Jay Gruden on RGIII: There’s not much I can throw at him that he can’t do


The Redskins are visiting with wide receiver DeSean Jackson on Monday with designs on adding him to the offense that Jay Gruden is putting together for his first season as the team’s head coach.

Jackson’s arrival would presumably lead to a revision of whatever Gruden’s drawn up to this point in the offseason, but that shouldn’t lead to the coach fretting about quarterback Robert Griffin III’s ability to handle whatever comes his way. Of Griffin, Gruden says “there’s really not much that I can throw at him that he can’t do” and that the quarterback’s experience in a variety of offenses will be a valuable tool for the team to use in the coming season.

“I think I’ve seen him do everything. I’ve seen him be successful in quick game. I’ve seen him be successful from time to time in drop-back game. I’ve seen him roll out and make throws. I’ve seen the play action. I’ve seen the read option,” Gruden said, via Mike Jones of the Washington Post. “Not many quarterbacks are very good on third and nine or 12. That’s very difficult time to be in, so we probably need to work on that one — but everyone does. When you see the success he’s had in different parts of the game, as far as being a normal drop-back quarterback — he’s done that. Option quarterback — he’s done that. But it’s now just a matter of packaging them all together and try to find out the best ways to attack whatever defense we’re playing.”

Adding Jackson to Pierre Garçon and Jordan Reed in the passing game and Alfred Morris in the backfield would give the Redskins plenty of ways to make good on that versatility. It will be up to Gruden to press the right buttons and Griffin to show that the coach’s esteem is well placed.

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  1. So if the Offense does not get the job done this year, what would be the possible excuse? I would like to know if everything is all set or if you have problems that you aren’t currently addressing.

  2. Well at least Gruden is fully embracing his number one role of keeping RGIII happy with him.

  3. It’s true RG3 can do everything. It’s also true, the Redskins don’t need DeSean Jackson to win the division and get a homefield playoff game.

    Pass! Too much ego, too expensive

  4. As a Redskins fan I am conflicted. I don’t believe the stated reasons the Eagles cut him – I think it is money. But, even though the Skins have moved on from the stupid FA signings like AH92, Deon, Jeff George, etc. I still worry about this kind of thing. What happens when MeSean feels he is not getting the ball enough? What happens when he is late or skips practice? Are we to believe that Robert and Chucky Light are going to be able to handle his nonsense? On the other hand, phew, would those two games against the Eagles each year be fun – dude plays with a massive chip on his shoulder.

  5. Go ahead and add Jackson. Not enough ball to go around to make everyone happy. Just wait until they lose a few early season games. Another sideshow is coming.

  6. @thestratgeyexpert

    There hasn’t been excuses, a top 10 offense in both of griffins first two seasons, one in which he was coming off of major knee surgery. If Redskins fans needed an excuse we had a few good ones, but we don’t need an excuse. Offense was good last year, defense was garbage.

  7. logicalvoicesays says:
    Top 5 QBs in Professional Football – Griffin the 3rd, Rodgers, Brees, Dalton and Stafford. In that order.

    You do realize that three of your top Qb’s haven’t won a playoff game…right?

  8. Face it Skins need More speed at wide out. Alfred Morris is smiling somewhere i’m sure. If Jackson signs we will have a offense that would finally strike fear into alot of defenses. You would have to defend a healthy QB (RGIII)with 4.4 speed and wide outs with the same if faster speed, a Bruiser at RB (Morris)with a Matchup nightmare at TE (Reed). Not to Mention Garcon. Wow!!!!!!

    Yeah NFC EAST have fun with that one!

  9. Don’t sign problems….. Bad enough when a draft pick turns out to be something you didn’t expect. When a guy has “Trouble” plastered across his forehead, let somebody else have him. Draft a guy.

  10. It’s do funny how skins fans think Djax will change a 3-13 team. Wow are they really that naive?? Good luck with that. Will be nice to see what their excuse is when the eagles still win the division.

  11. Folks… think about this…

    The Cowboys have been a .500 team since like 1997 under G.M. Jerry Jones…

    Doesn’t matter who’s been on the team, who the coach is, who’s under center etc…

    Dan Synder has owned the Redskins for a while now, 14 or 15 yrs.

    When one looks up the teams track record with him as owner, it isn’t pretty.

    He’s on his 8th head coach. Among others he’s had Marty Shottenheimer, Norv Turner, Joe Gibbs and Mike Shanahan.

    They are well under .500 in the yrs Synder has owned the team.

    Folks it doesn’t matter who’s under center, who the coach is, Dan Synder still owns the team…

    Here is a great quote from an ex-coach there (not a head coach).

