Kenny Britt joins the Rams on one-year contract

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Kenny Britt and Jeff Fisher will reunite in St. Louis.

Britt, the free agent wide receiver who has played his entire five-year career in Tennessee, has agreed to a contract with the Rams, a league source tells PFT. It’s a one-year contract with a $1.4 million base salary, a guarantee of $550,000 and up to $2.9 million with incentives.

Fisher, the Rams’ head coach, was the head coach of the Titans when they selected Britt in the first round of the 2009 NFL draft, and coached Britt for two years. Britt has had his share of off-field problems, but Fisher clearly believes that Britt’s talent outweighs those concerns.

Last season the Titans largely phased Britt out of their offense, and he caught just 11 passes for 96 yards. But Britt had more than 700 receiving yards in both of his seasons playing for Fisher, and the Rams would love to see Britt provide that kind of production again.

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  1. And who’s going to throw to him? Face it Rams fans, you lost the RGIII trade because you will never be able to have a QB as electrifying and incredible as Grffin! The road to a Redskins Dynasty continues tommorow when we sign DeSean Jackson. #BurgundyandGoldStandard

  2. Rams have done nothing with the additional picks from the Rg3 trade. More top ten picks then the rest of the nfc west, and continuously in last place.

  3. Teams reaching into the free agent barrel at this point have to get way down and dig through the muck at the bottom. You can find something but you have to hold your nose and wash your hand thoroughly afterwards.

  4. It’s called rebuilding. They recently got a new coaching staff and turned over half the roster…and they have accumulated some darn nice prospects with loads of skill.

    And I don’t even like the Rams.

    However, I must thank them on behalf of the Bills for giving us EJ Manuel, Kiko Alonso and Marquise Goodwin…simply for Tavon Austin…who they might even end up with a better version in Desean Jackson.

    I hope the Rams are open for business again. But I honestly like their young talent.

  5. Sorry, on a second note…this is stupid for the Rams. They have spent relatively high draft picks on young WR’s who clearly have talent, they just need playing time.

    Get Tavon Austin, Chris Givens, Brian Quick, Stedman Bailey and Austin Pettis out on the field and get working with them…I truly like EVERY ONE of them, as it’s a perfect mix of everything you need in a WR corps…size, speed/explosiveness/quickness/agility/acceleration, hands, route running, ability to get off a jam/press at the line…deep threats, across the middle receivers…they have a group with it all.

    It’s time to start using them, whom are all under the age of 25…and not a washed-up Kenny Britt who has nothing in his knees.

  6. why reply to him?

    Bottom line on Britt, he has Dez Bryant type talent and showed it for about 3 games in his career. Guy needs his head to be screwed on straight if so he is a steal.

  7. Probably a good place for Britt considering that he will have Fisher on his side. He will get opportunities and should have all the motivation in the world since it is just a one year deal.

  8. Fisher may be the only coach that can get this kid on the right track.

    – Titans Fan

  9. It’s weird Britt is the same age as Demaryius Thomas, AJ Green and Dez Bryant and it seems like he’s already past his prime. Heck, he’s a year younger than Eric Decker. Not a bad gamble on a guy who theoretically should have some good years left still if the knees aren’t done.

  10. This dude was averaging almost a hundred yards a game before he got hurt in 2011. Rotoworld site says they haven’t seen number one material from him since 2010….

  11. 2 years of 700 yards in a tennessee offense that ran the ball alot britt may be done but my guess is if he shows anything it would still only mean 6 wr on club and if they draft a wr early pettis will get cut IMO

  12. Yeah flashed brilliance first 2 years with a terrible couple of QBs. Then year 3 started with a bang & he blew out his knee in week 3. Hasn’t been relatively close to anything special since. Always held out hope for him but his heart was never in it.

