DeSean Jackson won’t come cheap

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Any NFL team hoping that free agent receiver DeSean Jackson will be willing to sign a “prove it” contract may come away disappointed.

In fact, Jackson is seeking a deal that will pay him in the $9 million to $10 million a year range, a source tells Chris Russell of ESPN 980.

It’s not surprising that Jackson would want that kind of money. After all, before the Eagles released him he was due to make $10.5 million in Philadelphia this season — and early in the offseason he hinted that he wanted a raise.

No team was willing to give up a draft pick for the privilege of paying Jackson $10.5 million this year, but that doesn’t mean no team will pay him $9 million or $10 million. There are questions about Jackson off the field, but there’s no question that he’s one of the best playmakers in the NFL with the ball in his hands. Some team might decide that he’s the missing piece in its offense and pay him significant money.

And if that offer doesn’t come, it may be a while before Jackson signs.

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  1. Not sure why the Eagles got heat for releasing him, he was already @10.5 and wanted more.. look at his stats and team attitude a couple years ago when he was playing and unhappy with his pay

  2. Unless gang ties truly exist there is no reason for him to take a pay-cut. But when a team that runs an offense like the Eagles decides they don’t need one of their 2 best players you gotta think they have the dirt on him.

  3. There are some great receivers in the draft this year. I believe Mesean won’t get a deal until after the draft by a team that didn’t do too well drafting a receiver. $9 – $10 is way too much for Mesean with the other talent available.

  4. Oh and Philadelphia Eagles, you listening? Good, yall MESSED UP! When yall let go of this man you just lost the ability to keep the defense’s safeties out the box! How do you think yall stretch run will work everytime if theres a dang rover crashing the strong side! Answer it won’t! SMH chip KELLY! SMH!

  5. What a clown. Unless the Redskins jump in and throw around ‘ridiculous’ money, he’ll sit around until June when he realizes $6 – $7 Million is still a BOATLOAD of money for catching the ball on about 1/6 of the plays an offense may run each game. INSANE.

  6. There could be some teams that don’t get a WR in the draft that they were hoping for, or there’s these things called last minute injuries that tend to happen. If he doesn’t get the right offer then he should show patience until somebody is ready to feel privileged.

  7. If he leaves redskins with no contract, then the Raiders just benefited big time…


  8. Just saw his latest Instagram selfie of himself on a plane. Probably done with his meeting in DC and going home or to Oakland to see if their offer is better. If he signed today would probably posted it on instagram. HTTR!

  9. Uhhh you might want to rethink posting anything Russell reports. A few weeks ago, our very own Redskins “Outsider”/Never saw a Re-Scoop he didn’t like, was so positive that D Jackson was not coming here that he publicly announced on the air he would quit if the Skins signed Jackson. Lately, he has been on a serious smear campaign. Some could care less about Jackson playing but hope he signs for other reasons.

  10. Raiders have the deepest pockets and the GM and coach need to make a lot of noise this year or they’re toast…..this dude HAS to end up in a Raiders uniform

  11. All questions will be answered by tomorrow morning when DJax signs with Washington. Washington will pay him, but more importantly, Washington is the only interested team that can give him what he wants more than money; a chance to play the Eagles twice a year.


  12. The Pats are out of the running. We don’t want selfish players on our roster. That goes against the Patriot Way. Desean will go to either Washington or the Raiders.

  13. I wouldn’t take a drastic pay cut either! Organizations never stay true to their contract i Don’t blame him cash in while u can

  14. And, if he doesn’t get the payday he thinks he deserves, will we see driveway push-ups?

  15. There are so many layers to this. Yeah, he can be a total punk on and off the field at times. Yes he can be a headache. But people overlook all of the good that he did in the community while he was in philly. The media reports on his instagram, but how about the pictures that he posts of him spending time with youth, And Trying To Help out? Don’t judge a man by his best accomplishment, or his worst mistake. The real desean is somewhere in the middle.

  16. His ability is worth what he was making (not the raise he was asking for), but with the drama he brings why would any team bother?

