Brandon Spikes: I don’t see how anyone can respect Ray Rice

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Bills linebacker Brandon Spikes is speaking out strongly against Ravens running back Ray Rice, who was indicted this week for aggravated assault.

Reacting to the news that Rice has just married the woman he is accused of assaulting, Spikes went off on Rice on Twitter.

“That’s him trying to save his image duh,” Spikes wrote of Rice’s wedding.

Spikes said he got angry when he saw the surveillance video that appears to show Rice dragging his unconscious wife out of an elevator, video that was taken, authorities say, moments after Rice punched her and knocked her out.

I don’t see how anyone can respect him. Put your hands on a woman. The woman that had ur child,” Spikes wrote. “Someone should choke him out. See how he likes it.”

Spikes also tweeted a picture of himself with his mother and wrote, “I was raised by this beautiful woman. She would roll over and die if i put my hands on a woman.”

The Ravens’ only statement since Rice’s indictment was supportive, saying there’s more to Rice than this allegation. That may be true, but if this allegation is proven, then Spikes is right: It’s hard to see how anyone could respect Ray Rice.

111 responses to “Brandon Spikes: I don’t see how anyone can respect Ray Rice

  1. How can anyone respect Raven’s fans or the organization for supporting a grown man who knocked the daylights out of his fiance on camera?

  2. The Steelers publicly denounce Ray Rice and the Ravens organization. We represent class, strength of character, and respect pervasively within our organization. Looking around at the other 31 teams, unfortunately, it seems we are alone in our approach.

  3. Everybody wants it summed up in black or white terms. Never put your hands on a woman, when facing a bully, fight back because that’s what a bully understands.

    Well, what if the bully is a woman? What if a woman attacks a man? Then what?(not saying it happened here) We have women in combat, so what do you do? Treat them as equals or pretend they can’t hurt you because they’re women?

    It’s not always as clear as we would like. Ever wonder why we have women prisons? Shouldn’t we just let the all go because they are women, after all? What about those on death row? Can we just let’em out?

    To me there is no universal truth on the matter. I say handle it on its merits. Case by case.

  4. How can he hold that woman in such little regard as to ball up his fist and smash her in the face with it? Better question: Aside from the millions of dollars sitting in his bank account, why on earth would this girl decide that Ray Rice is the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with?

    Girls will seemingly put up with a lot of mistreatment so long as you have a fat wallet. This girl must be thinking: “I may never sink my hooks into an NFL player again, so I’ll just have to endure getting abused and beaten unconscious.” Totally worth it…

  5. Disappointed in how Hairball has stood beside this type action from his player as well as God-del who has said nothing .

  6. More players should speak against Ray Rice. As a giants fan Eagles and Cowboys have always been the teams I hate most. Congratulations Baltimore you are now number 1 for not cutting Rice.

  7. Never heard Spikes speak out against his murderer ex- teammate. Yes what Rice did was wrong and I’m in no way condoning it but I believe Spikes is simply looking for some attention. We all make mistakes, we live, and we learn.

  8. Well if she’s a martial arts champion of some sort and is wiping the floor with you then yeah you have a right to self defense. I think that would’ve come out by now if it was the case here.
    Otherwise you grab their wrists and shield your crotch with a thigh and wait until they calm down. Maybe you get a parting kick to the shin but I’ll take that over knowing that I slugged a woman.
    Spikes is right; respect him for saying it.

  9. Sure Brandon, next time you play Rice you should try choking him out or gouging his eyes out. That’s what your ma taught you to do, right? Gouge out opponent’s eyes while he’s lying helpless on the ground.

  10. I don’t care if the woman started it, he used way too much force in response. Hell, she’s probably going to get CTE after a blow like that.

    In any event, there’s way too much violence against women in the NFL and it needs to stop.

  11. As a Dolphins fan I faced a similar situation when Phillip Merling (although he’s hardly Ray Rice) was arrested on aggrivated battery and assault charges against his then girlfriend, and then intimidated her into moving out of state and refusing to testify.

