Anquan Boldin: Steve Smith brings completely different things to Ravens


When Steve Smith signed with the Ravens after being released by the Panthers, plenty of people pointed out that it looked like the Ravens found a player who could give them what they were missing after trading Anquan Boldin before the 2013 season.

Smith avoided making any direct comparisons to Boldin when he met the media after signing, saying that he respects the 49ers wideout while stressing that they bring different things to the table. Boldin used the same language when asked about Smith’s arrival in Baltimore at a charity basketball game hosted by Ravens receiver Torrey Smith on Saturday.

“We’re two different players,” Boldin said, via the Ravens’ website. “I think he’ll tell you that as well. We bring two completely differently things to the table. I think the thing that both of us do have is we want to win, bottom line, and we’ll do whatever it takes to do that.”

Boldin praised the move, noting the positive impact that Smith’s “tough mentality” should have on the Ravens offense. That mentality is probably the easiest comparison to make between the two players and if Smith can use it to be a reliable target for Joe Flacco, the fact that he provides that target in different ways than Boldin won’t wind up being all that significant.

16 responses to “Anquan Boldin: Steve Smith brings completely different things to Ravens

  1. Boldin has been solid as a Niner and without exaggerating too much I think his absence directly contributed to Baltimore’s failure last year.

    Hopefully Smith can immediately address the absence they had in the passing game, because I believe the AFCN will be even more competitive this year.

  2. At the charity basketball event Torrey Smith said he expected Q to come out like it was game 7 of the NBA finals. Few guys have it. That is the fire I hope Steve Smith brings.

  3. As a Steelers fan, I was happy when Baltimore traded Q.

    When we played AZ in the Super Bowl, I was more worried about Q than I was Fitz. (Knowing Fitz would be drawing the double teams)

    He is a fantastic player. Big enough that smaller DB’s have a hard time covering.

    And, I believe trading Q was the worst decision EVER by Ozzie.

    Can Steve Smith make the same impact? I can honestly say, I would rather play against Smith than Boldin.

  4. Man, everyone in Raven land wishes we had Q.

    We are intrigued and optimistic with Smith. He seems like a true Raven.

    ….and we know Q is still a Raven at heart. You are welcome SF; I imagine it took Q half a season to start bleeding red.

  5. I would love for Smith to see some of these steeler fans doubting him, but he really doesn’t need to. As Q pointed out, people know what he brings to the table and I can’t wait to watch him Torrey, Pitta, Jacoby and Marlon Brown embarrass the steelers geezer secondary.

  6. … Torrey, Pitta, Jacoby and Marlon Brown…

    This puts in all in perspective. Your new 35yr old receiver is your most talented and explosive.

    Harbs, I’m 41 and have hands like glue – got room for me in that corps?

  7. “Q is going to own Richard Shermroid this year. Write it down.”

    – Niners fans, Week 2 of last season after Boldin had a fluke 200 yard game against the trash Packers D in the opener.

    Boldin has like 2 catches against Sherman’s coverage in their last 4 games against each other including when Boldin was a Raven in 2011. Sherman’s built to own big, slow, and dumb fossils like Q.

  8. Dickjagger – The Steelers have TWO players on D over 30.

    Ravens have:
    Suggs – 31
    Dummervil – 30
    Smith – 30
    Ngata – 30

    Who’s old?

  9. I think Smith will a excellent addition, and am already looking forward to our rivalry, allowing the new players to make their mark on it. Honestly though, I’m glad Q is gone. I think we lucked out that he never really took full advantage of our secondary.

  10. Any coincidence bold in has been on teams that have both made and won at least one playoff game every year since 2008 ! Boy I miss him and I’m not propping up that six we got for him

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