Unnamed Eagles say DeSean Jackson won’t be hard to replace

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A day later, the early indications are that the Eagles’ locker room is not in mourning about the loss of DeSean Jackson.

Eagles center Jason Kelce took to Twitter immediately after Jackson was cut to say everything would be fine, and now two Eagles players who requested anonymity have told the Philadelphia Inquirer that Jackson was a distraction and won’t be difficult to replace.

On the field, it’s hard to believe that Jackson won’t be difficult to replace. Whatever the concerns about Jackson’s work ethic or his personal life, he’s a uniquely talented playmaker when he has the ball in his hands. Last year Jackson caught 82 passes for 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns. No one other Eagles receiver was even close to that productive.

However, the report says “the selfishness, the lateness, and the immaturity” have been present for as long as Jackson has been an Eagle, and that eventually enough was enough. Chip Kelly knows his offense better than anyone, and Kelly decided that whatever Jackson can do on the field, he wasn’t worth the headaches off it. Kelly apparently agrees with those unnamed Eagles who think Jackson can be replaced.

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  1. great franchises like the Patriots find ways to replace even the most talented of playmakers.. unfortunately for the Eagles, they’re not a great franchise

  2. And the media types and talking head radio personalities will be saying “put your name to that quote”. But then they would dog out the so called “teammates” for throwing their guy under the bus. You can never win.

  3. Putting aside the off-field stuff, the Eagles already got most of Jackson’s prime years from a purely football perspective. He might have another year or two left before his production starts heading south. It’s also worth noting that his position is amongst the easiest to simply “plug and play” with a rookie. Combine that with the cap savings they get from cutting him, and it isn’t that curious a move at all.

  4. Jackson also has his supporters who shared the same locker room with him and who I may add are willing to do so on the record and not anonymously. In every work environment you make enemies and supporters but if you produce even your enemies will begrudgingly conceded your value. To say Jackson will not be hard to replace after the season he had is silly. You can say we will be better off in the long run without him if he was that much of a distraction but 1300+ yards and 9 TDs is hard for any team to replace.

  5. No other Eagle came close to matching his 82 catches for 1,332 yards and 9 touchdowns? I’m pretty sure that was Riley Cooper’s line against my Raiders last season.

  6. The reality is that the Eagles will still score a ton of points – it’s the defense that needs fixing…

  7. Strong O line, great run game, smart QB who doesn’t make bad mistakes, super clever offensive mind, decent number 2 and 3 WR in Cooper and Maclin. Improving young TE likely to feature more in the offense.

    Any receiver would love to walk in to that kind of situation. And that likely means some solid rookie production if the right guy is chosen at some stage in the first few rounds.

  8. He was known as ME-Sean at Cal.
    He turned down USC because he knew he would have to compete against players just as good as him to get on the field. That’s how a selfish player ALWAYS thinks. It never changes.

  9. Only the people inside the Eagles facility know the truth about Jackson and whether or not he’s worth it. That said, you’ve now lost DJax and Avant and are taking a great leap of faith by paying Cooper, assuming he’s going to morph into a #1 overnight and that Maclin will return just as he was before he got injured.

    That’s a lot that has to go right.

  10. As an eagles fan all I can say he’s a great player .Sad to see him to go ,but if chip and the organization needs to do whatever it takes for them to win, then go for it …..but I am going be honest , we bring in Vick after his off field issues ;same goes with cooper after his off field issues. Did they really find the gang related controversy an Excuse in order for them not to pay him ?

  11. Even rare talent can be blunted by behaviors that constantly detract from team purpose and goals. I haven’t heard a single person in or out of football deny or question Jackson’s unique talent. This logically tells me he must have been completely impossible to deal with as a teammate and locker room presence. The lack of support emanating from his mates has been present from the minute the trade was announced, starting with Kelce’s Twitter, continuing with the absence of bolstering remarks and now the “unknowns” stepping up for their rips. It is obvious the issue about his gang affiliation was simply the last brick on an existing WALL constructed by Jackson in the eyes of his brothers in the locker room. Hopefully he will take this as a clarion call to change his behaviors as well as associations. At this point it is crystal clear, that in the eyes of the entire organization, this transaction is addition by subtraction.