    I suffered for the next 2-3 years he was on the team, because he was disgusting to me from that point onward. I imagine any Ravens fans with dignity must feel the same about Rice.

  12. If that was my daughter (I have 3 daughters)..Ray Rice’s family would be picking out flowers and getting there black suits cleaned because there’s would be a FUNERAL to go to #realtalk #coward

  13. I’m a Ravens fan, I’ve been a Rice supporter, but if it turns out these accusations are true, I don’t want him on my team. There’s no excuse for this type of behavior, and even if we have go with all rookies and unprovens in our backfield, I’d prefer that to someone who acts like this. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that though.

  14. For those saying it’s ok of the woman bullies or hits first.

    Sorry but this is false. Woman may be equals in most things but this isn’t one of them. Fact is that the man who beats on a woman is a coward. If a woman hits you…. Walk away. I think ray rice is faster than this woman. Or he could just keep her a distance. It’s also not hard to restrain a woman especially when your a professional athlete. It’s not like he is a lab rat working on equations all day.

    Anyone defending this guys beat down of a woman needs to have a word with themselves.

    And idc what liberals say. Woman aren’t equal in the part where you get into a fist fight.

  15. Congrats to Spikes and all of the other morons on here who feel brave enough to attack a professional athlete (behind a computer and a fake username nonetheless) with the following evidence:
    -an indictment based on testimonies of drunken casino folk at 2am
    -a partial video showing a drunk/half-unconscious lady stumbling around and Rice trying to carry her.
    -an increase in charge to aggravated assault by a power hungry attorney for the state looking to make a name for himself.

    PLEASE I’m begging you if you do have this supposed second video and you’ve seen it, which you MUST have if you know exactly what happened, I ask you to share so we all can be as informed as you are.

  16. Even if he did hit her in self defense it doesn’t explain the rediculous way he tried to remove her from the closing elevator doors. He could have picked her up but he acted like it was too much of a burden. That is what really stood out to me as classless.

  17. That’s why you need to bite the bullet and put your hands in your pockets when women test your patience. Whether they hit you first or not you’ll always be the bad guy if you do something. Spikes is right men don’t hit women.

  18. I dont care the sex of a person. 99.9% of the time there is no reason to strike another human. If my life or the life of my wife/family is threatened, then yes I’ll have to defend myself. I’ll let the facts come out but I probably have worn my number 27 for the last time.

  19. I wish that as fans we had a bigger impact on the decisions teams make. It would be nice if everybody could band together to send a message to their respective teams that they don’t want guys like this on their team(regardless of how good they are). Celebrities in general can basically do whatever they want without much reprocussion. I mean look at Chris Brown for christs sake. that guy kicked the crap out of his girlfreind and hes got a top ten song again. I think if we were able to accomplish that and guys that did stuff like this were blackballed from the league we would see a whole lot less of this happening

  20. I’m laughing at all these ravens fans…they are the first ones on this site to absolutely hammer fans of other teams when something happens regarding one of their players, but now that, once again, a raven’s player is involved in something as serious as beating the crap out of a female,we should all wait for more of the story, the prosecutor is power-hungry, no evidence, etc., etc. Hypocrisy at it’s very best, the raven way.

  21. I don’t agree with violence towards women either. But Spikes needs to mind his own business. .. The woman can make her own decision and she chose to marry. Who can accurately predict motive? Leave the people be. What they do with their lives is their business.

  22. Life long Raven fan and I too am disappointed.

    It would be such a nice change for an organization to do the right thing.

    Instead it’s same ole Same ole even from supposedly 3 of the most respected men in Football (Oz, Harbs, and Steve B.)

    Fact is Ray WOULD sting the Ravens Salary cap, so it would be foolish to cut Ray. It would be the RIGHT THING TO DO, but football wise foolish.

    Steve? Ozzie? Harbaugh? Any chance you guys, but a rest to the rationalizations and do the right thing?