  13. Great signing, with the majority of the cash coming from incentives. I’m still hoping they pick Watkins not sold on quick or givens but we will see. After this draft they can make the next step and be a serious threat in the west

  14. Britt is a natural mega-talent. But, can he stay out of trouble and remain healthy all year? I hope so, because I love seeing him play. If he stays intact he is a 1,200 yard possibility.

  15. Based purely on prior stats, this guy brings no value. His downward slide shows no chance of halting. But my team (the rams) have sucked for a long time. So maybe these 2 sides can pick each other up. I mean what’s the worst that can happen? We’re a last place team. So we’ve got nothing to lose.

  16. I’m assuming the guaranteed 550,000 won’t keep the Rams from cutting Britt at the end of training camp if he proves he has nothing left in the tank. So I have absolutely no problem with this move.

  17. cortland finnegan dud
    cook dud
    britt dud

    mite as well bring chris johnson in while theyre at it.

  18. Great pick-up for the Rams. Was hoping the Hawks would have taken the high risk, high reward shot on Britt if the money was right. Pete gets a lot out of troubled souls. The NFC West is going to be a grudge match this year like none other.

  19. It doesn’t matter ….
    They STILL HAVE TO TAKE Sammy Watkins with their top pick

    they’d really be dumb not to
    Use the 2nd 1st round for an OT

    Hate to have to face Watkins twice a year,
    but I hope the Rams do it

  20. As a Titans fan, I’ve always liked the guy for some reason. Sure, he’s a headcase and a bit of a pothead, but he didn’t seem like a bad guy (plus he outscored Locker on the Wonderlic, which is all I needed to know about our QB). Unfortunately, our QB position in Nashville was pretty pitiful. For his sake, I hope he remakes himself in St. Louis and does well.

  21. Seems like a good value signing once again for the Rams. The receiver core is growing, and with the possible addition of a Sammy Watkins we will definitely see some receiver talent trimmed from the 53 man roster this fall.
    With that said, I do not believe receivers are the best way to transform the Rams from good to great this season. Solidifying the offensive line and secondary will make this team a problem for any other team in the league.
    With our first three picks I would welcome the names of Robinson, Matthews, Lewan, Watkins, Clowney, Clinton-Dix, Dennard, Gilbert, Ward and Joyner.
    After filling holes with these guys we have nine more picks to add depth at several positions.
    This is such a fun time to be a Rams fan.

  22. Coming from a Seahawk fan, this is a pretty good pickup for the Rams at that price. Never got back to form after the injury, but seems like it was more of a mental/attitude thing than it was a lack of physical capability. Maybe this prove it contract will bring some humility and motivate him. Will be interesting to see what the Rams do in the draft.

  23. maybe Fisher should bring in Vince Young and give him a tryout how about Albert Haynesworth while we’re at it. I guess Jeff Fisher is no longer law and order Jeff.

  24. I just cant help but think the Rams are going to suck as long as such a large portion of their cap space is tied up with Sam Bradford every year. Is this experiment going to last a decade? If it isn’t the “no weapons” defense it will be the offensive line. This guy just needs to go out there, play and leave no doubt that he isn’t a weakness on this squad because right now I am not sure he isn’t.

  25. What a major letdown KB that he had to settle to play for a turd team. He took his time because he was hoping teams like Seattle, SF and New England who needs a deep threat would eventually take him but they all passed. A team like New England who could desperately use a potential threat like Britt on the cheap too passed because owners like Robert Kraft have had enough of guys who have like 9 priors and expect to be given another chance in a great opportunity. Sorry Britt but you need to prove that you can be a good citizen when you’re playing for a crap team with a crap QB. You keep your head on straight and yo ass outta jail then maybe a real team next year will sign you for some real dough and a real chance to win. For now though you have to pay yo dues in the minors.

  26. Welcome to the NFC West, Mr. Britt.

    The defenses of Seattle, San Francisco, and Arizona are going to make you regret this signing.

    This dude is soft and brittle…no way in you know what he makes it through the entire season.

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