  17. If he’s one of the best playmakers in the NFL, please tell me why not one single team was willing to trade one measly draft pick for him?

  18. Saints offered him a 2 yr deal worth up to 7 million dollars with an opportunity to be great and make bank somewhere else after. He said not enough so mickey offered pelican season tickets in section 331. Both parties agreed to walk.

  19. No thanks. There is only one Receiver worth that type of money, that’s Calvin Johnson.
    DeSean Jackson is a very good Receiver, one that can take it to the house on any given play, but for the most part goes down upon first touch. If he has open field, then watch out… But, how many times do you see a player get that? Not often.

  20. Stop it. No one is going to pay him 10 mil. If anyone wanted him for that he wouldn’t have been released. He’d probably still be an Eagle if he made 4-6 mil/yr, which is where I think he lands this year.

  21. There’s a reason only teams like the Raiders, Bills, and Redskins are chasing him. Decent teams know better than to throw this kind of money at a guy with questionable work ethic who was clearly not liked by teammates in his own locker room.

  22. Desean needs to sit down somewhere…Keenan Lewis shut him out in the playoffs and he has the nerve to demand 9-10M per year, child please!! He is a one-trick pony and not in the same category as Larry Fitz and Calvin Johnson who are dominant game changers

  23. The only way that Jackson gets $10MM/yr is if its in a heavily incentive laden deal. Something like a $2MM base and $8MM in a combination of games on the 46 man roster and offensive snaps.

    If he can play 14-16 games had produce over 1200 yds of receptions then he should get his money. But what he shouldn’t expect is that kind of money up front.

  24. Bottom line is that he will end up with a team with a horrible personnel department. No one will pay a gangster that much and HOPE that he shows up on gameday and not be in prison.

  25. one got shot and he is done for the game. even if it doesn’t knock him out of gm. it rattles him and causes him to disengage.

  26. I commented a couple of days ago that it sounded bogus that Seattle was reported as one of the “interested” teams simply because they would not offer nearly as much money as another team, and also would likely want to do a “prove it” contract with DeSean.

    This article pretty-much confirms it.

  27. Wherever he goes it will need to be a team with either a mobile QB or a team with a great Offensive Line that will let him maximize his strength which is getting deep. Other than that,he’s a waste in any offense. He can’t play the slot or go over the middle and he’s not going to help you blocking in the run game. The bulk of his numbers came in four games last year,other than that he was far from the Pro Bowl Caliber Receiver some have made him out to be. Paying him anywhere in the 9-10 million ranges laughable.

  28. The clock is ticking Dan, its almost 1:30 on the east coast and you still havent signed him. Remember, the Raiders will be on the clock soon…tick, tick, tick

  29. that photo of djax on a plane is flying to see the skins as his workout and medical clearance is for 4pm into tuesday afternoon. so if he signs it wont be til tomo afternoon

  30. San Fran, the Skins, KC are all out. Crips won’t let Jackson sign with a team that wears red.

    Which is why if he wanted to play for my Giants, I’d be cool with it.

  31. When D-Jax feels he is underpaid watch-out, it will be alligator arm time and he quits trying on the field.

  32. If he’s sticking to 9 -10 million a year then I REALLY hope the Redskins stay the course we’ve been on this offseason and let some other team pay him.

  33. I agree about the heavily incentive-laden contract. That would be the only sane way forward. I don’t think the Skins can afford to anything above a guaranteed $5M hit against the salary cap. The problem is getting Jackson to agree to not likely to be earned incentives that won’t count against the cap.

  34. Desean Jackson takes plays off, he misses meetings, he’s not professional, he makes too much money, he wants a raise, he is concussion prone, he makes bone headed plays costing penalties, he doesn’t block well, he doesn’t catch passes over the middle, he still wants “street cred” at 27, hangs out with losers, is a bad locker guy, we could go on, this is a brilliant move. In Chip Kelly we trust!

  35. Funny how this guy is supposed to be such a bad citizen, although Ive never read anything but rumors about him. But, Ray Lewis is questioned in a murder, Jamal Lewis is questioned in dealing Cocaine, Mike Vick served time in a Federal Prison and everyone is ok with that..

