Andy Dalton says contract talks have started


Bengals owner Mike Brown expressed some doubt last week about the wisdom of signing quarterback Andy Dalton to a long-term extension, but it seems that he is trying to at least figure out how much it would cost before coming to a final decision.

Dalton was a guest of Rich Gannon and Bruce Murray on Sirius XM NFL Radio on Monday and was asked about where things stood on the contract front. Dalton said that there have been discussions about a new deal with the team and that he’s hopeful that they will result in a deal in the near future.

“There’s been talks about it. There’s been a couple of proposals sent over and different things,” Dalton said. “We’re working on it. Hopefully, we can get something done. I’m not too worried about it. I know in the right timing everything is going to happen, but, obviously, everyone would like to get something done sooner rather than later. … It’s all going to take care of itself, I’m just going to focus on what I can control.”

Dalton said he feels he’s improved every year since he joined the Bengals and that he hopes to cut down on his turnovers in 2014. Doing that would improve the Bengals’ chances of winning a playoff game as well as Dalton’s chances of convincing Brown he’s the man for the long haul if the two sides can’t agree on something before the season gets underway.

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  1. This could be a tricky negotiation. Bengals can’t pay too much because until he can perform well in the playoffs, they will never be able to get to the next level of being a top notch team in years to come. They can not pay him too little because Dalton has accomplished a certain degree of success with team. I don’t envy Bengals’ ownership here AT ALL!

  2. How him and Marvin Lewis have positions still is beyond me. Marvin is awful and Andy Dalton has every weapon on earth any QB can dream about. Two diverse RB’s, two quality tight ends, a line that protects him and a solid number one wide receiver and still can’t get it done. Get them out of there.

  3. thats because Andy is waiting to see what Colin gets, who is waiting to see what Russell gets, who is waiting to see what Cam gets, who is waiting to see what Jake gets, etc… in other words a whole lot of guys are about to get paid this year or next year.

  4. 2 diverse rbs????? BJGE is many things…but diverse is not one of them . He is a one trick pony.

  5. Andy is the league’s best QB right now. He has the best arm and is quickly becoming the smartest. The only thing holding this team back is the help around him. He’s going to have to start throwing to himself because that’s our best chance at winning. As usual, Mike Brown is asleep during free agency.

    Give him whatever he wants.

  6. I’m trying to figure out which will be the happier day – when Flacco was signed to a gazillion dollars, or when Dalton will be signed to, well any amount as long as he’s under center.

  7. “Bengals owner Mike Brown expressed some doubt last week about the wisdom of signing quarterback Andy Dalton to a long-term extension.”

    Hey! There’s a sign of intelligence on the Bungles!

    Dalton is a weak armed Joe-Overpaid-Flacco. Dalton will soon be overpaid too.

    Andy Dalton may be the best QB in the league right now, in his own mind. Until he can win a friggin’ playoff game he’s the worst QB in the playoffs. And the pressure on him to win the next time, if/when he gets into the playoffs, will be IMMENSE. He may never be able to get that loser-in-the-playoffs monkey off his back.

  8. The opening offer: League minimum, a dozen footballs and a sack of cheeseburgers.

  9. signing andy and letting AJ green walk is the only way for this team to finally take the next step imho

  10. AD14 isn’t the best QB to be sure. But he’s not the worst. If he can cut down on the picks he will be just fine. The bengals will be the best team in the league this season, from beginning to end. Mark it down!!!

  11. This is a contract that they could wait out and take a chance with him having a great year…because I just don’t see a Flacco situation with Dalton.

  12. If the Wizard of $120,000,000 was the Bengals general manager (instead of the ravens g.m.) …. he would sign Andy Dalton for $240,000,000.

  13. Please sign him


    – Teams Andy Dalton beat into 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place in the AFC North

  14. A.D is the 2nd best QB in the division. He can win the division again,easily. Its just the stinkin playoffs. This year should be his “flacco contract” season

  15. The last franchise QB left because even though you paid him handsomely you still lowballed the rest of his team.

    How long until history repeats itself.

    As a Charger fan I’m not one to talk about having some grand franchise.

    But if you continually made the same mistakes that kept you from so much as winning a playoff game for something like 20+ years. At some point do you start recognizing the fact it’s ownerships fault and find a less embarrassing franchise to root for?

    If you’re supporting Mike Brown, you pretty much know what you get right? So why root for the Bengals

  16. Dalton isn’t terrible. He’s actually put on some pretty impressive numbers in his first three years – on pace with some of the greats.

    Don’t take that as me suggesting he’s going to be one of the greats. The facts are what they are, though.

    Problem is, thus far he hasn’t proven to be a “big game” QB, but I suspect he wants to be paid like one. He’s a pretty damn good regular season QB (with the exception of prime time games), but horrible when the lights on spotlighting him.

    As a Bengals fan, this is one situation where I won’t be able to fault Brown no matter what he does. It’s a genuinely tough spot for the Bengals organization.

  17. Sign DeSean Jackson (not gonna happen) as a REAL #2 wide receiver.

    Marvin Jones is a good teammate… but… he is #3 wr quality masquerading as a #2 wr.

  18. From the outside looking in (as I’m not a Bengal fan) it seems to me the coach, quarterback, and players are doing there due diligence to bring Cincinnati a winner. The owner on the other hand, seems to have a long held reputation for being a tightwad when it comes to spending money. Always trying to get by on the cheap which shows he’s not fully committed to the team and the fans. If Mike Brown wants to know what it will take to make his team a winner, he should start by looking in the mirror…

  19. Marvin Jones is not a #3. If he played in a pass-heavy offense like Detroit or NO he’d be putting up incredible numbers.

