Dee Ford says he can fit in a 3-4

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For pass-rushing defensive ends who have thrived in a 4-3 system, graduation to the NFL could take out of play teams that run a 3-4 front.  Auburn defensive end Dee Ford insists that shouldn’t happen for him.  And he has reached the point where he’s not thrilled to talk about it.

Asked to identify the question he’s sick of being asked during a Friday visit to Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, Ford didn’t hesitate.

“The question that I am being sick of asked,” Ford said.  “Can I fit in a 3-4 defense?  Yes, I could fit in a 3-4 defense.  I am an athlete that has played defensive end my entire life, that’s just the way it is.”

Last month, Ford was happy to talk about his belief that he’s a better player than a certain 4-3 defensive end from South Carolina who could be the first overall pick in the draft.  Does Ford regret what he said about Jadeveon Clowney?

“No I don’t,” Ford said.  “You know, that’s just how we speak as athletes.  We as competitors, and that was nothing personal that I said.  And I stand by what I said.”

Ford’s name could be said at some point in the middle of the first round, or perhaps concerns about his size in the 4-3 or his speed in the 3-4 could cause him to drop.  Either way, he’ll get a chance to show that he’s better than Clowney or any other pass rusher who is, was, or will be in the NFL.

16 responses to “Dee Ford says he can fit in a 3-4

  1. I like this Dee Ford guy. He always has something witty and smart to say. And he’s right. It’s a dumb question. If you are a GM then you figure out if he can play 3-4 or not. Spend your time asking more valuable and interesting questions or don’t ask him anything.

  2. All the draftniks have Dee as a close 3rd at OLB just behind Khalil Mack & Anthony Barr so he’ll be fine. Top 20 pick.

  3. Does 3-4/4-3 matter any more?

    You’ve got teams like Seattle/Denver with 3-4 OLBs like Von and Bruce.

    You’ve got 4-3 teams with 3-4 DEs/NTs in the lineup (red bryant/derek wolfe).

    And everyone plays nickle most of the time anyway.

  4. I really hope the Cards take him at 20… Now that they signed Cromartie and Veldheer, I think pass rusher is the way to go… Abraham had a monster year last year but can he be counted on that again this year? I like Ford here…

  5. Let me get this out of the way. I loathe Auburn.

    I am able however to remove the rose -colored glasses when it comes to Dee Ford (or any talented SEC player). He’s a monster, was nearly unblockable in the SEC this past year. He can play hands down or as a stand up rush end OR on the outside as a LB. He’s fast, versatile and has a non-stop motor.

    This kid will turn heads at the next level.

  6. I believe you Mr Dee Ford and would welcome you to New Orleans and our 3-4 over Clowney; I just can’t get over Clowney’s behavior. It is a shame with his athleticism. If he had a good work ethic he could wind up in the hall of fame.

  7. If I’m New Orleans, and I’m looking at Dee Ford, Kyle Van Noy, Ryan Shazier and Jerimiah Attaochu, I’m taking Attaochu or Van Noy or trading back…

    Ford is a one trick pony and Shazier is a 43 WLB with his small size and speed…

    Attaochu in the Saints 34 or their 3-3-5 would be beastly…

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