  12. As an eagles fan you don’t replace that productivity with one guy but between a wr in this draft class and sproles it’s possible. Anyone ever notice how desean never mentioned football in the offseason? All you see is Crenshaw blvd signs and pictures at the club. It’s impressive how good he’s been with so little effort

  13. The only person saying djack is replace is someone who wants his money and position. Lets see if u going to be saying the same thing during week 5 of the seasons When Riley cooper has return to his no getting open self and j maclin knees, back or something else go bad. Djack is guilty of nothing but you still accuse him. This will defiently bite Philly in there A S S.. Big time.. And don’t think Riley cooper was just catching on ppl he didn’t have no double coverage all season djack did. This piss me of as an ex eagle fan you make one step forward and 8 steps back. Stupid!!

  14. The Giants will win the East next season. Philly doesn’t have any wr’s that scare anymore. Cooper can be shut down and Maclin is returning from a ACL. They have no one else at WR. Their tight ends are solid, but by no means are they Rob Gronkowski.

  15. claiming that Djax opened things up for Cooper is ridiculous..they played together for 5 years!!! What happened the previous 4 when Cooper looked useless? It was Chip, not Djax! Same reason Foles and Shady had career years.

  16. Oridinarily, a player of Jackson’s stature would cause somewhat of a backlash from players on the team as well as many players “saying the right thing”.

    There was support while he was still a member of the team but we really haven’t heard much since the release.

  17. Furthermore, the NFL certainly has an agenda with whom they want making all of the money. They say owner’s meetings, I say collusion. I hope those that are suing the NFL don’t settle, like Riley said, “Pay what you owe!”

  18. I can’t believe people are still questioning this release.

    Even with all the talent in the world, sooner or later you have to grow up.

  19. u betcha he can be easily replaced. Kellys farm system on the otherside of the country should have a few guys ready for him to plugin that should be available in the 3rd or 4th round. Even if they take a guy like josh huff in the 2nd its a great deal for them and a reach for others.

  20. What cowards. Put a name with your statement if you mean it. And yes he will be hard to replace. Chip will find that out quickly.

  21. I don’t know if the Patriots would take him but they have been great (with some notable exceptions) at helping players with troubled histories reestablish themselves in a one year deal that lets the player sign a big contract the next year as a free agent. The Pats would get a playmaker and likely a third round compensatory pick in a year. It should work well for both player and team.

  22. The title of this article should have read: Backup Eagles receiver says Desean Jackson won’t be hard to replace.

  23. The other shoe will fall. The eagles have to much class to say the real reason but it will come out. I watched the N Orl game and Djax could not get off the ball. we are losing nothing. This guy was making 10 mil a year to play a game. The Eagles don’t take this much of a money hit without certain knowedge. Lurie is a smart business man. The eagles will find someone else, a 5’9″ guy is not had to find

  24. Most of y’all talk in Clichè which essentially is group think and or no think…. Yall have all the talking points lined up, it is idiotic to say he is replaceable through draft or free agency… Cooper has no burners before or after Macklin has a bad back and bum knee… The Eagles had something unique The best Running Back and Wide Receiver on the same team, but the usual cheapness of the Eagles reared its ugly head so here’s is my prediction for the NFC east after the character assassination attempt by this cheap ass organization, Redskins win it and The Giants wildcard the Eagles 4-12 so in Philly it will be Cloudy with a chance of D batteries put that in your pipe and smoke it….

  25. Running backs and receivers are a dime a bakers dozen in the NFL. I cannot understand why those playing those positions don’t understand that when they can see the evidence all around them. Even QBs are disposable in that league.

  26. They said the same thing about Jeff Carter & Mike Richards too.

    Flyers are still paying for it.

  27. I wouldn’t get to excited about Sproles.He’s a walking concussion that could not stay on the field last year.

  28. It’s a shame how the NFL is predominantly made up of players that come from poor communities yet, those that come from the same neighborhoods, cannot afford to attend the games.

  29. Only Cowards go unnamed..None of these unnamed cowards have DJacks stats,or pro-bowl status,or salary,or are potential “Hall of Famers”,like DJacks…Just a bunch of Jealous Haters!!!!!

  30. There are enough weapons to replace Jackson’s numbers. Year two in a potent spread offense, but if the Eagles don’t pick up some more draft picks which turn into some defensive starters it won’t matter. I think the front office is aware of that though, at least I hope so. It’ll be better in May.

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