Jets have had eye on running back market all offseason


That the Jets might be interested in Chris Johnson shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise.

As it turns out, they’ve been looking for help all offseason.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, the Jets made a run at Colts free agent Donald Brown before he signed with the Chargers. He described Brown, a New Jersey native, as their “top choice.”

The Jets also inquired about Maurice Jones-Drew before he signed with the Raiders.

That level of interest in Brown indicates that they are looking for a lead back, to go with the complementary guys on hand (Chris Ivory, Mike Goodson, Bilal Powell, etc.).

If that’s the case, going after Johnson would be consistent, and cost them much less than a run at a receiver such as DeSean Jackson.

16 responses to “Jets have had eye on running back market all offseason

  1. Pass on both CJ and DJax pls Idzik. Use your extra cap money to lock up Mohammed and other key linemen, you have a boatload of draft picks this year, to draft stud WR’s, CB early then RB later on all is good in Jetland.

  2. May sound crazy, but I think Johnson could work with Ryan’s coaching style. FWIW I really don’t care for the Jets.

  3. I was ready to give Idzik way too much credit for the Seattle ascension. So far, he has not shown me alot to justify that belief.

    Geno and Vick need weapons and both Jackson and Johnson fit that bill. With the deliberate damage done to DJax, teams are running away from him, but you would expect a team with winning aspirations to grab him fast.

    All that gang stuff is worse than the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Nothing connects Desean to gang membership, but old neighborhood associations and rampant speculation. Apparently that’s all it takes to damage a man’s livelihood. Because there is nothing new from the Eagles, it can be said that the reason is all financial and maybe personal with Chip. But there is absolutely nothing new the Eagles didn’t know about the gang rumors.

    The Jets can continue to act like the smart guy in the room (like Dave Gettleman) and continue to lose or they can sign some playmakers.

  4. Go back and review Rex’s comments about CJ after the last few Titans/Jets games and you’ll know all you need to about what he thinks about this guy. CJ has had some of the best runs of his career against Ryan’s Jets D, including a franchise record 95 yards up the middle. New York would be an ideal spot for CJ and he is the kind of explosive every down RB the team needs.

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