially

  8. I will poop a cold purple twinkie if the Niners end up signing DeSean. The guy has unlimited amounts of talent, but he comes with more tainted baggage than a mule on a Colombian airliner.

  9. Lots of people getting nasty about this guy in previous posts, but he’s a top 10 WR in the league, currently in his prime and, to my knowledge, has never had legal issues.

    So, while he is clearly a ‘me first’ dude, it only makes sense that lots of teams want him and will offer him a very nice 3-5 year contract to show it.

  10. Patriots need him big time, but they won’t touch him with a 10 foot pole now that he’s suspected of having gang affiliations. Thanks Aaron!

  11. Why don’t teams just make personal conduct provisions when writing player contracts which guarantees the team has the right to void most or all of said contract if a provision is broken? Player doesn’t agree, then he’s probably not a good fit for your team in the first place. No gang signs on social media, no beating up women, no unregistered weapons, etc, etc. How is this so hard to figure out??

  12. That doesn’t add up.

    A team sees him as the final piece.
    He was just cut so in all likelihood he could have been traded for easily with as little as a late round pick.
    The only reason to wait out the Eagles and force them to cut him would because of his salary.

    So why would any team who is one piece away now be willing to pay him the same amount he was owed by the Eagles taking on even more guaranteed money than the minuscule amount left on his Eagles contract?

    He’s getting less money. Possibly significantly less.

  13. I suspect there’s a lot more to this story and that he’s not in the league in 2014. For the Eagles to release him and take a $6mm hit there’s something going on.

  14. If Desean has gang ties in L.A. and he can’t seem to get away from them in Philly, wouldn’t putting him closer in a place like San Fran be just ASKING for him to have more off the field problems?

  15. So let me get this straight…

    Jackson is coming off a career high season, the Eagles attempt but are unable to trade him, and then cut him amid rumors of gang connections

    Yup – no red flags there.

  16. Weird situation to have such a talented guy get cut in his prime like this, along with a substantial dead money cap hit. Have to believe there’s more to it than a missed meeting or two and a few photos with potential gang members. While it’s easy to say buyer beware, This could be the wake up call Jackson needs to choose to distance himself from the wrong crowd and be a steal for a team that needs a big play threat.

  17. And ex-49er DB Chris Culliver has been arrested on felony hit and run and weapons charges.
    You heard it here first.
    I wrote “Ex” because that will no doubt be the case.

  18. I think Andy Reid could want Desean in Kansas City, but I’m not sure Jackson likes the idea of playing with a QB who lacks a deep arm. The Jets and 49ers make sense, especially San Fran considering Desean went to Cal.

    With the loss of Steve Smith, I can truly see Desean playing in Carolina next season. Cam Newton is exactly the type of QB that Desean Jackson would want to play with…and their personalities mesh together perfectly with one another. This is my final choice for Jackson’s new team and I think Carolina will be eager to fill that playmaking void they have at WR with the absence of Steve Smith.

  19. All I know is I hope KC is really interested. We could use a WR like him. A move w/protections in contract would protect us and would serve notice to Denver and San Diego that we aren’t conceding the AFC. And we have Andy Reid who knows DeSean and has good relationship w/him.

  20. Don’t know where you get the Niners have expressed an interest in him. GM Baalke, who doesn’t address player issues very often flatly said there’s been no contact w/Eagles or Jackson. Too many red flags for the Niners…trust me on that. Whomever signs him it’s “buyer beware”.

  21. patriotinvasion says:
    Mar 28, 2014 7:14 PM
    Weird situation to have such a talented guy get cut in his prime like this, along with a substantial dead money cap hit. Have to believe there’s more to it than a missed meeting or two and a few photos with potential gang members. While it’s easy to say buyer beware, This could be the wake up call Jackson needs to choose to distance himself from the wrong crowd and be a steal for a team that needs a big play threat.————————————————

    Far be it from me to agree with a Pats fan, but yes, you’re right. There’s something fishy about this release that we arent privy to. Teams just dont release one of their best (maybe their very best) players like this and not even get a 6th rounder for him. Dude had 82 catches last year , he’s in his prime at 27 and to be honest the Eagles (and Im not a fan) arent really that far off from taking it to the next level. This is a big setback for them. There has to be some method to the madness. Very strange actions to the extreme. I cant remember a similar situation in the recent past.

