Giants bring Mike Patterson back again


The Giants took a chance on defensive tackle Mike Patterson, and now they’re giving him another one.

The veteran defensive tackle was brought back, the team announced, along with the previously reported deal for cornerback Zack Bowman.

Patterson’s perhaps best known for his seizure while with the Eagles in 2011, but he bounced back with the Giants last year and was a solid rotational player.

Hanging onto him gives them some depth up front, at a time when they’re re-working their defense at several levels.

10 responses to “Giants bring Mike Patterson back again

  1. Like the moves the Giants been making quietly. Just added Zach Bowman who is decent CB to add to their secondary with Walter Thurmond, DRC, Stevie Brown, and Rolle. Watch for the Giants at the end of the year.

  2. I don’t expect much from Bowman in the secondary, but he’s a standout on special teams, Patterson will be some much needed depth on the d-line as well

  3. Bowman will not be a starter on the secondary, but he will be money in special teams.

    A lot of these corner/safety guys that have the speed and know how to get after the football are exactly the kind of breed of special teams personnel the GMen need.

    Great move by Giants with Bowman today and with Patteson…solid depth at DT.

  4. Excellent signing by the Giants….good to have a second vet back on the interior D-line (with Cullen Jenkins) on the team. Like others have said…Bowman, and some of the other signings(specifically in the secondary) the giants made were to bolster their special teams. Its obvious who the Giants 2 outside corners and 1 slot corner are.

  5. Mike Patterson is a great guy and I wish him the best but “Watch for the Giants at the end of the year.” Really? With the Eagles leftovers of Patterson and Jenkins? Giants stink. You’re only good D lineman was disrespected and went to Oakland.

  6. funny how the Iggles fans criticize the Giants and make fun of Eli’s Interceptions on here. must be really difficult to be a fan of an NFL team that has NEVER won a damn thing.. lol I mean NEVER won a Super Bowl, yet feel compelled to criticize the TWO TIME Super Bowl MVP QB.. Maybe soon the Iggles will get to the place, maybe.. or maybe not,, LOL

  7. Hahaha Lamarrac, what exactly have the Eagles won? Giants stink? Two Super Bowls in the last 7 years says otherwise. Last year was a down year, filled with injuries, bad bounces, and a poor year from Easy E. The Giants have been plugging many holes and I expect a TE and a WR and more OL help in the draft. Giants will be contending for a division title!!

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