Source: Panthers have no interest in DeSean Jackson


Plenty of people were surprised by Panthers coach Ron Rivera’s declaration of interest in free-agent receiver DeSean Jackson.  Some of those folks work for the Panthers, and they expressed their surprise via text message to PFT’s Darin Gantt.

One source with direct knowledge of the team’s thinking made the team’s level of interest clear via phone call to PFT:  The Panthers have no interest in DeSean Jackson.

So why did Rivera tell USA Today that the Panthers would be interested? The thinking is that Rivera, who like Jackson played college football at Cal, was either trying to help a fellow Golden Bear or, at a minimum, to not hurt him.

Either way, the Panthers have no interest in DeSean Jackson.  Whether they should is something that can be debated at length by Panthers fans.

44 responses to “Source: Panthers have no interest in DeSean Jackson

  1. Most teams are going to stay away from Jackson, but someone will be desperate enough to bring him into their locker room.

  2. Money is the only reason they have no interest. They still need a quality receiver and they know that.

  3. No interest, from a Panther fan fully aware of our receiver situation. Even if we had the money to spend we don’t need the kind of personality Jackson brings to the locker room.

  4. What?! Contradicting Darin Grants reporting? You dare to dare? No seriously, it’s bad enough the lack of professionalism but you can quantify the incompetence just as easily. Time to move on.

  5. Cal Berkeley is a joke. Two examples are this guy and marshawn lynch, who can barely speak. What were their s.a.t scores?

  6. No, we are interested. He’s just too expensive. We already have money tied up on Johnson and Hardy. Cam and Luke Keuchly are next for pay raises.

  7. Yet another example of riverboat Ron and his questionable decision making. Why Ron..why would you make a statement like that without knowing what your BOSS thinks about the subject??

  8. There is no interest because there is no money and Jackson has a tremendous amount of baggage. But as everyone who is a Panthers fan knows….Gettleman Has A Plan……

  9. I have a hunch this guy is out of the league for good. This is not the money. They could have dealt with that next off-season. This is about something bad that is yet to come to light, at least to those outside the NFL. My guess is that no one will touch him.

  10. That’s just Riverboat Ron stirring the pot. If they pushed a little further, he would have revealed his plans to trade for Ray Rice and sign generally crazy receivers Kenny Britt and Davone Bess.

  11. Were not interested in Desean, we just signed Ray Carruth to a multi year deal. We wish Desean the best of luck.

    Panthers Mgmt

  12. McCoy is the best player on the Eagles roster. One dimensional diva WR(s) are easy to replace. It’s even easier to replace that type of player when you run an uptempo spread offense.

  13. Gettleman’s at it again, undermining his coach. What an embarrassment. He didn’t have to say anything, yet he took the time and effort to put out statement that contradicts the HC.

    I tell you, that guy is a piece work. Some might say, a piece of something else. All he had to do was NOT sign him, instead he has to show, who’s in charge.

    Gettleman has ZERO people skills. None whatsoever.

  14. Should have signed kasim Osgood while he was available more career catches then all wrs on the panthers combined excluding jerricho cotchery

  15. Gettlemen isn’t very well liked when he helped put together a division title can’t wait to see his popularity in Carolina when he has a losing season

  16. I think Carolina missed the boat not pursuing James Jones…would have been a good fit both cap wise and talent wise. Don’t know that they can afford what this kid is going to expect.

    He would make the receiving corp better.

  17. As a Panther fan this is my conspiracy theory.

    Gettlemen is still pissed Ron Rivera turned in to Riverboat Ron and led a team from a 1-3 start to a 1st round bye in the playoffs.

    Every GM wants his “guy” no matter what the cost…he still has his last scapegoat Hurney’s 3 headed cap monster at the RB and the giant Charles Johnson contract to use…I can already hear it after next season and they regress to 5-11…we didn’t have any cap space…etc…etc…etc…Ron your fired!

  18. desbattle82 says:
    Mar 28, 2014 4:04 PM
    Gettlemen isn’t very well liked when he helped put together a division title can’t wait to see his popularity in Carolina when he has a losing season.
    To be fair, that team was put together before he arrived for the most part. What he did was DEMAND they win NOW, which they did. His MAJOR CONTRIBUTION was to fire 18 of those players, including several starters on a division winning team @12-4.

  19. Panthers fan since 95 here.

    I don’t want him either. We’ve got a good core group of players; I don’t think bringing in someone as toxic as d-jax will be very helpful in the long run.

    What we need are a G/T (swing player or both)

    1 safety (strong or free)

    2 WR’s (of course)

    and that’s about it (for now). The caveat here is we lack a #1 on the outside. Brandin Cooks is our best bet. He wont be the be all end all solution the first year but he’ll be that guy next year.. an every year after that.

    You guys can bookmark this and call me on it in December but; we’ll be back in the playoff’s this year make no mistake

  20. It’s amazing how people who have been Panthers fans since their inception, thinks that gives them license to wallow in futility and mediocrity. Hell, I’ve been a fan since they started too and I want a winner.

    Anything a given GM does is not OK with me. Gettleman does not get a pass because we were 12-4 last year. He wanted WIN NOW, he got WIN NOW. So he tosses a grenade to blowup a division winner, rather than tweaking to take us to the next level.

    Then you run around talking about the draft. Name one WR that has been a game-changer as a rookie? Especially at pick 28. You know what, you deserve Gettleman and a mediocre team. Have mom bring down another donut.

  21. whiteknightblackheart says:
    Mar 28, 2014 3:24 PM
    If Chip Kelly doesn’t make the playoffs this year because he let go of his best player to instill a college culture in the pros, he is going to look mighty silly.


    Best player? No. He wasn’t even the best WR on the team when Maclin was healthy 2 years ago. Hopefully Maclin is fully healed and back to where he was 2 years ago.

  22. I’m going to laugh like he’ll when the panthers don’t draft a wr until the 3rd round and spent the first two picks on cb or saftey this GM would trade stewart and William and pay half their salary if he could find someone to take them. The weakest person on our offense last year he wants to move to cam weak side. I guess he thinks our defense is going to score points. I’m surprised cam not on the trading block. I should give him any ideas

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