Great Pro Day gets Jeremy Reeves a contract with the Jets

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Most players hope a strong Pro Day workout will get them drafted in May. But former Iowa State cornerback Jeremy Reeves parlayed a good Pro Day into an immediate signing with the Jets.

Reeves was eligible for last year’s draft, but he suffered a torn pectoral in March, went undrafted and wasn’t healthy enough to sign with anyone as an undrafted free agent. So he spent last year rehabbing and working out, and he put on a show at Iowa State’s Pro Day this week.

According to the Des Moines Register, Reeves was timed at 4.29 seconds in the 40-yard dash. Pro Day 40 times are so often inflated that it’s hard not to be skeptical of that time, but there’s no doubt that he showed off great speed while also recording a vertical jump of 43 inches and broad jump of 11 feet, 6 inches. And Reeves says he was nursing a hamstring injury and could have done better.

“I think I would have gotten faster if I was completely 100 percent healed,” Reeves said. “I like that time.”

Because he was eligible for last year’s draft and went undrafted, he was eligible to sign with any team this offseason. The Jets liked what they saw at the Pro Day enough to sign him, and now he’ll get his chance to make the NFL.

17 responses to “Great Pro Day gets Jeremy Reeves a contract with the Jets

  1. 4.29 seconds inflated or not If it’s under 4.5 that’s pretty fast hopefully he’s a diamond in the rough which is another ingredient to winning.

  2. It’s a great underdog, longshot story and everyone should at least wish the kid luck on his journey to fulfill his dream. Even if it is with the Jets.

  3. Regarding: “The Browns have won four NFL titles. How many have your Jets won?

    Answer: One Super Bowl more than the Browns!

  4. Still trying to comprehend why there are fans of teams drafting before the Jets on here taking shots. Some of which haven’t sniffed the playoffs since god knows when. I’m sure he wasn’t signed just because he can run fast and jump through the roof. Hope the kid plays w/ a chip and in a couple yrs everyone will have forgotten how we stole him right from under your noses. Keep trolling chumps!!!!

  5. The Browns that won 4 NFL titles now wear purple and live in Baltimore. The NeoBrowns in Cleveland have never won anything, except the thanks of all the other teams in the AFC North.

  6. Warning from an Iowa State alum – dude’s a 5’7″ cornerback. Had flashes of brilliance, though. I’ll be rooting for him.

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