Jared Allen wasn’t going to retire, just wasn’t going to cash checks


New Bears defensive end Jared Allen downplayed the notion that he might retire if he hadn’t gotten the right deal.

He just wasn’t going to play for a bad team.

“It was never my intent but my point was that if I was going to throw my cleats and pads on for a team that had no chance,” Allen said, via Master Tesfatsion of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “They’re rebuilding at this point in your career and you’re laying it all out there because I still feel like I’m the best at what I do. If not the (best), one of.

“There’s always a threshold that I had to excess and say, ‘Is it worth going below this?’ But that was kind of my process going through. It was never, ‘Oh, if I don’t get X amount of dollars, I’m walking away.’ That was never the case.”

Allen’s four-year deal with the Bears is worth up to $32 million, with $15.5 million the first two years. He had some interest from the Seahawks, but insisted the Bears weren’t far from contending.

“Absolutely this team is closer than people think,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong, Seattle is a great team and they have great parts. They’re also in a crazy good division where the Niners aren’t no joke out there either. But the Bears, I don’t know statistically what it is but just playing against them, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery are two of the top receivers you’re going to play against at that size. I know what it takes to prepare for this offense, and it [stinks].”

While everyone might not share his view of the Bears as a contender, their division does present fewer roadblocks. And if they can manage his snaps, he has shown a consistent production that should allow him to be a factor late in the year, if they are.

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  1. It’s always interesting to hear the opinion of an actual player because as a fan I have a hard time believing the Bears will be contending this year. At best they may be a wild card team but even then I don’t see it happening.

  2. As a fan of an AFC-based team, I can totally see the Bears making some noize this year. Cutler, Forte, Marshall and Jeffery — plus a decent OL. On defense, you have Houston, Allen, Briggs, an aging but still effective Peanut and some other key cogs.

    I can see Chicago doing fairly well in ’14.

  3. I’d you watch the bears closer then the average fan thinks. They had on wot the top rated offenses in the league and they were decimated by injuries on the defensive side. So annoying hearing the opinions if people that don’t watch the bears on weekly basis.

  4. Yeah, threatening retirement is just something you do when the team you were trying to shakedown, makes you option #2. Saying you are playing for a contender is what you say after the third best team in the NFC North signs you to a fat contract with a guaranteed deal. Good for him.

  5. So JA, like all Packer fans, know that the Vikings are a horrible football team destined for failure. Smart of him to successfully get out of the Land of 10000 Lakes (and 20000 excuses for having zero championships).

  6. If he says the Bears are close to being a championship team that’s ok with me, however, I don’t understand why a player near the end of his career wouldn’t sign with Hawks, Niners or Broncos, Pats, etc. if he wanted to earn a ring. It seems as these teams are closer to SB, doesn’t it? I am not a fan of any of these teams, and I have no dislike of the Bears, I like the NYG. Unless the money was much better, why not sign with one of the above four teams if an offer was made given his age? At any rate, I wish him well.

  7. And to think by the posts in here Minnesota is going to the Super Bowl. His wanting out had to sting.

  8. Bears’ offense is pretty tough, even though I don’t think they can trust Cutler to take them all the way. And they’re trying to fix the defense; should be pretty good this year.
    He has a better chance there than in the place he left, for sure.

  9. “But the Bears, I don’t know statistically what it is but just playing against them, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery are two of the top receivers you’re going to play against at that size. I know what it takes to prepare for this offense, and it [stinks].”

    So preparing for the Vikings will be easy?

  10. Of course, it’s all about winning.

    That’s why you signed with the Bears.

    ha ha ha ha ha

  11. Congrats! You are on the second best in the worst division in the NFC. Perhaps you get lucky and sneak into the playoffs as a wildcard. You will then get thumped by some NFCW or NFCS team. Good luck JA!

