Derek Carr expected to work out for Browns on Monday


Brian Hoyer says that last year’s torn ACL isn’t going to hold him back in a quarterback competition against whoever the Browns bring in to face off against him and the team is reportedly starting the process of finding that player on Monday.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr will hold a private workout with the team on Monday. Carr is the first of this year’s draft prospects to work out for the Browns, who have raised some eyebrows by passing on pro day workouts and combine interviews with the top prospects.

Any cost associated with missing those opportunities is mitigated by the time the Browns will have to visit with Carr, Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater and any one else they want to meet with before draft day rolls around. Even before the meeting, Browns coach Mike Pettine knows he likes Carr’s arm.

“I think he’s the best natural thrower as far as arm strength and when you’re just looking at the guy, natural thrower, in the draft,” Pettine said. “(He’s) very physically gifted. And a lot of times it’s hard to bet against the family history as well. You’re talking about like a Jake Matthews that it’s the old ‘don’t bet against the genetics.’ I think he certainly falls into that category as well.”

Carr’s name hasn’t been mentioned in relation to the top picks in the draft as often as some of the other prospects, but the Browns have a slew of picks beyond the fourth overall selection and could use them to maneuver into position for Carr even if they opt to go in another direction with their top choice.

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  1. With pick 4 of the draft, you need to get a playmaker to go with Gordon. Carr will still be there floating around when you get to the bottom portion of round 1, which is exactly where he should be drafted anyway.

    Hopefully they don’t handle their two first rounders this season like they did with Richardson and Weeden.

  2. Browns are doing a good job in my opinion. Are they lighting up the headlines….no. They dont need to.

    Wise choices in the draft could position them very ncely. Carr is a good look. I wont profess to know where they stand…nobody from the front office has called for my opinion. But I like Carr over any of the big three. I like Watkins at 4…but who doesnt like this guy. Khalil Mack is interesting. Clowney will likely be gone and he isnt a great fit with the resources we already have. We need a solid #2 reciever to compliment Gordon and Hawkins. We need a great inside linebacker to stand with Dansby. We need a shut down corner to play across from Haden and let Skrine work the nickel. A good solid running back to compliment Ben Tate. A good right tackle lets Mitch Schwartz move to guard. Resign Alex Mack.

    Depth is an issue, and why I think that even with this draft and our ten picks we can contend but I honestly we will improve but still be a year away.

    The Bowns will definitely surprise this year.

    Laugh while you can. Cleveland is on it’s way to the factory of Gladness.

    GO BROWNS!!!

  3. Any decision the Browns made in the past is in the past and absolutely none of those decision-makers exist any longer, so I wouldn’t base any anticipated moves on what’s happened before.

    That said, last year’s off-season was a disaster and we ended up with Mingo and little else from the draft. Clearly, Banner had to go.

    I’m not sure any of the available QBs are pick 4 material, though obviously they expect No. 4 money. That said, take Robinson if you can, or Mike Evans. We need to address offense FIRST this year, after virtually ignoring that side of the ball last year. We all saw how well that turned out.

  4. Would like to see them get Robinson at 4 . Watkins would be my second choice . Then go for QB and DB with the next 2 picks and finish off with OG and LB.
    I still think they could get a veteran WR in free agency if we dont get Watkins.

  5. Best accuracy in short, mid and long range throws and sound fundamentals among all draftable qbs. Willing to showcase talent despite potential criticism at Senior Bowl and Combine. Not a prima donna like RGIII, Geno Smith or Johnny Football.

    If Carr can learn to read defenses and put in the work ethic similar to Brady, Peyton and Brees, the sky’s the limit.

  6. Carr will not be availiable at the 26th pick…In fact he could go alot higher then alot of ppl think….might even jump one or two of the big three Manziel, Bortles , or Bridgewater..Watkins & Clowney will both be gone before #4.. If the Browns think this guys got what it takes , take him with the fourth pick… don’t play around! Don’t worry about what Joe Schmo’s draft board says…….. The guy looks physically solid, tall, strong arm, good leader, great production, ran great at the combine in 4. 57 ish… I’d take him, address the other positions starting at #26

  7. Josh: He may be visiting the Browns but he’s not allowed to work out there. According to NFL rules, he can only work out for them in either Fresno or Bakersfield (his home town).

  8. Please, no. Please don’t sgn this noodle-armed QB that will only be average in the NFL as a first round pick or at all. My Browns need someone who can throw a ball with enough of a spiral good enough to cut through the winds of Cleveland in November and December. Watch his highlights and all of his balls flutter, we don’t have the time to waste on yet another QB disappointment in Cleveland. I was angry 2 years ago when we got Weeden instead of drafting an offensive lineman (who would have still been here).

    Please don’t let the Browns draft Carr or Manziel, or Bortles for that matter. IMO, all three have bust written all over them.

  9. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see WR Watkins wearing brown but, I’d love to see a big-bodied WR (Evans, Benjamin) to handled the mid-field while WR Gordon spreads them out, WR Hawkins in the slot, and TE Jordan handling the quick dink & dunks. (Will WR Travis Benjamin be ready to come back?)

    Which means, get QB Carr at #4 (or maybe trade down some and still get him), get WR Evans/Benjamin at #26, take RB Hyde at #36, and still pick up a project QB in the 3/4 round.

    Or, we could draft LB Mack or LB Mosley at #4 (3-4 defense), a big WR at #26, and the best QB left at #36, followed by a RB and filling holes.

    CB Robley (OSU) was a bit of a disappointment this last year but he was still a nasty hitter. Would he still be available in the second round or later? I would love to see him opposite of CB Haden.

    I’m disappointed that we didn’t get more help for the O-line via FA.

  10. if he is better than his bro sure, but in fairness Carr was never the same again after his rookie year. 76 sacks and countless hits ouch…

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