Brian Hoyer: Nothing holding me back from QB competition


Some people may think it is a big deal that the Browns didn’t attend the pro days for the top quarterbacks in this year’s draft, but Brian Hoyer isn’t one of them.

Hoyer feels it is “inevitable” that the Browns will be bringing in a quarterback other than Alex Tanney to compete with him for the starting job this season and he said Sunday that the inevitability makes it meaningless that the team wasn’t at those pro days. Hoyer also said he isn’t paying too much attention to the identity of his competition as he can only control his part of the process.

On that front, he expects to be healthy for the start of that competition. Hoyer tore his ACL last season, but said he expects to be participating in the team’s offseason work as he tries to win the job.

“I’m on track to do some of that stuff, most of it I would think,” Hoyer said, via Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan. “I feel like I’m ready to go. There’s not going to be any contact that I have to worry about. I’m basically out there throwing now the way I’ll be throwing in a practice, so in my mind I’m ready to go … from my part there’s nothing holding me back.”

Hoyer was on track to locking down the Browns job before his injury last season, but there’s a new coaching staff and general manager in place now. Given the lack of other options, that doesn’t appear to be a major negative to his chances of winding up with the job, although any real predictions must wait until we know who else will be in the mix in Cleveland.

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  1. I believe Brian will win the QB competition this year. If he wasn’t injured, the Browns would have made the playoffs. He has one of the quickest releases in the league..Good to see you are on track Brian..

  2. looked good till the injury…not great but has potential…Cleveland may wanna pick a mid rounder (Mettenberger, kid from LSU) and let Hoyer play out a season…

  3. I don’t seen anyone in this draft that will be able to take the starting job away from Hoyer…no Andrew Luck or RGIII in this draft class

    The rookie can set and learn the ropes until he is able to beat out Hoyer…but that could take some time.

    I would not be surprised to see the Browns wait until the 3rd round before they draft a QB. The Browns need to draft talent capable of starting with their top 3 picks.

  4. Not holding breath but really hoping he proves to be more than just a journeyman & takes the starter’s job. Hoping the new staff actually ALLOWS a competition to take place unlike several past ones.

    Also really hoping Hoyer learned how to slide.

    I think none of these QBs are worth drafting @ pick 4 & if we take one there they should sit for as long as possible into the new season. I couldn’t care less about that unwritten rule stating you can’t do that anymore.

  5. I really don’t see the Browns taking a QB in the first round. There isn’t a ‘sure thing’ like Luck was a couple years ago. Wait and get a project in the 2nd or 3rd Rd.

  6. deflateddome says: Mar 31, 2014 9:52 AM

    I believe Brian will win the QB competition this year. If he wasn’t injured, the Browns would have made the playoffs.


    Come on man.

  7. I think it would be a mistake to not give him another shot. He played really good and more importantly was winning games. If the Browns draft a QB in the first round, then Hoyer might not see the field.

  8. In a perfect world the Browns would trade down with either Atlanta or TB for the rights to Clowney/Mack. Browns could more than likely still get Manziel or Bridge at 6-7 if they were leaning QB, or grab Mike Evans-who isn’t a huge drop off from Watkins. All this while adding an additional 2nd rounder that would give them 4 of the top 40 picks!

  9. Do you know what makes a QB successful? Playing on a good team, that’s what.
    Let’s stop pretending that football is 90 percent quarterback and 10 percent everyone else. When the Browns have had good teams, they have won without marquee QBs. Kelly Holcomb comes to mind, and Derrick Anderson was another.
    The secret to success is building a TEAM. This ESPN-perpetuated romance with quarterbacks is disgustingly sickening.
    Wake up, people.
    Football is the Ultimate Team Sport.

  10. I wouldn’t completely count out Alex Tanney. The trick shot QB made a few good plays in preseason last year, and really played like a veteran. Unless the Browns add someone significant, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tanney at least makes them think twice about starting Hoyer.

  11. Hoyer was 2-0 in his two starts last year including the come from behind win vs. Minnesota. 5 tds in those two games including big plays and clutch plays. He looked comfortable, in charge and more than a game manager. He played great in the win against Cincinnati.
    Bottom line is that he has proven he can win which is the most important thing. I’m all in on Hoyer!

  12. Hoyer iis the veteran QB to tutor the next rookie, but the can do it as a starter.

    No QB in this draft is a sure thing, take
    #4 Watkins (WR)
    #26 Yankey (Guard)
    #35 Mason/Hyde

    trade a 3 and 4 to move up and grab Aaron Murray.

  13. He only played two games before he got hurt but won them both. Browns fans don’t know what they’ve got till he plays a season. It’s Hoyer’s job to lose.

  14. I think that give the chance he can prove to be a starting Quarterback this year and years to come you provide him with the weapons and he can succeed he learned from the one of the best in the league he played more comfortable in the pocket than any Quarterback that the Browns had since the expansion. He proved that the offense works with a Quick release instead of holding the ball and staring down receivers Look for him doing big things this year. I don’t think Farmer is going to picking a QB in the first round none of these QB are going to be what everyone is comparing them to a Andrew Luck or RG III. With that Andrew Luck did well with Mannings offense if you want to be technical about it . If you want to be honest you put him in a offense that has no weapons then you see. I would love to see them pick up Sammy Watkins

  15. We could use a veteran QB to teach and guide. Remember, Hoyer is still rather raw himself, and will he be fully mobile when he comes back? Then draft a couple of QB’s to compete. One in the first 2 rounds, and a second in the next 2 rounds. Develope them!

    I would feel so much better about that if we had a more experienced OC or QB coach….like Norv. I’m not sold yet on “Lowgains.”

  16. There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    I hope he gets another chance even if it’s third string…
    GM/Coach, sit down and talk to this guy…I think he can help…..

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