  12. Id say the cowboys are just as much a contender as the bears are. So why did he stay in the nfc north?. You would think jared would have wanted to be a cowboy down there in dallas! I could have totally pictured him in a dallas uniform with the star on the helmet roping the cattle! I just dont see marc trestmen taking the bears to the superbowl in the next 2-3 years, which is all jared has left.

  13. If he thinks the Bears have any chance of winning the Super with Jay Cutler, he is not smart enough to play for the Hawks. It was all about the money and I can’t blame him. It is a brutal game and you make as much as you can for as long as you can. But tell the truth – the Bears wanted you more and you took the best offer.

  14. Jared Allen knew he wouldn’t fit in Mike Zimmer’s defensive scheme and ultimately went where he got the most money from.

    This comment is just supposed to heat up the Vikings Bears rivalry and sounds like he’s still annoyed the Vikes didn’t resign him.

    Sour grapes buddy, sour grapes.

    The Vikings will win the NFC North next year, skol.

  15. When a player suits up every week for a team that perennially finds new and creative ways to lose, just about any other squad looks decent. Being in the same division and seeing the Bears twice a year, gave Jared a familiarity, that he felt comfortable with. Going halfway across the Country, to play in the strongest, meanest, nastiest division in the league, undoubtedly put some apprehensions in his head. His wife not liking the Emerald City, didn’t help matters any. Good luck with your new team.

  16. Your whole premise is shot because he wasn’t coming back even before Zimmer was hired but whats new.

  17. Ok well now I DO want the Vikings to beat the Bears. Or at least still finish ahead of them. Won’t be a very difficult task. Jared is now their best defensive player, and we made no attempt to bring him back.

    I like you Jared, but you’re crazy if you think the Bears are closer lol.

  18. So, you say you wanted to go to a contending team, then you signed with a team that didn’t even make the playoffs, instead of the Super Bowl champs.

    I am sure it had nothing to do with the money huh?

  19. The Bears absolutely have the parts to win it all. So does Green Bay. The scariest proposition of all is Detroit actually realizing they have the most talent in the division, and possibly in the league, and figuring out how to actually use it.

  20. “The Seahawks are a great team. With great parts.”

    We won the SuperBowl. I think it is more than just “great parts”.

  21. The Vikings defense sucked last year and were the reason for some losses. I like Jared, but the facts are. The defense he was on sucked. Unless it was the other guys fault, (And it wasn’t. Its a team sport) he’s just as much to blame. The Bears do have a good defense, but they are ageing as we are getting younger. And who won the SB last year? A younger defense. Good luck with that SB win. I think it would be funny when the Vikings at least get into the playoffs and leave the Bears at home watching. lol

  22. Jared Allen is one of those players that would never surprise you if he got 5 sacks in any single game.

    Well yes, he is Jared Allen, so why would you be surprised?

  23. Hah. Bears don’t have a chance next year. Their front seven are too soft. Jared seems a little old and janky to play in the toughest division in football in the NFC West. I can’t blame the guy. I think 28 year old Jared Allen would have loved playing out in the Wild West but 32 year old Jared Allen would just get his body and feelings hurt.

  24. Kinda funny when the defense he just played for lost at least 4 games in the final 2 mins of games. Also, he was very close to not having double digit sacks last year until the last few games. Picking the bears (a team that also missed the playoffs), over the defending champions is a head scratcher when you say it’s not about the money. Not that I think the Vikings will make much noise this year, but I would bet they finish ahead of Chicago. Good classy move Jared.

  25. Well, rodgers was out for 8 games last year. Maybe he’ll be out for 12 this year so the rest of the division has a chance. Better get on your knees and start prayin jared.

  26. The Bears always look good on paper. Jared Allen is an above-average pass rusher but he is on the downside of his career. I’m not sure I’d call him an upgrade over Julius Peppers. it is pretty well documented that Allen is terrible against the run, Adrian is going to have a field day (even more than usual) when the Vikes play the Bears.