  22. or the gang ties are real and the nfl (1) urged the eagles to cut him and (2) will urge teams not to sign him.

    in which case his nfl career is over.

  23. I would bet the Lions to be one of the teams. Its not like they shy away from signing the more troubled players in the league, Detroit gangs are looking for a new member and he have no one watching over him, sounds perfect.

  24. Six teams? Is his agent Boras?? The still unemployed Steven Drew Has 3 teams offering him $39 mil!

  25. I have no idea why the niners are interested in him. as if crabtree and v. davis are not enough drama already…plus they don’t need him in the slightest.

  26. Let’s summarize: D-Jax is a gang banger, Hernandez fatally shoots two people, D. Stallworth kills someone with his car, Mike Vick killed dogs….

    But Riley Cooper and Richie Incognito are the two worst dudes in the NFL?

  27. The word leaking here in Philly is that Big Red in KC wants no part of Jackson’s act. He is a me first guy who didn’t play hard when he felt underpaid and only turned it on a little bit once he got a new deal. Chip had to send him off the field at practice last season for being a pain/whiny baby too. Another report says he has burned through all the $ he got up front in his last deal and his bank account is running on fumes. Add to that the fact that no Birds players are sticking up for him (and reports are that some are happy he’s gone) and any team that gives him much of a deal is tap dancing in a minefield.

  28. By my count it’s nine teams in the mix if the tags at the bottom of the story hold any weight. Bills Browns Cheifs Pats Jets Raiders 9ers Hawks Redskins. Get him Skins! You KNOW hw would relish the chance to put it on the team that walked away from him! HTTR

  29. Maybe Randy Moss will put in a good word to Jacko on behalf of the Raiders (“dude, you can take off as many plays as you want. Talk to McFadden!”)

  30. ==============
    Mar 28, 2014 6:57 PM


    The Saints? Get serious! After paying Breesus and Jimmay, those clowns dont have enough cap room to buy a ham sandwich.

  31. Here is question for Packer fans. If your hats are made of cheddar how come they have the holes of swiss? You think people that got that fat on cheese would know the difference.

  32. Another report says he has burned through all the $ he got up front in his last deal and his bank account is running on fumes.


    You mean like the same reports from local ‘media’ that kept saying how Iverson had no money when it later came out that was completely false? Yeah. Completely trust worthy.

  33. 6 suitors but you only listed the 49ers? You guys finally have something worth reporting! run with it

  34. Seriously hope he’s not really in a gang because going to Oakland or the 49ers wouldn’t be a good choice. Since that’s like gang capital USA besides if he goes to the 49ers he will complain because he won’t get the ball as much since the offense has so much talent

  35. Poison . Philadelphia didn’t release a 27 year old all pro to feed the rest of the league. Poison.

  36. Look at the NO playoff game Eagles lost, press him, bump him on the line and he’s a non factor. he wouldn’t get 20 yds against Seattle, or any team with a def coach w a brain

  37. Looks like everyone is getting into the act except for the Cardinals who could use his help. Have to admire the way the 49ers are always looking to grab up good help despite any kind of alleged controversy which is why they are consistently SB bound!

  38. Rg3 , Morris, garçon, Roberts, Moss, jordan Reed, Logan “Thor” Paulson and soon to be Desean Jackson and Owen Daniels all on the feild at the same time!!! that offense will be lethal and creat carnage on defenses.



  39. Raiders should pick him up for a year, and see how it works out. Pick up Watkins in the draft for the future and give him time to adjust and develop. Give Schaub multiple targets! The Raiders are back!!

  40. True NFL fans would like to see Jackson go to a sub .500 team – like the Raiders or Jaguars, become a redemption story. Because its a character builder and people like to see worst to first stories.

    But if he goes to New England, New York, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Seattle or the San Fran – I think people will really want to see him fail.

    I think it would be cool to see him join the Raiders or the Jaguars.

  41. Why do the niners keep getting brought up even though he makes perfect sense for them all the local writer s like miaocco are adamant the niners aren’t interested in Jackson Even at a huge discount

  42. He doesn’t make sense in KC…..Alex Smith can’t (or won’t) throw the ball far enough down field to him.

    Relieved Niner fan

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