Report: Raiders doing “background work” on DeSean Jackson

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Fans in Oakland have made their desire to add wide receiver DeSean Jackson to the Raiders roster clear, but the team is reportedly still mulling how much of a push to make for the former Eagle.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that the team is still doing “background work” on Jackson. Breer believes the team is aware of the possibility that bringing Jackson back to his home state and the area where he attended in college may result in “added risk” of things going poorly off the field.

General Manager Reggie McKenzie will surely weigh that risk against the risk that will come to his continued employment if the Raiders put up another lackluster season in 2014. He’s invested in several free agents to upgrade the roster from last year and Jackson would add a high-level offensive threat to that mix.

Of course, the Raiders may join the rest of the league in watching Jackson try on a Redskins uniform in the near future. Jackson is set to visit with the Redskins on Monday and the right offer from owner Dan Snyder could mean that the background work in Oakland amounts to nothing.

58 responses to “Report: Raiders doing “background work” on DeSean Jackson

  1. Not a Raiders fan at all. However, having said that, the NFL is better when teams like Oakland and Cleveland are good. The Raiders have that aura of being tough (maybe bordering dirty) and signing controversial, (albeit talented) players like DJax and Ingognito would be great for the league.

    Here’s hoping the Raiders sign him.

  2. Smart. Hopefully if there is a “problem” it will be identified.
    There are enough 8 balls around the NFL as it stands.
    No more needed.

  3. This team needs to build through the draft. I understand all the FA signings. They just don’t want to get their butts whipped during the rebuilding process even though it still may happen.

  4. Any smart football fan is hoping that their team passes on Jackson and gets a rookie for 1/5th the price whom is motivated to Get to a Jackson type contract.

    The new rookie wage scale has dramatically changed free agents. 5 years ago the eagles wouldn’t have cut Jackson because they’d have to pay a rookie 8 mill a year, now that rookies get payed significantly less, teams are much more likely to kick tires on players like Desean Jackson and instead draft a motivated, cheaper rookie

  5. This makes sense for Washington to go after desean, however the raiders can get sammy Watkins for rookie pay,and he will be an absolute beast.

  6. Raiders need DJAX & WR Sammy Watkins to climb over the .500 mark and challenge for a wild card berth. one isn’t enough in today’s NFL. Besides that they need both of them when they pack up and move back to LA where it’s all flash and glitter.

  7. The fans’ interest in this guy isn’t surprising. It’s probably to uphold the team’s intimidating image as it is filling a need at wideout. The front office shouldn’t listen to the fans. They need to be smart and focus on bringing in high character guys.

  8. ANY team that is considering signing him should do their due diligence concerning him, not just the Raiders. If the Redskins throw a boatload of money at Jackson without a thorough background check, they will likely both regret it, and perpetuate the image that Dan Snyder doesn’t know how to run an NFL franchise, as well as being incapable of learning from past mistakes. Buyer beware…

  9. How come the Chiefs have finished their due diligence and said no while the Raiders are still, um, being the Raiders? Always last in everything, yes?

  10. Nice that they are doing background work on him considering he ain’t leaving Redskins Park without a contract tomorrow.

  11. Same team that did background work on JaMarcus Russell, DBH, Lane Kiffin … need I go on?

  12. Obviously something is just flat out wrong or the Eagles would not have let their #1 just walk away just to get rid of him.
    This is not how it works.
    Their had to be a reason.
    Does anyone realize that NFL teams hire private detectives to follow it’s own players.
    It’s perfectly legal.
    They have way too much $ invested in these guys to just not know.

  13. Its gang life here in DC, big time.It doesn’t matter where he goes.He will do what he wants to do, it is up to him how he wants to live his life he is a free moral agent.

    Structure the contract accordingly to what you want from him and hope it pays off! if it doesn’t it was a risk you were willing to take.Thats real!the rest is emotions and that clouds the ability to reason with reality.

  14. All 32 NFL teams passed on D-Jax in the draft when he came into the league. And today, no NFL team just releases a Pro Bowl player in his prime without compensation. Just saying. Flag !!!

  15. He would not be in the league if all 32 teams passed on him! All 32 passed on him in the 1st round but not all 32 teams passed on him.Again emotions.Risk and reward.What did he do to hurt Philly on the field?

    Off the field? Image? rep of the team and nfl brand?hmmm!Still in the league, no warrants!

    I’ll take that image and say,Go Raiders!!!

  16. The media loves a good diva story. They have been scrambling ever since TO, Ocho and Moss left the scene. Jackson is maybe not your model citizen but he stays out of trouble for most part and performs on the field. Well worth the signing

  17. Hopefully the Raiders and Djax have an agreement for him to see what he is offered from other teams and then give the Raiders an opportunity to make an offer elsewhere. If they don’t have that verbal agreement, I agree with “brudog” can’t see him leaving Washington without a deal. Also, there’s no way Watkins falls to 5!

