Caldwell on DeSean: “Never say never”


A surprisingly short list of teams has emerged as having serious interest in receiver DeSean Jackson.  The Lions, who have signed receiver Golden Tate and who seem to be interested in adding a receiver in the first round of the draft, have not yet been mentioned as one of those teams.

Lions coach Jim Caldwell, appearing on ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning, said that the organization has not had discussions about DeSean.  But Caldwell didn’t close the door on having those discussions, and then some.

“We haven’t discussed him,” Caldwell said, via the team’s official website.  “I can say he’s a playmaker, a guy that can get it done.  At this point in time, we have not had any discussions.  In this business, you never say never.”

If the Lions plan to say something other than “never” on Jackson, the clock is ticking.  He’s already visiting Washington, only three days after the Eagles abruptly dumped Jackson.  There’s a chance DeSean doesn’t get out of D.C. without a contract.

But if the Lions decide to get into the DeSean derby, things could get very interesting for a lineup that would include Calvin Johnson, Tate, Brandon Pettigrew, Joseph Fauria, Reggie Bush, and Joique Bell.

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  1. man he needs to back off with his ole “I dont want to let Peyton play to get 16-0 so he can win a SB, and oh yeah let me play ultra conservative during the SB vs the saints and lose” lame non good coaching.

    The Raiders will get Desean so back off caldwell!

  2. Do the Lions not have a salary cap? Jackson is only going to be happy making over $10 million/year. You don’t want an unhappy Desean starting for you.

  3. There’s no way DeSean’s ego would let him function as a secondary receiver. and with Johnson on the roster, there’s no way he’d be anything but a second option.

  4. Why spend the $ and gamble on Jackson when you can gamble on and groom a guy like Watkins, who seems to have rave reviews from coaches – unlike Jackson (per the media, of course).

  5. Relax, people, for Fantasy Football purposes, the prospect is exciting. Reality, however, brings something called a salary cap and the Lions have zero cap space to sign a gifted but troubled gangster diva. Given the team’s glaring deficiencies on D, coupled with the allocation of resources already directed to CJ, GT and Stafford, it would make absolutely no sense for the Lions to sign this issued ridden character. Which means they will probably try to get him.

  6. joeflaccoallday says:
    Mar 31, 2014 11:06 AM
    “Lions will have a top 5 offense with DJax.”
    Well, quiet as it was kept, the Lions finished SIXTH in total offense without him, so, yeah…Top 5 is a safe bet.

  7. shuttaman1990 says:
    Mar 31, 2014 10:46 AM
    man he needs to back off with his ole “I dont want to let Peyton play to get 16-0 so he can win a SB, and oh yeah let me play ultra conservative during the SB vs the saints and lose” lame non good coaching.

    The Raiders will get Desean so back off caldwell!

    That was the owner who wanted to rest the players not Caldwell.

  8. He would make the Lions’ offense scary as hell, but I can’t imagine the Lions can fit him under the cap.

  9. Lions signing Desean would be totally dependant on a extension for Suh happening immediately. It’s the only way they could fit him under the cap this year.

    It’s hard to say wait and take Watkins because you may have to move all the way up to #2 to take him, since i don’t see St. Louis passing on him at this point. That cost would be to high.

    You find a way to get a deal done with Jackson and you can forget about Watkins or Evans this year and focus on defensive players like Gilbert or Barr in the draft…

    But ultimately i think its just talk, I don’t think Detroit even talks to Jackson’s agent…

  10. As stated suh would have to sign right now for this to happen. That is a very good possibility though so dont be surprised if this does happen. I dont expect it to but wouldn’ t be surprised.

  11. Jim go ahead and say never because you don’t have a chance in hell to sign him with your cap situation, so unless you’re willing to release a few good players or rework and backload a few deals to keep you in cap hell for the foreseeable future it’s a NEVER.

  12. Too bad one of Jackson’s buddies didn’t say that the day DeSean said, “I’m not worried about leaving all that bling, money and those gats in my house, my buds would NEVER steal them.”

  13. A triple threat for Strafford Megatron, Tate, and Jackson..Just picture that if DeSean signs with Lions..Can the lions find that type of rec. in the draft??

  14. This would be great if in fact they do find a way to sign him… This would be a block buster OS for the Lions that might just push them over the top. Don’t worry about off field issues because they all have them. But for ppl saying that Detroit can’t work their wrist.. And clear some cap space.. You probably get F-‘s in math. Money can be put in bonuses, incentives and all different types of ways they can pay him and stay way under the cap, the question is not can they, it’s will they. We know that a deal with Suh is on the horizon, and we can still buy some more pieces befor the regular season start 5 months from now… And all you Detroit haters, stop goin by what you see on T.V and come to the greatest city In America… & get u some money..

  15. ya 2 wr are the missing pieces for lions… aren’t they paying megtron some 20 mil this year… add 6 for tate… say 8 for DJ…

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