Dolphins expect “nice development” from Dion Jordan

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In February, there were reports that the Dolphins were floating defensive end Dion Jordan’s name in trade talks with other teams.

The Dolphins moved quickly to deny that they had any interest in trading the third overall pick of the 2013 draft a year after trading up to secure his rights and coach Joe Philbin repeated that denial more recently. Philbin said that Jordan is very much part of the team’s plans and that they are expecting a “significant jump” for Jordan heading into his second season.

“We think once we get him acclimated better to the position he’s playing, we give him more [repetitions], quality reps that he really didn’t have last year, he’s going to make nice development,” Philbin said, via Chris Perkins of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

One reason to expect noticeable growth this offseason is that Jordan was unable to participate in much of last year’s offseason activities. He had shoulder surgery before the draft and Oregon’s academic schedule meant that Jordan was barred from most of Miami’s OTAs by league rules. That left Jordan to play a more limited role, about 20 snaps per game, on defense as a rookie than anticipated.

There are no such obstacles this year, leaving the Dolphins with reason to believe they’ll get more from Jordan in Year Two.

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  1. I think it’s a mistake to restrict him to playing defensive end. He’s got great potential as a pass rusher, sure, but he’s also a rare talent when it comes to working in space and covering (and graded out very positively in coverage last year by PFF if you’re into that sort of thing).

    Cam Wake is an all-pro and Vernon put up 11.5 sacks last year. They should keep them at the ends and have Jordan playing WILL. Moving Vernon inside and having Jordan take his spot is a good move on passing downs though.

  2. He is going to be fine. He added 13 lbs to his giant frame and is faster than Jason Taylor. I think he is more like a younger Julius Peppers.

  3. Amazing to me that in this day and age you trade up to the 3rd overall pick for a developmental player.

  4. guy can play, did a good job with putting pressure on the qb’s when he was in, he was the reason for flacco and ryan throwing the int’s at the end of the games for the dolphins to have a chance to win, also was able to run down cam for a sack and also did a great job with gronk on covering him. he is going to be a good piece to a defense that could possibly be a top 5 next year.

  5. Amazing to me that in this day and age you trade up to the 3rd overall pick for a developmental player.

    the dolphins are deep at the position he plays so yea and his was kinda hurt also.

  6. Miami won’t trade him there would be a huge cap hit. Imagine if Ireland took lane Johnson, he might still have a job.

  7. This is a common mistake made with draft busts.. “oh lets give him one more year” he was playing the wrong position, he had the wrong coach, he had a bad pinky all year, and and and NO. he’s a bust. You missed.

  8. Have to love the revisionist history on here. When the trade of licks happened last year, it was correctly considered by just about everybody to be an excellent value for Miami.

    Secondly, Johnson was not considered to be a prototypical left tackle. Just a heck of an athlete for his size and the potential to be a very good offensive lineman. Jordan because of his size,
    speed, and ability to drop in coverage, was considered to have a lot more potential and a much higher ceiling.

    High caliber offensive lineman are in the draft every year. Guys like Jordan who have been compared to the likes of Jason Taylor and Julius Peppers, are simply not.

    And there is no doubt in my mind that Chip Kelly would have taken him at #4, had Miami not picked him at 3. He will play more this year and show why he was a smart move for Miami.

  9. Ireland made plenty of bad decisions, but it’s a little unfair to label Jordan a bust at this point. He has all of the physical tools to be the next Jason Taylor, and the tackle (Johnson) that everyone was clamoring for didn’t look much better last year.

    Jordan joined the team late and found himself behind an All-Pro (Wake) and an up and coming beast (Vernon) on the depth chart. No shame in that. Wake isn’t a young guy either; if Jordan develops like Vernon did we’re looking good no matter when Wake chooses to hang them up.

    The only thing that concerns me a little is the talk about Jordan having a bad work ethic – but his college coach knows him better than anyone else and he was planning to grab him at #4 so I don’t put much stock in that.

    Give him a couple of years and then you can talk about how bad he is…

  10. I deeply suspect that Philban–either consciously or not–had an aversion to playing Ireland’s rookies. He wanted Ireland gone, and he wasn’t going to save his job by having Jordan blow up.

    Now that Ireland’s gone, I hope we see much more aggressive use of Jordan, Sims, Taylor and Jelani Jenkins.

  11. C’mon people…limited action last year showed off his potential. Expanded action this year will multiply his production. Let’s look at him outside the “draft status” vacuum – he’s a talented player with a high ceiling, and has already shown production. Looking forward to seeing what he can do in 2014!

  12. Regardless of what people think, he has no excuses now.

    Added weight, no health issues after surgery, plenty of time to understand, study and know the defensive system.

    No excuses this year.
    Perform or be known as a bust.

  13. There are a lot of things that I dislike about Joe Philbin and I would prefer a different coach. However, what ever it might be, he has done well with the rookies drafted in the past two years. Dion Jordan didn’t play a lot last year, but Olivier Vernon hardly played the year before. Same with Lamar Miller. Egnew found a role last year. Jamar Taylor is in the same boat as Dion Jordan this year. I expect huge things out of those two, especially Jordan.

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