    I’m sure Jared wants to win but it’s pretty ridiculous that is trying to say now that it’s the most important thing. He was talking to the Cowboys for god sake. It’s all about the money and that’s alright Jared just be honest about it.

  27. The division is for the Packers and anyone else after that, even with Rogers injured last year neither the Lions or Bears could take advantage. Rogers plays 16 games forget about it, on another note i dont remember the last time Cutler played a full season?

  28. Packers fans take note: Jared Allen believes that hard work wins games and that no one is entitled to championships.

  29. I look forward to watching the Bears sweep then vikings next year.

    Because if they don’t, well….

  30. Hey, the Vikes don’t have a realistic chance to win the Super Bowl this year, no denying that. Also, while the Bears are better, the Bears’ chances of winning a Super Bowl aren’t really all that much better. In the end, it is now clear that Allen’s decision was as much about the money as the chance to win.

  31. He called the Packers but they looked at the caller ID and let it ring. They knew Peppers would bring it and Allen would fade away.

  32. I don’t understand how so many non-Bears fans out there don’t even see the Bears as a wild card playoff team. They just about got into the playoffs last season with one of the worst run defenses in the league. How can anyone not think with the players they’ve signed and the players coming back from injuries that this defense won’t be vastly improved? We already know this offense can compete with the Packers & Rodgers. Yes I know the Lions have a lot of gifted players but I’m still not sure that team has the chemistry needed to get over the hump at this point. As for Seattle, San Fran, Philly, Carolina, etc. we’ll see how it shakes out. I just think a lot of people are writing off the Bears and maybe that’s a good thing because I think they’re going to surprise a lot of people. Cutler finally is in an offensive system that seems to get the best out of him and having two of the better WR’s helps a bit too along with a very productive RB. They have a very talented group of players and if the defense can find its way back it looks like this team could go a lot further than what people believe. Just my .02.

  33. Most Bears fans are stupid and I can say it, because many of them are in my family.

    The Bears would of made the playoff’s easily last season as the NFC North Division winner, if the defense could of just been bad, instead of the league’s worst.

    Couple of facts per the NFL website. The number one scoring offense last year was the Broncos, with 606 points scored. The number three offense last season was the Patriots, with 444 points scored.

    The BEARS had the number two scoring offense last season with 445 points scored.

    The BEARS Defense was the league’s worst against the run and third worst overall…478 points scored against. Only the Vikings gave it more points wise, with a total of 480.

  34. The Vikings as a team has a better chance to get to the SuperBowl in the next 3-4 years then Allen having double digits sack annually #Facts

  35. It’s all smiles now but Bears fans will be growling about this mistake before hibernation time.

    Is his third team the charm?

    How many former vikings have made contributions to the NFL with their new teams?

  36. …what is it with you lions fans talking about all this talent….I’m certainly not seeing it…..calvin johnson…yes…..the rest of the team…..not so much…

  37. bobnelsonjr says: Apr 1, 2014 4:02 PM

    “It’s all smiles now but Bears fans will be growling about this mistake before hibernation time.

    Is his third team the charm?”

    The charm for what? Being good? Or playing for a contender? Either way this year will be a yes.

    Sorry to disappoint you.

  38. Bottom line is he overplayed his hand with Denver, they called and he was left with a pair of 3s. But rather than leave the game with nothing he cashes in what is left of his chips and settles for Chicago.

  39. For those that watched the Vikings last season, Jared was having a very unimpressive year until late in the season. Teams were regularly neutralizing him with just the LT. Only a late season sack spurt against some bad teams with depleted lines pushed him over 10 sacks. The Vikings moved on from Allen because he no longer warranted the money he sought, not vise versa.

    Jared Allen was and is an awesome dude and the Bears are lucky to have him, but he is slowing down and ultimately joining the Bears was about the money. (Only the Raiders offered more). Jared will always give everything he has, but what he has left in the tank is very debatable.

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