    **As one former Redskins assistant told the Washington Post’s Jason Reid the other day: “That place [Redskins Park] is like a reverse car wash. You come in clean and come out dirty.”**

    Ya’ll can argue about RGIII, the coach, the offensive line all you want…

    Synder has almost 15 yrs of history owning the team, he’s on his 8th head coach and they are well below .500 since he’s owned them…

    All this talk about their players etc… doesn’t matter.

    Same as the Cowboys… the issue is that Jerry Jones is the owner and G.M.

    The rest is just talk as they go 8 & 8. And seriously the Cowboys record since 1997 is 136 & 136.

    I know this is a Redskins thread, but all the talk about the Cowboys on Cowboy threads doesn’t matter either…

    It’s all for nothing until there is a change with respect to who is running the team.

  12. Don’t see why Jay Gruden can’t win with Cousins after winning with Dalton. Aren’t the pretty similar?

  13. Tebow was first-round pick who’s the 6,337th best player in the league since 1950 (pro football reference). How is that not a bust?

  14. What’s stranger than any of the acquisitions and changes that the Redskins have made over the years is the paranoia of the supposedly faithful fans. I understand the plight and jealousy of the haters doing what you need to do as keeping your hope of our demise alive.

    There are plenty of teams spending money that have not won divisions, play offs or championships so why do they even have teams according to the logic of some of your thought processes?

    Every year no matter what trades or free agent acquisitions, only one team is going to be rewarded as all of their moves being the right ones denoted by the Super Bowl victory.

    The Buffalo Bills appeared in 4 Super Bowls and won 0, so was all of their efforts and spending a waste and was Jim Kelly a bust?

    Is Tom Brady a bust for all of the play off losses and Mr. Kraft an incompetent owner with a washed up coach that does’t know how to get into the winner’s circle as a recent Super Bowl champion?

    Is Eli Manning a bust after his glory days of division championships and Super Bowl victories?

    Everyone is free to express opinions, but the opinions should be based on some reality and not just pessimistic or haters poison.

    If the Redskins believe that D-Jax is part of the puzzle to put them in a better position to reach championship caliber, then it’s Dan Snyder’s money to spend.

    None of our opinions will win one game, but a game breaker like D-Jax with whatever baggage can make that difference.

    Haters beware because the possibility of plans coming together is what every team is gambling on when they spend the resources for the component parts. Denver is the perfect example in this years free agency buying up everything that they could get their hands on.

    D-Jax burned a lot of teams last year and there is no division title for Philly without him. He is the same player that he was before Chip Kelly got there so why didn’t Chip Kelly get rid of him as a head case before the season started or even during the season as being detrimental to the team?

    If he’s so bad now, why are another teams trying to get him?

    Some of you have put RGIII on the bust list. How crazy is that?

    Look at his stats over these past 2 years and tell me how many healthy QB’s exceeded his. You all are a bunch of opportunistic haters that hope he’s not the answer to take the Redskins back to the winner’s circle of the Super Bowl.

    A healthy RGIII terrorized the NFC East and put a team on his back to carry them into the play offs after being 6 games down.

    If a healthy RGIII took a team from 10-6 to 3-13 I would say that there would be cause for concern and lining up the posse to running him out of town.

    Tom Brady and Philip Rivers both had ACL surgery, who put them on the bust list and how long did it take for them to no longer show signs and return to their productive selves?

    I won’t say that I agree with all of the moves that Dan Snyder has made over the years, especially in the coaching area, but I look for the day when he totally allows football minds run the football operations and as far as I can see so far, that era has begun with having a GM that respects the game and the owner’s purse to get the best available players to rebuild a team with integrity even if it takes bringing along a few knuckleheads with tremendous talent and spunk.

  15. Report comment

    skins4life2009 says: Mar 30, 2014 5:25 PM


    There hasn’t been excuses, a top 10 offense in both of griffins first two seasons,


    23rd in points scored last year is about 13 spots out of the top ten .

  16. something that RG3 can’t do?

    act like a franchise QB and avoid contact… he can’t do those things

  17. DeSean Jackson is a bad guy. Philly cut him for that reason as they were already $20 Million UNDER the cap. The Redskins hiring this guy and placing him with another ego maniac named RG ME would be funny. It may work year 1, but wait until year 2.

    As a Giants fan, Two super Bowls since 2007 BOOM

  18. I really think Desean Jackson may be on the verge of a breakdown off the field. It’s pretty rare to find a team just drop a star player, one of the best in the league at his position and a playmaker to say the least.

    This situation sounds bad but in reality it must be even worse… look at the Ravens and Ray Rice… he did something horrible and they are supporting him. Vick came back into the league to the same team that let Desean go… and there are plenty of other players that have actually committed crimes and kept their jobs. Something is up.

  19. Heisman Trophy winner, Offensive RoY winner, NFC Champions – all before blowing his knee out.

    If RGIII’s knee holds up, they will compete for the division. Bad O-line and horrid Defense , aside.

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