DeSean Jackson enters PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100 near the top


On the last day of March, a three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver in the prime of his career will take a free agent visit to one of his former club’s division rivals.

Isn’t free agency supposed to be short on action by this point of the spring?

Well, that’s the not the case this year, not with the Eagles releasing DeSean Jackson on Friday, three weeks and three days into free agency.

On Monday, Washington gets the first shot at meeting with Jackson, a 27-year-old wideout with rare speed.

Whomever signs Jackson will be getting the best player left in free agency by a wide margin. PFT places Jackson third in its Free Agent Hot 100, a ranking of the top unsigned players first published at the beginning of March.

There is no getting around the mystery of why the Eagles let Jackson go. There is also little doubt the Eagles did him no favors letting him go this late in free agency. Both are factors that do not help his bargaining power.

However, Jackson is, at worst, an above-average starter, and at his best, he can affect the game like few other wide receivers. What’s more, he could produce at a high level for several more seasons. In short, he is a very skilled player available at a time on the NFL calendar when the draft has just about pushed free agency to the back burner.

Fascinating, this offseason has been.