  23. If his new wife is smart, the price of favorably testifying against her husband is no pre-nup and a 20 carat diamond ring,

  24. he only rushed the marriage to make sure she can’t testify against him…. (wives can’t be made to testify against their husbands), lawyer prob told him to rush the marriage to avoid jail time or prosecution.

  25. Spikes. You are a garbage LB, only just decent against the run. Plus, your character when it comes to how to treat women is suspect. Focus on football.

  26. Isn’t it sad that a man picking on another man brought the entire nfl and its fan base to a near violent uproar but a man choking a women and knocking her out gets one little mention every other week. Nice

  27. She married him after that, she gets zero sympathy from me. I’m glad they have video evidence. Too many guys get off because of the victim not testifying. I hope he gets whats coming to him. As for his “wife” she is what makes investigators not pursue domestics as far as they need to be.

  28. I see where some commenters on here would justify hitting a woman if they were struck first….to that I say…
    I dont care what the circumstances. Men are not supposed to hit women. Peroid end of discussion!

  29. I think there is a lot of liars on this site…I don’t think just punching a woman for no reason is right..there’s other ways to handle it…but I can think of a million reasons why a man would over power a woman…

  30. Steelers cut Chris Rainy over a PUSH..This dudes on video dragging his unconscious girl friend like a cave man..when he could have easily picked her up and carried her..that alone would have gotten any STEELER player their walking papers regardless if he actually put hands on her or not..but there’s the difference. Guess the Ratbirds really need him..but they didn’t even suspend Ray Lewis for being involved in what happened at the club so what do ppl expect? And im a Ray Lewis..Hell the NFL suspended Burris for shooting HIS SELF ON ACCIDENT! Harbaugh and the Ratbirds will take some kinda action just because the pressure and negativity this brings not because its the right thing to do

  31. Well said Mr. Spikes. Your mother raised you right. Is it me or are Steeler fans bitter and need to feel noticed. Obvious sign of low self esteem.

  32. Can Ray Rice help the Ravens win football games? Yes.

    That’s why, despite all of the video evidence and the charges, they have not cut him.

    If Peyton Manning did this, it would be the same thing.

    If you’re 54th on the 54 man roster, you’re getting cut if you smash your wife’s face.

    If you’re one of the top 5-10 players on the roster, short of you being charged with murder (ala Aaron Hernandez), you can get away with anything BUT murder.

  33. This thread is hillarious, my favorite is the Pitts Steelers say how they stand for class and ya da ya da ya da…. Did you forget how just 4 yes ago your hero, your franchise Qb. paid off not 1 but two women who accused him of Rape, hence the nickname Rapesberger, and let us also remember that none of the teams in this league employ 52 boyscouts, they employ former drug dealers, gang members , rapists ala Darren Sharper, and yes even women beaters. The only difference is Ray picked the worst possible place for it to happen at, and did anyone actually see the video were he struck her…I was under the impression it wasn’t released to the public. In no way do I condone what he is accused of but for all we know she passed out drunk, although not likely but it’s possible.If u r gonna bash a guy because he is in the spotlight and his team, be sure to bash the practice squad guys and they’re teams too.

  34. It’s also funny how you people r ignorant enough to bring up Ray Lewis murdering people, the charges were filed by an overzealous prosecutor, who wanted to make a name for himself and the murder chargers were dropped 3 weeks later. Let it go

  35. “but for all we know she passed out drunk”
    Of all the posts above this might be the dumbest. The video shows she went from being completely motionless to gaining consciousness. You either didn’t see the video or have no idea what “passed out drunk” is.

  36. “The Harbaugh brothers really know how to bring in character guys”

    This comment is coming from a Seattle Seahawks fan, just stop and think about that.

  37. Someone mentioned the “face” of the Steelers and his prior alleged issue with women. I assume they meant Big Ben. First off, he was not charged, and after a lengthy invesrigation. Rice has already been charged, regardless of what the ultimate outcome of the case may be. That is a huge difference.