  18. This may sound crazy but Aaron Rodgers wants his Cal buddy in Green Bay. He might get what he wishes for, as the packers have a unannounced visit scheduled to meet with him early next week. Cobb and Jackson, doing slants would give defenses nightmares.

  19. As a Raiders fan, I’m hesitant. He is a dynamic player but I really don’t want Randy Moss part 2.

    At the very least this helps us work on the perception that players don’t want to play in Oakland. This is one of this best receivers in the game and he expressed that he wants to be a Raider.

  20. The best place for DJAX is Green Bay by far . He can’t get in trouble there and Rodgers will throw for 4500 yds and 45 Tds next season . If I’m the Packers I sign RB Chris Johnson too to go with Eddie Lacey. If they make these moves EVERY OFFENSIVE NFL RECORD WILL BE BROKEN ! BOOK IT ! NOBODY WILL STOP THE PACKERS OFFENSE !

  21. Do the people that use “Draft Sammy Watkins” realize that he probably won’t be there to draft at #5 overall?????????

  22. Isn’t the fact that your organization is closer to the people he allegedly had gang ties with a major red flag to begin with?

  23. We should sign him if available. While this is a deep draft with alot of talent i really cant trust Rmac drafting. He hasnt drafted well in my opinion. If you can get a proven receiver u do it..

  24. When Marky Mark ordered a background investigation, Reg thought he wanted game tape from DJ’s college days. Man, the Raiders move in strange and mysterious ways.

  25. dirtdawg54 says: Mar 30, 2014 1:47 PM

    Same team that did background work on JaMarcus Russell, DBH, Lane Kiffin … need I go on?
    Same team, different front office. You must take real long naps.

  26. As talented as he is, yes you can be rest assured every NFL team has their official sources for background checks and their unofficial sources. NFL teams are huge financial corporations and they will scope this guys in and out. The Raiders always did this and will this time as well. The difference nowadays is that no one will take risks like Al would…. I doubt you will see Incognito or Jackson in a Raider uniform. The last big risk Al took was JaMarcus Russell, and it was by far his most famous risk and flop. There are many valid arguments to take Jackson even if just to make sure you don’t see him twice a year in the AFC West. However, are McKenzie and Allen THAT desperate? If I was making the decision and there was some valid past issues, a player would have to be producing Tiffany cufflinks out of his glutes every time, before I would hire him. Even the potential as an instant starter and saving a high pick by not going after a top receiver I would say ‘Thanks but no thanks’.

  27. I’m not his advocate,but he seemed to not be an issue his entire career in Philly. He was questioned about some knuckleheads he knew. We all know one (maybe more) person that’s a bit shady. The cops said they had nothing. I think he got popped his rookie year for having weed and last year his house got robbed…but the same can be said for quite a few players. You have a guy in San Fran shooting assault rifles at his own party, another upper cutting his wife, hit and runs with brass knuckles and his alleged “ties” to gangs gets him cut. The NFL is a weird place.

  28. What is Mckenzie and Allen’s next job?Can you answer that question? No you cant.They are on the verge of losing their jobs now.

    So the answer to the question are they that desparate?should be yes and what do they have to lose by bringing in DJAX?Nothing!

    Haters are already trying to clown the age of the F/A class we are bringing in.Us bringing in ActionJackson well thats just good old fashion fear.

  29. They are probably desperate and, most likely short of a AFC 2nd round playoff game, they will be gone. I think the F/A moves so far are actually pretty good. Mac didn’t have the cash to make the moves he did this off season, so he did need more time. Don’t get me wrong, Jackson would be a huge asset and I would love to see help the Raiders get back up the rankings. This is a huge question of risk is based on the BIG IF these alleged issues are true. So…. If you do see Jackson added on then I would be very confident he’s clean and good to go. If they pass on him it’s because there is some dirt under the fingernails. My comment was simply – if there were real issues, I wouldn’t risk it either. They have added good F/As and have plenty of good picks to work with.

  30. If DJAX signs with Washington, it has “revenge” signing all of it. At least twice a season, DJAX will have the opportunity to put make the Eagles regret their decision.

  31. For those saying Aaron Rodgers wants his “buddy from Cal”, you know they weren’t there at the same time, right?

    They’re about as good as college buddies as Emmitt Smith and Tim Tebow are.

    I’ll give you a minute…..

  32. Ok let me see this is my first post ever…give D-jax a fat contract for 3 years ….with 50% of the contract in roster /incentive bonus a gangster doesnt want to lose half his $$$$$$ if he screws up can’t a contract be written that way?

  33. Raiders should steer clear…DeSean has too many issues and my Raiders don’t have the coaching leadership or structure to deal with DeSean. Plus, the better value is drafting Sammy Watkins IF he’s still on the board.

  34. The draft is irrelevant. The Raiders need both, sign good free agents and draft good players. McKenzie knows he has been on the hot seat yet he has been protecting the club with all his signings so far. I don’t see him reach for this guy too far out. Unless Desean wants to come play for real cheap on a 3 year deal, this ain’t happening.

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