Glover Quin, James Ihedigbo already working out together


The Lions don’t report for the start of offseason work until April 7, but their projected starting safeties are getting a jump on things in Texas.

Both Glover Quin and the newly signed James Ihedigbo live in Texas and they’ve worked out together since Ihedigbo decided to join the Lions as a free agent this offseason. That work is some of the first that Quin has done since having arthroscopic surgery on his ankle after the season and Quin expects to participate in all offseason work even though he isn’t quite 100 percent recovered from the operation.

Quin also expects a smooth transition to the new partnership despite a shift from strong to free safety.

“It’s not that big of a deal,” Quin said, via the Detroit Free Press. “Strong safety, free safety; it’s not that big of a difference. I think a lot of people get caught up and think it’s more than what it really is. It’s really just a title and where you line up on the field.”

Ihedigbo echoed Quin’s feelings while discussing the way defensive coordinator Teryl Austin, Ihedigbo’s position coach in Baltimore, will highlight the versatility of the unit.

“It’s very exotic,” Ihedigbo said, via the Detroit News. “The things that we do, the different pressures that we bring, the different coverage styles. It’s different, but it’s going to be fun to watch. He’s going to put a lot of guys in different positions to make plays.”

One expectation is that Austin will be calling more blitzes than the Lions ran under Jim Schwartz and Gunther Cunningham. Quin and Ihedigbo will be part of that and they’ll also be called on to protect the back end when the Lions bring the heat, so the more work they can do together to get comfortable for the season the better.

5 responses to “Glover Quin, James Ihedigbo already working out together

  1. Every season some player comes over to the Lions and thinks he’s the missing cog to turn it around. So far it’s been a long, sad line of bad Indiana Jones impersonators: “Many have tried and many have failed.”

    It’d be great if one year the script rings true.

  2. Ihedigbo will be missed in Baltimore. The Ravens are going in another direction with youth and hoping for today but building for tomorrow. Ihedigbo stepped up and filled a hole last year. Elam was a rookie learning the game and the Ravens had let go both of their previous starters one being a HOF player in Ed Reed. Ihedigbo with the CB managed to hold the secondary together for the most part last year while the team went through growing pains. The Lions have a good hard nosed player on their hands in Ihedigbo. I hope Caldwell coaches up to his knowledge, he is a great football mind. Teryl Austin from what he did at the Ravens seems to also have a very good defensive mind. Not a Lions fan but once a Raven always a Raven is how many in the Raven nation feel and honestly it would be good to see the Lions be more than a one or two hopeful seasons every ten to fifteen years and at least bring mention of championships to Detroit football fan’s hearts. Best of luck to the Lions fans for your team giving you something to be proud of…

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