    The guy has skill and made some unbelievable catches last year. He was actually more consistent than AJ, IMO.

    That’s saying a lot too, AJ is one of my fav Bengals.

  20. Andy Dalton is about as good as Jon Kitna was.
    If the Bengals had a top 10 QB they could win the Super Bowl. Andy Dalton is VERY VERY average.
    He has a great supporting cast.
    All he can keep saying is he went to the playoffs 3 straight times. But 0-3 and 1TD 6Picks outweighs that 3 playoff stuff. Any number of average QB’s would do the same with the Bengals team.
    I say no more than a 3 yr contract at about $5 mil a year. Do not lock this guy up for some stupid cash and 10 years.

  21. Flacco and Andy get picked on a lot because there’s not much to talk about in the offseason. Also they play in good teams that gives the media guys belly aches when their respective teams lose. Lastly, the other has red hair and the other can easily be called Fluke’0

  22. FYI,,The Bengals lost two SB’s, with two super quarterbacks. Anderson and Esiason. Those losses qualify as post-season, you know. The Bills lost four SB’s with as good a qb as you can get. Think about it, experts.

  23. pay a ton manning didnt win a playoff game until his 5th season , started 0-3 in the playoffs and got obliterated in a playoff loss in 2001 41-0 to the jets. why dont people talk about choke artist mannings stats, dalton actually looks better than fivehead did.

  24. Red rifle I’m so tired of reading your idiotic post on every article mentioning the Bengals about Andy Dalton having the strongest arm in the nfl and how he is quickly becoming one of the smartest QBs in the game. You and that other guy that always complains about Marvin Jones not being a true #2 WR. You two guys are making it really hard to like the Bengals…Andy Dalton does not suck but IMO he’s slightly above average.I would like the see the bengals make a move to bring in some one to either push him to play better or to replace him next year. Draft Carr or Mccarron. Maybe trade for Cousins. If a QB does not have a rocket arm he better be athletic,extremely smart, or accurate. Dalton has none of the qualities.

  25. Let him prove, Flacco style, he deserves it. He will end up one and done like every other attempt.

  26. On second thought as a rival in the AFCN, go ahead sign him up. We’d love to have him, Has-Been Ben, and a rookie at QB in the division this year.

  27. I hope they can get him long term..I think he will prove all of his critics wrong, and I would much rather see him do it with us, than be on another team and do it AGAINST us…if he can start his career with 3 playoff appearances and be with some of the best hall of fame quarterbacks statistically at this point, he can only get better from here on……WHO DEY!!!!

  28. Not a whole lot of support for Andy, but Im backing him 100%. I see a talented young player, with plenty of upside, definitely improved, and someone that can provide a team with a quality QB.

    He may never be a Superstar, but you dont throw away a legit starter in the NFL. There aren’t even 32 of them in the game right now!

  29. If your defense didnt carry you all season you wouldnt of made it to the postseason the last 3 years. The red rocket just not good enough to carry that team. With that talent your wasting it with a avg qb. Who cares about the red rocket, when mike zimmer bolted thats whats going to stop you now.

  30. Five years @15-17 million. He’s played at that level during the regular season. Kinda like Manning, great regular season guy, not so post season.

  31. Oh the jealousy is alive in Pittsburg and Baltimore. Did those games that you were beaten by the average Andy Dalton really sting that bad? What a bunch of panzies. Listen, I’m not gonna sit here and say that Dalton is a super star, because he’s not. But neither is the unibrow, aka Flacco, and he was paid. Now that’s not to suggest that Dalton should be paid the same, as Flacco flat out fleeced the Ravens, period! He has however lead his team to the playoffs the last three years in a row. That’s hard to do for a second round QB if your not doing something right. IMO, the issues in the playoffs were more a result fn play calling from John Gruden (good riddance) as far as i’m concerned. He never stuck with the run and put it all on Dalton to win every game throwing the ball 50 times a showing. I’m surprised the kid has any confidence left. I’m keeping an open mind on Dalton until I see him perform under Hue Jackson’s style of offense, which is and always has been run first. As it should be in the AFCN. He has a verteran to mentor him now and provide another set of eyes, which he’s never ha since he started. I do believe he’ll be much improved this year under Hue as opposed to Gruden.

  32. It’s too bad that Dalton hasn’t had the Flacco-like playoff run that garnered him a $20 mil-a-year contract. Dalton is the better QB who has choked up in the big games, while Flacco is the most overrated QB in the league who just happened to put a nice string of playoff games together and took the money and ran.

  33. Focus on what you can control? Like: composure in the pocket, patience in the pocket, not taking off running when you see 1person breakdown in coverage, following through on your passes and not throwing so many picks…..are these some of the things you can control? Because we need to see you control those things NOW!

  34. Jealousy? Of what your team beat us in week 2. What happened in week 15 that’s right you were owned 30 to 20. Dont get ahead of yourselves here. Start talking when you get by the wild card game

  35. Andy Dalton tried to pass his contract to his agent to review the offer but was intercepted….seeing his inability to pass he tried to hand the second copy off only to be sacked by the highly Mobile desk he was at causing the contract to be dropped and kicked around the office. His final attempt was to rely on Marvin to hand the contract to his agent only to see that play thwarted by an awkwardly planned timeout.

  36. Dalton please just go away…retire…demand a trade…do something…you tried son…but at the end of the day you just aren’t a franchise QB. You can have a very long journeyman career as a backup…but I can honestly say your not in the top 20 QBs in this league.

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