    Second, the Ravens org have immediately come out with a fairly supportive statement. Correct me if I am wrong, but I recall the Steelers taking a somewhat distant wait and see approach, and Rooney was publicly not happy. There was even talk about the possibility of a trade. I believe the Ravens have given the absolute wrong message to NFL fans here. The completely wimped out and in fact slapped women in the face themselves. Shameful.

  38. I have been trying to follow this story. When was the tape about what went on in that elevator made public? Until it is, we need to let the court system play out. After that then the NFL can do what they want to. Also , if he is found guilty, I am fairly certain that the Ravens will punish Ray Rice. Not sure they would cut him. But if he is found guilty then I would be disappointed if they did not cut him.

  39. no one from the Steelers has a right to talk about the treatment of woman.(Ben) and the ravens have no right to be self righteous about anything.

  40. I do not believe that any fan has a right to talk about another team. I know that as far as the court of public opinion goes Ray is already guilty. I will withhold my personal judgment until after the court process is finished and all the facts come out. Maybe some of you should do the same. Things are not always what they appear to be.

  41. I stand with spikes 1000000 percent. Rice may be a professional athlete and in prime physical shape but if he or anyone else did something like that to my sister, mother or daughter they’d be in the morgue.

  42. Who cares. As long as he’s productive on the field I could care less. I watch these guys for entertainment. They come and go and my life goes on. My Mom always told me not to put my hands on a woman. With that being said if someone spits in my face and hits me… Man or woman its goodnight. They’re going to sleep. Natural reaction. Call me what you want.

  43. Hope all of your skeletons are in order and accounted for in your closet,Mr.Spikes. You have opened yourself up to be judged by entering in another man’s business. The Ravens fan base has some real nutjobs,as do most who can’t separate the entertainment and real life.

  44. Pittsburgh Steelers says:
    Mar 29, 2014 4:03 PM

    The Steelers publicly denounce Ray Rice and the Ravens organization. We represent class, strength of character, and respect pervasively within our organization. Looking around at the other 31 teams, unfortunately, it seems we are alone in our approach.

    It’s too bad that Humility isn’t one of the qualities that you list or your team represents

  45. Someone said that you can be the top 5-10 in an organization and get away with anything except for murder. That is true, except for when it comes to the Ravens, right Ray Lewis? I guess you can have the charges dropped if you drop enough cash.

    Also, people blasting Brandon Spikes for poking at an eye in a dog pile? It’s football. That stuff happens ALL the time in the pile, and… it was against another MAN, not a woman.

    Then people blast the Pats for employing Aaron Hernandez. If I recall correctly, they CUT him as soon as they had word that he was arrested. I believe he was a top ten guy in the Pats organization, but they still cut him.

    Ray Rice is a disgusting human being to put his hands on a woman like that. Of course, he has a side in the story, but the bottom line is, he still hit a WOMAN hard enough to knock her out. His life wasn’t in danger, so where is the cause?

  46. Leave the patriots then start talking? Chump. Should have talked under belichick’s watch. Oh wait you did and now you’re in buffalo. 7-9 here we come

  47. Spikes needs the publicity, he could care less about Rice or his wife, Spikes knows that this is all the publicity he will get now that’s he’s in that abyss (Buffalo). I’m also looking for that video of Ray actually knocking out his wife. keep hearing about it haven’t seen it yet.

  48. The point here is Mr. Spikes opinion, He don’t see how can anyone respect Rice for what he did, and I have to agree with him, some people had been posting comments on “what if we reverse the situation” or comparing this to females that are on jail, criminals, in order to support the argument that she could have “provoked” him verbally or even physically, maybe he was not provoked but he felt provoked, you can go on and on, but the point still the same, it was a coward act and to make it worst he married her at the wrong time, because looks like he is been selfish, saving his own skin, showing is all cool now, besides that I give credit to spikes for commenting on this.

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