Haslam says Browns have a “big list” of private quarterback workouts

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When it comes to official interactions with quarterbacks in the 2014 rookie class, the Browns have given them all the same treatment.

They’ve snubbed them.

Privately, however, the Browns are doing plenty of homework on available quarterbacks. Owner Jimmy Haslam tells Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that the team has a “big list” of private quarterback workouts in the coming weeks.

Haslam also says he won’t accompany coach Mike Pettine and G.M. Ray Farmer to the private workouts, opting to defer to the experts.

It’s a smart move. While most owners are tempted to be involved in steering the ship they own, it makes far more sense for an owner to know what the owner doesn’t know — and to trust those who do.

No one knows at this point what the Browns will do at quarterback, but based on their current depth chart, it’s safe to say they’ll strongly consider drafting one with the fourth overall pick.

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  1. Yeah, because all these guys he hired (because they failed with other teams) are such expert judges of character. I mean, they’re all billionaires too, aren’t they?

  2. I don’t believe there is any rule that says you can’t use all of your pre-draft workouts on one position. Bring in 30 QBs all on the same day and have a big competition party!

  3. None of the top QB’s this year are worth the 4th pick. I’m hoping that’s why they don’t seem interested. Take a chance on a guy like McCarron or Aaron Murray much, much later in the draft.

  4. I’m assuming that Haslam is escaping the federal indictments that jammed everyone else in his company

  5. You forgot to mention that Haslam might have involvement in the Pilot Flying J rebate scandal.

  6. Hmmmmm…..letting others handle decision makIng….sounds like Pilot J business model….they screw up he claims ignorance…

  7. The factory of sadness is privately working out Brian Sipe, Tim Couch, Mike Phipps, and Todd Philcox.

  8. This is a weak QB class. They’re better off going BPA at 4 then looking at QB in the second round.

  9. I guess after the failure of Banner’s Stooges regime the Browns figure a bold departure from convention in off-season strategy couldn’t hurt. They’ve got nothing to lose by taking this approach to finding a franchise QB.

    And, yes, Haslam has legal troubles but can’t we just let that be and focus on the hope that the Browns’ fresh start will be successful?

  10. Haslam and Jerry Jones, only 2 owners who cannot resist to keep their trap shut on their teams personnel activity. Other owners don’t really do it, why do they have too?

  11. Haslam says Browns have a “big list” of private quarterback workouts= SMOKESCREEN…..

  12. I went over a complete list of the Browns’ first-round picks the other day. Since 1999, they’ve picked 16 guys in the first round. It’s too early to grade Mingo, but of the other 15, I classify 5 as good players and 10 as bad players. That’s pathetic. The media blames the Browns’ woes on their constant turnover, but they’re focusing on the symptom, not the disease. The disease is BAD DRAFTING. The bad drafting leads to losing, which leads to the constant reshuffling of the front office and coaching staff. If this team would just start drafting halfway decently, you’d see more winning, which would lead to less turnover. But if they keep spending first-round picks on guys like Brandon Weeden, the 4-12 seasons are just gonna keep on coming. And so will the yearly reboots.

  13. “… it makes far more sense for an owner to know what the owner doesn’t know — and to trust those who do.”

    I can’t make sense of this on its face, but believe I know what was being driven at.

  14. Well I just hope they do the right thing whatever that is.. I mean I don’t know, that’s the problem we only got to see Hoyer for 2 games our freaking luck. If we had him all year what a difference that would make. Pick a qb at 4 or wait anyway just please get it right but that’s not an easy thing to do so I’ll just say good luck and we’ll be watching. and hoping for the best.

  15. Of course they have a long list of workouts to do. You don’t think it’s possible to draft a QB every single year without working lots of guys out, do you?

  16. It makes little difference who the Browns draft or acquire as their next quarterback.

    Whoever it is will inexplicably lose all ability to throw an accurate pass then get injured within a few games after claiming the starting job.

    It is just a simple fact of life in Cleveland.

  17. I don’t get the “weak qb class” talk. Sure it isn’t 1983 but neither is any other year. There are 4 potentially really good qbs, up to seven if Guiton, Murray, or McCarron work out. That’s not bad. But really no one will know how good the draft was until three or four years later.

  18. Several of these QB’s look like they have the potential to be top notch starters. In Farmer we trust. It’s a new regime with a new outlook going forward.

  19. Does that mean that Brady Quinn is out of the picture? Or that Smelly Couch dude. Or that Jason Campbell character or that 63 year old 1st round pick from 2012? Wow… It never ends, it never ends. Colt McCoy answer your Motorola machine thang… it never ends. What a joke this Haslam guy is. Can he ever where a tie without Orange in it? Its ok to wear another color — Dude! That’s what REAL Owners do all the time. Go pump some gas and sell some Orange Trucker porn. Your real good at that.

  20. As a fan of the Browns, you have to like what you see in Haslam…..Such a big change from what we’re used to since expansion….He has passion and really wants to build a winner and be a part of it…. When Randy Lerner died and left the team to his son, we had ten years of basically an absentee owner…and ppl outside of cleveland piled on jokes and criticism to our fans and city that should have been directed at the Learners and the NfL….Now things are going to change and I hope all the haters & molesters are prepared to deal with it……Cleveland Rocks!

  21. Why knock this new regime ? Looks like Ray Farmer , has done an excellent job in the free agency ! Looking forward to his draft !
    In Ray Farmer we trust!
    The factory of GLADNESS !!!!

  22. I think everybody needs to get off Jimmy’s back he’s had more dedication to winning since the early years of Art Modell and I hope brian hoyer is not another Derek Andersonso let’s get behind them and and cheer them on brighter days are coming go browns

  23. “big list”. Lmao. Haslem is a clown, and so is this organization. Attending Derrek Carrs workout for what? He blows, all anyone needs to do is watch is horrible performance vs the only decent D he played all year v USC. He was awful.

    Somehow they will screw this up.

    Draft Watkins at 4. Draft McCarron in the 2nd or 3rd round wherever they can get him. Problem solved.

  24. There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    I hope some team gives this quarterback a try-out, even if it’s for third string…
    GM/Coach, sit down and talk to this guy…I think he can help…..

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