Fever delays Jim Kelly’s chemotherapy

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Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly’s cancer treatment will be delayed by a week.

As explained by Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, a fever has prevented the chemotherapy from commencing.

He’s had a couple setbacks,” Kelly’s brother, Dan, told Graham.  “It’s always this or that.  We have to make sure Jim doesn’t get sick leading into this.”

Seven weeks of chemotherapy and radiation will begin next Monday.  The goal will be to shrink numerous small tumors located in areas that make surgery impossible, for now.

The good news is that doctors have gotten Kelly’s migraines under control.

“They have his pain pretty much under control, and that’s been hurting all of us, just seeing him in so much pain,” Dan Kelly said.  “They have some of the best pain-management doctors here I’ve ever seen.  Jim is comfortable now, and that’s the most important thing.”

We continue to extend our best wishes to Kelly and his family.

27 responses to “Fever delays Jim Kelly’s chemotherapy

  1. I understand that death is a part of life, but nobody should have to go through what Kelly and everybody that cares about him are going through. Here’s hoping for the best!

  2. This Bucs and NFL fan wishes the best health for Jim and his family so that treatments can begin and be successful. Not sure if he was a tobacco user or just bad luck but I think he’s been through enough as it is. His competitive nature and failure to quit deserve the utmost respect and admiration.

  3. Anyone who’s ever been touched by this disease in any way know how terrible it is for all involved. I speak for many when I say, we’re all hoping for the best possible outcome here.

  4. Thank you Mr. Kelly from a lifelong fan of the NFL, for all the great times watching you with the Bills. Good luck to you.

  5. Jim never wanted to come to Buffalo, everybody knows that, but now 30 years later,Jim Kelly embodies what it means to be from Buffalo.
    Many of you are haters, and we are cool with that. you either don’t know or are to shallow to see what Buffalo has.
    You can knock us because “there are no jobs, nothing to do, there are no women” and whatever crap you can think of and none of it matters because frankly, we do not give a damn if you hate us, but in the meantime, if you are not a hater, then we welcome you with open arms…
    Jim Kelly, all Bills fans can safely say that you may not have been THE best player in team history, BUT you are THE MOST IMPORTANT player to ever where the red, white and blue.
    all of us in the 716 have your back sir, because that is what we do in WNY. We take care of our own (and those that are not our own) but you are definitely one of us. Get well brother, the 716 loves you…

  6. Numerous small tumors after primary treatment are called metastases. It is a very poor prognostic indicator.

    As a surgeon, I have dealt with and have been fighting my own personal war with cancer for years. With all due respect to the Kelly family, for whom I both sympathize and empathize, I believe we do no good in any way by dressing up what is going on.

    I never take away hope and strongly believe in the power of prayer as an adjunct to good medicine. But it seems to me that the couple of articles posted about Jim make this seem somewhat routine. He is fighting a battle he will most like lose. But how long he lasts is in the hands of G-d. And the courage and strength and class he wields in his fight is all Jim Kelly. I wish him the best of luck and my prayer for a sustained and successful recovery.

  7. Jim Kelly,you probably have no idea how many of us across the world are thinking of you and your family and praying for you. That should go a long way toward helping you to beat this. I’m sorry for the setback,but I’m glad your pain is under control. You deserve a break! Get well and don’t give up the fight!

  8. Fight like hell Jim! Just a stumbling block in life. You will fight, heal and move forward. Fight!

  9. Big respect and best wishes and prayers for one of the toughest football players of my lifetime, and for all his family.

  10. I can’t understand the downvoters for the well-wishes for Jim Kelly. Those people should re-consider their lives.

    I can only wish they never have to go through what cancer patients and their families have to go through.

  11. When Jim was talking to the Ravens about a comeback a few years ago the town was a buzz. Best to you and your family, Jim.

  12. The people who continue to thumbs down sincere well wishes; Hopefully they are just attention-seeking immature little kids or something.

  13. Sometimes you have to wonder how much one family–indeed, what one man–can withstand. Unless I am mistaken, the Kellys also have a child who was born with a serious disease/illness. Now this.
    We all become jaded about professional athletes over time and I am certainly in that boat, but here’s hoping Jim beats this monster, and soon. Good man, good family. They deserve so much better.

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