Jets could be saving up for a run at Chris Johnson


The Jets — or perhaps it’s just General Manager John Idzik — have seemed reluctant to dive into the DeSean Jackson derby.

Maybe it’s because they’ve targeted another potential game-breaker.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network suggests the Jets may be saving their money for a run at soon-to-be-former Titans running back Chris Johnson.

The draw for a run-first head coach like Rex Ryan to add a player such as Johnson is reasonable, though the Jets are much deeper at running back than they are at wide receiver. That is also true of most positions on their roster.

Rapoport describes the Jets as having “some interest,” so it might not have traction.

But at a time when teams are lining up to run away from the mention of Johnson, having some interest might be enough.

13 responses to “Jets could be saving up for a run at Chris Johnson

  1. This makes no sense. As with every free agent, if there is a match in terms of their anticipated level of play, their locker room behaviour and their value then the Jets will be interested. If there isn’t then they won’t.

    They don’t need to ‘save up’ to sign a free agent RB. Have you seen the market?

  2. Im tired of people saying he might go to the Rams and all these teams who have running backs. I mean Zac Stacy wasnt bad at all. Maybe someone like the Jaguars or Giants could be in play? Possibly the Patriots after they lost LB.

  3. Please stop this, the GM has no stock in free agency already, how is this not clear. Idzik has been scouting all over the country, no way he or any other Jet personal care about Chris Johnson. The Jets are building through the draft, stop linking every free agent to them, it’s madness.

  4. I’d be ok with the Titans keeping him if he would cut his salary in half. He’s not getting more than that on the open market anyway. Well, you know what? Just cut him. He’s not even worth half.

  5. Why would the Jets want to bring a guy in on the down side of his career as to bringing in Jackson who is just in the beginning of his prime? Hopefully if they do its for the vet min. cuz hes no CJ2K anymore

  6. Saving up? He can be had for a one-year, $4M deal. Let’s not act like he’s is some Jimmy Graham-type game changer.

    If Idzik isn’t going after a headache like DeSean, why would he swing for a less-productive headache like Chris Johnson.

  7. The only time media should report interest by Jets is when there is a fully executed deal filed in the league office. True for any team really, but really true for the Jets.

    Please stop telling us why Player A or B would be a great fit through FA, because Idzik doesn’t believe in the FA way…To be honest, I’m not a huge believer in overpaying for talent based on past performance either…

  8. Coming from a Titans fan, as much as I would like to see CJ stay a Titan I believe the best situation right now is to release him. The damage by CJ and by the titans has gone to far to b repaired. Plus with the market for RB’s no one is gonna trade for him. Just release him already.

  9. They don’t NEED him! Get a pass-catching running back in the draft, if anything. CJ is done. We have more pressing needs than a running back. I understand; Rex wants to return to 2008 and 2009, where the run game and defense were top-tier. He think that will get him into the playoffs and save his job. I get it. But CJ is not the guy. Go through the draft. If DeSean checks out, try to acquire him. We needs help at WR and a TE would be good, too.

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