Former Florida State star Greg Reid finally makes it to the NFL

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There was a time during his college career when Greg Reid looked like a sure thing to have a good career in the NFL. He was a starting cornerback at Florida State, a bowl game MVP, and the NCAA’s punt return leader. But Reid got kicked off the team at Florida State after multiple arrests, tore his ACL at one of his first practices after transferring to Valdosta State in the summer of 2012, tore the same ACL again during a workout in March of 2013 and ended up going undrafted and sitting out last year.

Reid has finally made it to the NFL, however, after rehabbing his knee, getting back into shape and working out at Florida State’s Pro Day. He signed a contract this week with the Rams, and G.M. Les Snead says the team likes Reid’s potential.

He had a really nice Pro Day at Florida State,” Snead told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “When our scouts reported that back, we brought him in on Friday last week. So he went from Pro Day to our place, had a nice workout. We liked his pedigree.”

Rams coach Jeff Fisher says the 23-year-old Reid has a good chance of earning a spot on the roster.

“He was very productive in college before he had his issues,” Fisher said. “His issues are behind him. I personally ran the workout because the coaches were on vacation. I thought he moved well. He understood things. He’s got a chance to compete at the nickel corner spot. Outstanding returner, not that we have a need. But had outstanding returns earlier in his career.”

Signing Reid is an investment for the Rams that carries basically no risk, but potentially significant rewards.

15 responses to “Former Florida State star Greg Reid finally makes it to the NFL

  1. It looks like he has worked really hard to get back into playing shape and has gotten his life back on track. He deserves a second chance.

  2. This guy may not have all of the measureables but hes got heart and even more importantly playmaking ability. If his knee holds up he can have a long and successful nfl career. Congratulations G5.

  3. Some people talk the talk but can’t walk the talk.

    If this kid has that much hunger in him, to turn his life around, then he deserves a chance. I wish him all the best…..until he plays against the Browns. 🙂

  4. Kinda sounds like he’s had more than a couple of “second chances” so maybe cancel the pitty party.

  5. After getting kicked out of FSU because of his multiple arrests Reid could have just gone out and became another statistic. But he transferred to another school, tore his ACL came back from that, and tore the same ACL again and came back from that………A lot of people would have given up after the all that but he persevered…….In the beginning everything was given to him…sure he worked hard to stay in shape but because of his natural athletics a lot was given to him….then through his own actions it was taken away and he had to go out and earn everything he got.

    Not sure why you can’t appreciate that rcali.

  6. A better athlete than football player from what I remember of his time at FSU. But it sounds like he has worked hard to get back to this point and I wish him the best.

  7. Good for him. That’s going on 3 years without playing high level football though, so I’d imagine it’s going to take a season or two before he adjusts to the NFL level. Hope the Rams are patient.

  8. What a criminal this guy was…

    Arrested for driving with a suspended license, a seatbelt violation, having too dark tint on his windows and possession of a “marijuana joint”.

    Thank God Spagnuolo isn’t still in St. Louis, because he would’ve been terrified of a guy with that record.

  9. “A week after getting an NFL job, Greg Reid gets arrested again”

    Didn’t take long for this “I told you so” moment.

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