  36. This guy is a world class talent.

    Never in history has the NFL seen a guy better at dropping the football before crossing the goal line.

    And, he did it with STYLE!

    The league needs more guys like this.

  37. i was one of the twitter followers pushing HARD for #DJaxToOakland, however not for 10 Mil a year and if anyone has paid attention to what our GM has done since he’s been here, hes not going to overpay

  38. Wow! They are really underestimating the job the eagles did on this guys image walking out the door. Bad group of guys running that team . He’ll get a one yr deal. It will be an incentive laden contract with all kinds of fun conduct stipulations in it. About 5 million with escalators up to 9-10 million.

  39. I’m one of those lobbying hard for Jackson to go to the Raiders, but in NO WAY would I pay him 9mil….7, maybe.

  40. Why does everyone say Snyder will overpay for him? Skins are only 7 mil under the cap. Am I missing something here?

  41. Actually my post re djax on instagram on the plane maybe heading to Oakland was wrong. He did post that picture but according to reports he’ll be in DC til Tuesday for “medical work”. Guess that means a physical? Looking better for the Skins every minute. DJAX2DC!

  42. He’ll be a ram. Mark my words. Fisher doesn’t mind taking on players with attitude problems. This way they can draft a tackle instead of Watkins.

    Heard it here first….

    Go vikes!!!

  43. Guys like TO and Chad Johnson still had a couple years left in the tank, yet no team touched them. Teams are becoming less and less willing to deal with these prima donna receivers and all their baggage. Hence the Eagles cutting DeSean outright in the prime of his career. If he gets the money he’s looking for, it will come from a team that is a non contender. Even if he gets one of those deals, he still needs to grow up or he’ll be going through this same situation in another year or two.

  44. Only an idiot would pay him that. He is unemployed. Redskins hold the leverage if you ask me. They have the roster spot. League minimum with big incentives and good conduct language included

  45. decker got 5 years 36.5, 15 guaranteed. based on that desean should get 8-9/year.

  46. Paging Lovie and Licht..

    You have a fatherly/mentor type coach in place who can deal with the off field drama. Bucs still have cap space. Hell, Vincent Jackson is making $11 mil per year. Try and restructure him to the tune of $8-9 mil, pay Desean roughly the same and the Bucs receiving corps just got a whole lot scarier.

  47. Skins get him and tear up the NFC east just like they did in 2012……However you know the Dallas Cowboys will be picked to win the division,just like ever year

  48. If NFL isn’t paying HBs I don’t see why shouldn’t a number 1 receiver and excellent return man make 10 million per year.

    Fans online think nobody is worth cent.

  49. Lets see, prima donna, alligator arms, a stiff breeze away from his next concussion, won’t go across the middle, doesn’t always play hard, teammates publicly say they can’t stand his attitude, I can’t see why teams aren’t lining up to overpay this windbag.

  50. 15-17 million range for this future Raider. Worth every million. Do it Reggie, before Washington pays him.

  51. Put lots of incentives in his contract. Make him work for his money. I’d like to see the Raiders sign him, but don’t throw away money for nothing.

  52. DJax and his agent are are going to be disappointed. The longer he waits, the more the likelihood he’ll sign for 4-5m/yr. Not even the raiders, in their right minds will pay him 8m-10m/yr.

  53. I am a Patriots fan but it is really pathetic when one of our fans talks trash about what our organization will or won’t do (like that individual has a say in the decision). See the collective “we” above. Personally, I am just a fan who admires what Kraft, Belichick, Brady, et al do and realize I have no ownership or participation directly in what they do other than rooting for them.

  54. Asking for $9+ million on a one year deal, that automatically takes the 49ers, Seahawks, Patriots out. Only teams that have enough salary cap to do that is the Jets, Browns or Raiders.

  55. If the Raiders end up signing him, and they have an opportunity to draft Sammy Watkins, do they do so? Or, do they take Mack, or trade down for additional picks?

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