Jackson has no other visits lined up, yet

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While plenty of teams seem to be interested in free-agent receiver DeSean Jackson, he’s got only one visit on the docket so far.

Washington gets the first crack at signing the former Eagle.  If they don’t, Jackson then will regroup and then select a second destination.

The first destination could be the best place for DeSean to max out his compensation.  Washington needs weapons if it’s going to catch the Eagles.  The prospect of snagging Jackson away from the Eagles would go a long way toward making that happen.

Still, there’s a dance that goes along with negotiations of this nature, and it already has begun, with the Redskins perhaps leaking the idea that they won’t overpay for Jackson and/or that he wants at least $9 million per year, in order to slow down the presumption that the team will sign him.  In turn, Jackson’s camp may be leaking the notion that multiple “mystery teams” are in “deep negotiations” with Jackson, in order to create a greater sense of urgency in Washington.

With Jackson hoping to maximize his compensation and the Redskins hoping to acquire Jackson at minimal investment, it’s unknown whether a middle ground can be identified.  Before the high-stakes game of chess/checkers/chicken can fully ramp up, the Redskins need to decide that they want him.

That should include finding out why the Eagles don’t.

Here’s Rich Tandler of CSN Washington discussing the situation on Monday’s edition of PFT Live.

28 responses to “Jackson has no other visits lined up, yet

  1. He’ll only sign quick if he’s blown away by the deal and with that ego, even a Snider-esque (think Haynesworth-type) silly offer may not be enough.

    Says here we see MeSean updates – every other item in the daily news page – for 2 more weeks.

  2. Vincent, Trotter, Moore, Taylor, Dawkins, Buckhalter, Staley, Sheppard, Sheldon Brown, Owens, Douglas. All left the Eagles and only one earned a ring and he did that as a bench warmer in his 2nd year with Pittsburgh.

  3. Whose going to throw him the ball in Oakland and more importantly whose going to watch him on the west coast?

    Redskins can pay him, put him on TV, and most importantly give him the chance to stick Philly twice yearly.

  4. how can Washington snatch DJAX from the eagles if the eagles already cut him? This can only happen if the eagles wanted to keep him and the don’t or they wouldn’t have cut him. I do hope he stays in the NFC east bcuz he is a real good player bit the best of luck to him no matter where he ends up.
    ( a cowboys fan )

  5. A couple points in advance of your forthcoming compelling argument (I’m sure):

    1.) The offseason rehab video was originally slated to by Luck, Wilson & RG3 and was a different format. When RG3 got hurt Gatorade dropped the other two guys.

    2.) I have ZERO problem with him doing commercials and making as much money as possible on the side. Football isn’t forever and a bad hit can end a career – we saw it just last year (potentially) with Jermichael Finley.

    3.) Stop and think – do you actually dislike this guy or believe he is selfish because you don’t like the team, or because the media loves reporting every time he blows his nose? He doesn’t go out running after microphones to dish out drama. It’s quite the contrary.

  6. The RGme and MEsean references are a little lame. If you are going to be an idiot on the tread atleast be funny.

    Half you dudes are hippocrites. If you could get a raise from your job you would take it. If you could be endorsed by somebody you would jump at the chance. It’s not your money so why so much hate?

  7. From a football perspective, Desean would be a pretty solid addition to the Redskins offense as it would take some of the additional coverage off Garçon and also keep opposing defenses from stacking the box against Morris. He could open up the field a lot more for RG3 or Cousins and I think it would be an added dynamic that they’ve been missing for awhile.

    I would still be hesitant to bring him in. I know the gang thing hasn’t really affected his play on the field, but you really have to ask yourself why the Eagles would cut him in his prime and when he’s a perfect fit for the offense they run even if he constantly complains about his contract. I think they must have had a legitimate concern of seeing him led out of his house in handcuffs in an Aaron Hernadez-ish sort of way. Any team that signs him will need some way to protect their image and their team

  8. Just like a pre-nuptial agreement you set up a very lucrative deal in such a manner as to have risk all but eliminated. He can’t make “gang signs”, join or associate with known gang members, be prompt to assigned meetings, no morality violations…etc……He will sign if he is truly what he purports to be.

    As for talent/game changing……he has that. Sign him.

  9. I’ll admit RG3 had a crappy year last year (on and off the field) but let’s pause a minute before calling him a bust. In two years he has 36 touchdowns and 20 interceptions. Is that great? No! Have other QB’s had worse? Yes! I’m a Redskins fan, so maybe I’m not being overly impartial. I’ll give him a grade of incomplete so far in his career.

    That being said, he may have more to prove this year than any other player this coming season!

  10. Why does everyone think RG3 is such a diva? Yes he could use some maturing but he’s not a complete a-hole like Geno or Martin! Same thing with Richard Sherman. Wait 2-3 more years and then decide if RG3 is a bust or not. Not every QB can be Russell Wilson and win the super bowl right off the bat! Remember how bad Eli and Brees were at the beginning of their careers, and look at them now!

    I think getting DJax would greatly benefit the Skins offense and RG3. If (and that’s a big IF) the ST and defense don’t constantly blow the game away like they did last year, then the Redskins (cue the PC Police) can very well win the NFC East this year! #HTTR

  11. Please don’t sign him dc!!!

    That guy has killed us for years and I can’t stand him. Not exactly like when Snyder brought in neon Deion.

    I don’t want him….can’t root for our nemesis …..

  12. No way him and Gruden will gel!! I dont see him signing. Great player though,Speedy, Allusive and if he dont sig, then hope he gets out of our division. He has burnt us for a couple years!!!

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