Charles Woodson: Al Davis would have loved DeSean Jackson

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When the late Al Davis was running the Raiders, he had a type.

And Raiders defensive back Charles Woodson thinks free agent wide receiver DeSean Jackson is definitely that type.

Via, Woodson told 95.7 The Game that Jackson would have been a perfect fit for the former owner.

“There is no question in my mind that this is the type of player that Al would bring in,” Woodson said. “You hear about the off-field stuff but I don’t think Al would concern himself with that too much. I think Al would do his homework. But I think he would take a serious hard look, and if there was an opportunity I think he would bring that guy in.

“DeSean can stretch the field, and we know how much Al loved having guys that can stretch the field. So I don’t think there is any question he would bring him in.”

The Raiders also never shied away from controversial figures, at least when they were good. There’s no doubt they could use a player of Jackson’s talent, and Woodson steered around talk about the reported off-field concerns.

“Bring him in, I think he would look good in the silver and black,” Woodson said. “Of course I know the business side of it, but I’ve watched this guy and what he is, is a dynamic football player. What they’re talking [about] as far as off-the-field stuff, I have no clue about. The team would have to do their homework as far as that’s concerned.

“But when you talk about bringing in a guy as talented as he is, and you have that opportunity, I think you take a shot at it. And I think where we are as a team, we need all the playmakers we can have, and adding that guy would definitely help take us to the next level.”

Jackon’s a little young for the Raiders to sign this offseason, but their need for a spark is desperate enough they might have a chance.

23 responses to “Charles Woodson: Al Davis would have loved DeSean Jackson

  1. Woodson is right about that. One thing I do think the Raiders have that the Eagles don’t is a leader like Woodson.

    He has shown leadership in Oakland and GB. I think if the Raiders sign a guy like Jackson, he would benefit from being around Woodson.

    At least on the field, because Woodson wouldn’t let stuff like dropping the ball before the end zone fly.

  2. This is a truly brilliant analogy by Woodson… I don’t think anyone realized this about Davis… Who knew. Drip

  3. Al Davis, with his last and final draft pick before he died, left the Raiders with the most talented player in the NFL – Terrelle Pryor. The Raiders didn’t appreciate that.

  4. Big Al’s philosophy is why the Raiders have been such a mess for the longest time now. There has been some recovery, but they are still several years away from being a team to be proud of.

  5. I’m sure that Al Davis would have really liked a high character guy like Aaron Hernandez as well. In fact Al Davis would have gladly recruited any alleged criminal if he felt they could help the team win.
    Poor Reggie McKenzie has to put up with the conjecture of what Al would have done for every Free Agent and Draft selection. The fact is that great old Al is deceased and he’s not texting Reggie with advice from wherever he is.

  6. The Raiders made a dynasty out of talented, renegade bad boys!! They were a team to be feared!! I, for one, would take those days again ahead of a team full of clean cut superstars. Everybody loves a rebel ( Raider ).

  7. Its to Davis’ credit that in his heyday he did resurrect a lot of careers that pussified the rest of the AFC and NFC from the mid-70’s to mid 80’s…so stop licking your wounds and get over it.
    True, with the exception of his tandem with Gruden, the Raiders have imitated most of the teams in the NFL in failing to make the playoffs and Al made some dubious choices in FA and the draft.
    The Eagles fans here need to relax and enjoy their tampons, and if they had any class, which they don’t, you wouldnt be throwing so much shade on Jackson.
    You turfed him, let Oakland claim him.
    Dont forget 27-10.

  8. Yeah a super bowl victory in 1980 has some kind of relevance to Desean Jackson possibly signing with the Raiders… I don’t think any Eagles fans would mind him going to the other conference especially to a washed up franchise like Oakland.

  9. Al Davis was a keen evaluator of talent that saw the ultimate potential in players; he believed that the coaches and team could turn that potential into production on the field.

    Charles is right that Mr. Davis would take a hard look at DJax. The potential is too great not to.

  10. Desean Jackson is a great coming home story.

    I just wonder if the RAIDERS will regret drafting Sammy Watkins 2-3 years from now. (Watkins seems as explosive as Julio Jones)

    Although I understand that DJAX is there to be had NOW….whereas if we don’t get DJAX and then someone trades over the RAIDERS to get Watkins then we miss out on two game breaking receivers.

    Decisions, Decisions.

    I guess we go for DJAX NOW and and Draft Defense or O Line.

    If we miss out on DJAX….pray for Sammy Watkins to be available.

    This offseason has been exciting to be a RAIDERS fan.

    Let’s hope DRAFT and rest of Free Agency finishes STRONG……AND…..

    That the SILVER AND BLACK IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. the only thing the Oakland Raiders are signing, is a 10 year exclusivity contract with 4th place in the AFC West.

  12. Ya we see how those types of signings worked out for Al…Woodson is my boy but he’s way off on this one! Jackson’s substantial skills are more than offset by the substantial headaches he brings. We don’t need nor can we handle Jax with an young untested coach on a one year contract and a GM hanging on by a thread.

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