Police dramatically revise estimate of cash stolen from DeSean Jackson

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On Friday, receiver DeSean Jackson officially became a former Eagle.  Also on Friday, $250,000 officially became a former amount of cash allegedly stolen from him in January.

Coincidentally or otherwise, police dramatically reduced the estimated haul of cash from Jackson’s home in January.  Initially, reports indicated thieves had stolen $250,000 in cash, $125,000 in jewelry, and two guns.

According to Michael Newall of the Philadelphia Inquirer, only $20,000 was stolen.

“This was a genuine mistake on our part,” police spokesman John Stanford said. “His mother was giving police what she thought was in the home. [T]hey interviewed Jackson, he knows what’s in his house, and he said, ‘No, that’s wrong.’ He told them what was missing.”

But like so many other things associated with Jackson’s final weeks with the Eagles, this one doesn’t add up.  If only $20,000 was stolen from Jackson, why did he offer (according to Jeff McLane of the Inquirer) a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators?

Something doesn’t add up.  It could be, if the report of the reward was true, that Jackson deliberately lowered the amount stolen from him once he realized that it simply wasn’t a good look for him to have so much money in his house — and to then have it stolen.

And if Jackson provided his reduced estimate to police back in January, it doesn’t make sense that the reduced estimate remained under wraps until the very day Jackson was cut.All things considered, it’s hard not to at least wonder whether the Eagles wanted to keep the notion of Jackson having $250,000 in cash and losing it alive while the team went through the machinations of making Jackson a former member of the team.  Then again, nothing stopped Jackson from going public to make it clear that he was robbed of only $20,000.Unless, of course, the truth is that the higher amount was stolen.

58 responses to “Police dramatically revise estimate of cash stolen from DeSean Jackson

  1. Listening to morning radio
    Why do fans think they getting Jackson on a 1yr deal coming off his best season. He is not signing for 1yr unless its for 13 mill all guaranteed

    He will get contract saying they can cut him
    After a yr but every team cut any1 at any time
    I see him getting 3 yr deal from oakland or kc for 25 million 15 mill guarantee

  2. “it’s hard not to at least wonder whether the Eagles wanted to keep the notion of Jackson having $250,000 in cash and losing it alive while the team went through the machinations of making Jackson a former member of the team.”
    Is everything now a conspiracy? The tram leaked this and that to make him look bad, hide info about his personal life to hold it against him, on and on about the team blackballing him. But it’s funny how the only thing the team hide from everybody about him was his wreckless driving/ pot possession. But the way you guys’ll spin everything, they did that for leverage and to hold it against him after he got cut.

  3. You have a future as the new Montel Williams. Oh, wait… they used to use actual evidence.

  4. Too much of a headache and way too much drama involved with this guy. As a football move, the Eagles are taking a hit (how big of a hit is debatable) but from a human element, I give the Eagles credit. Personally, I don’t care what the majority of guys off the field, but the Eagles became very unlikable over the last few years of the Pig’s (Reid) era. It was really hard to root for guys like Vick and Jackson. I don’t want to root for know dog killers and gang bangers, I just don’t. Barwin, Maclin, Kelce, and a few others have already come out and approved the move so I trust the guys on the teams opinions over “Joe from Kansas City” who thinks the Eagles should have kept him. I’m not overally happy or disappointed with this move, but the Eagles are becoming a likable bunch of guys again which we’ve been missing lately. Reid caused a lot of this. Ultimately wins and losses are what matters but I like to feel a connection with the players and I think Kelly is bringing that back. Watching games under Reid over his last few years felt like we were in a 12 round boxing match. The same BS happened every week and the players were scum.

  5. All this could be canard and negative press out of Philly . nobody knows if it is really true . D Jax said he was never part of any gang. All he has to to is sign with the RAIDERS and Mark Davis will replace everything he lost and some. $$$$$$$ In Oakland he’s the next Cliff Branch !

  6. Maybe he was keeping it in his house because idk… he can? Who cares? For this to be america and innocent until proven guilty…. alot of ppl are making assumptions and casting judgement.

    For all the bs he’s gotten you would think this is an individual who stays in trouble…unfortunately he’s a player who has managed to pretty much stay out of trouble for the past 7 years. If he being in a gang were a valid threat wouldnt something have happened over that time? Or are we really saying that an NFL player just went and oh idk… joined a gang for boredom in the prime of his career. For the record people from California throw up a lot of hand gestures… it doesnt make them gang affiliated

  7. $20k isn’t ish for someone making as much as he does. I usually keep $1-2k in cash in my apartment for emergencies and I make peanuts compared to Jackson.

  8. Funny how all of this is coming out at once.
    MESeans value is plummeting- he should be happy to get the league minimum especially if whomever has it out for him keeps piling it on…

  9. Stop making stuff out of nothing, his house got robbed, he is a millionaire so what if he offered more to find the crocks, how is it anything wrong with that?

  10. This is why the Eagles have zero Superbowls and Jerry Jones has 3. Jerry supports his troubled players. Gives them a 2nd chance and guides them to a better path. Unlike the Eagles and their fans having NO respect. Look what they did to McNabb. It’s only a matter of time before they spit on Foles. Ya deserve to have ZERO Championships! Come to Dallas DeSean and line up next to Dez for a one year deal. We know how to respect our players and Santa Clause. We will guide you. #DallasCowboysIsSuperBowlBound

  11. Between the alleged gang ties, the very suspicious nature of the break-in [no forced entry, security camera was “dislodged”, recent discrepancy about what was stolen] it was time to move on.

  12. Or, maybe he makes enough where 50k isn’t a big deal to him, and a small price to pay for nailing the lowlife to the wall who stole from him.

  13. “it’s hard not to at least wonder whether the Eagles wanted to keep the notion of Jackson having $250,000 in cash and losing it alive while the team went through the machinations of making Jackson a former member of the team”

    So you are saying that the police held this information until now because the Football Team wanted them to? Next thing your going to tell me is that Chris Christie is involved in this….C’mon Son!!

  14. I’m not a D-Jax fan by any stretch, he def comes off as MeJax. But, for someone with an annual compensation in the 10mil range, 20k or 250k is not a big deal to have on hand in cash.

    It doesn’t imply any illegal motives.

  15. Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Briwns, Cincinatti Bengals, Buffalo Bills, Kacksonville Jaguars, Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans, Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons and The Philadelphia Eagles. Zero Super Bowls.

  16. The New York Football Giants have won the most championships over the last 28 years. That’s a long time to be on top in the age of parity and free agency. The Eagles haven’t faired quite so well. But, Silver Linings Playbook won an Oscar or something, and Invincible was an enjoyable Movie.

  17. Everything that I’m about to say is speculation.

    Alleged gang ties…..lots of cash on hand and it sounds like DJ doesn’t want to admit how much was really there……robbers know the money is there.

    This sounds a lot like money laundering to me.

  18. I can totally understand offering 50k for someone who stole 20k. If you had the money.

    To put it into terms that most of us can understand. If someone broke into my house and stole $20. I would totally put up a $50 reward just so that I can sleep better at night knowing that jerk wasn’t getting away scott free.

  19. Teams get ripped all the time when one of their players gets into trouble. The Eagles decided he was not worth the potential risk. He is talented, but he comes with a lot of warts. Whoever signs him shouldn’t be surprised when he wants a new contract from them in 1-2 years.

  20. And the whole “Jackson is affiliated with gang members” doesn’t jive with Jackson calling the police because someone broke into his house.

    If you are part of the underworld even on the perimeter, you don’t call the police.

  21. I don’t know what the cash was for but my guess would be(common sense) that he offered more because other stuff was stolen and he wants to find out who did it. Whether he has gang ties or not it’s a point of pride to find out who robbed you. 50k for him is nothing and id almost be willing to bet that he put out a much larger reward on the streets if somebody tells him who did it, without going to the cops

  22. Rumor has it he’s dead broke which is amazing but not surprising I heard stories about this guy in the clubs in philly… And that the so called robbery was a ploy to try to get money… Who knows at this point… He apparently got away with 4 felony charges.. When the PA state police stopped him with drugs and guns… Took him to Andy reids office that night where he got his butt chewed by Reid so we’re gonna hear all kinds of stories for awhile

  23. Can you imagine how much more stuff the Eagles must know about this guy and what they must think of him to just dump him?

    They probably had a team of people following him around after the Aaron Hernandez thing went down.

    I just can’t help but wonder how awesome he would be if he really wanted to be. He’s already spectacular and it sounds like he’s been getting by just on athletic ability.

  24. I can see we are being extra sensitive today.

    Let’s try again. I fail to see how a multimillionaire offering more in reward money than he may actually have lost in the burglary counts as evidence that he is lying about how much he lost.

    If I made $10M a year and someone broke into my house, I would offer whatever it took to get whoever did it, I don’t care if they stole a Bic pen.

  25. Reports are coming out that Jackson has ties to some gang. So that would explain why the Eagles are so eager to get rid of him.
    He is one of those guys who is loaded with talent but is more trouble than he’s worth, apparently.

  26. Mayor Bloomberg spent $650 of his own personal money to be mayor of New York city during his tenure…..
    I’ve seen well off people offer almost as much for finding a missing pet….

    Maybe just maybe Jackson wasn’t as concerned with the stolen money as he was with catching someone who violated his home. If I had the money I would do the same thing in his situation. I’ve been robbed of before and even though what was taken was petty in the grand scheme of things (computer, flat screen) and I had insurance……I still would have given two weeks’ salary to catch the fools that did it. Having strangers go through your room and kids’ room is not a good feeling.

  27. Keeping large amounts of cash around isn’t unusual for anyone, especially the wealthy. You would be astounded to know how much cash is being hoarded. But the alarms should be going off all around the league. This guy is a risky acquisition. You can see his associations and lifestyle are high risk.

  28. If I am keeping a pile of cash at home, I don’t tell anyone about it including mom. It’s just not a good idea.

    I grow weary of the hidden agenda fabrications here on PFT. It’s called fiction, not reporting or analysis. Analyze a factual occurrence. Stop making up things to support sensationalism.

    The simple truth is the cash and emotional costs of Desean Jackson exceeded his value to the Eagles and they made a decision to move on. It’s a divorce with low alimony. Let’s hope everyone benefits.

  29. Funny thing keeps happening with Desean, he seems to keep getting his registered guns mysteriously stolen, and they never find the culprits. I’ve had the same guns for 49 years, and never had 1 stolen. Now I’m wondering just who’s getting those guns. Hmmm

  30. Yeah, that’s it. When the thief broke into my car and took my car stereo he also took $250,000 in cash from me. It just slipped my mind. That’s why I didn’t tell the police earlier.

  31. The Patriots should sign him, so he can end up at the same prison as Aaron Hernandez and they can lock up the championship against the guards.

  32. I think he and T.O. should open a nightclub and call it I LOVE ME SOME ME. They could hire Ricky Watters as the bouncer who would exclaim when questioned about the fact that he never throws anyone out FOR WHO FOR WHAT and finally they could project on one wall a never-ending loop of Vince Lombardi going WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE!!!

  33. Nobody stole anything. DJ’s providing cash and firearms for his gang by way of insurance fraud. After it was revealed he runs with a gang, he changed his story.

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