Mayock moves Manziel to the top of the quarterback list

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NFL personnel people generally say that Pro Day workouts don’t mean much. But they seem to mean a lot to the NFL draft evaluators in the media.

Foremost among those evaluators is Mike Mayock of NFL Network, who on the strength of Johnny Manziel’s strong Pro Day at Texas A&M and Teddy Bridgewater’s weak Pro Day at Louisville has re-arranged his quarterback rankings.

Mayock now has Manziel first, Central Florida’s Blake Bortles second and Bridgewater third. Before the Pro Days, Bridgewater was at the top of Mayock’s rankings.

Whether the Texans agree with Mayock’s assessment and plan to select Manziel with the first overall pick remains to be seen. If Manziel does go first overall, it will have more to do with his body of work on Saturdays in the fall than what he did at that much-hyped Pro Day.

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  1. Manziel is my #1 QB too. I just like what I see and hear and think this is the kind of guy I would want to work with if I had to pick a QB in the Top 10.

    But don’t discount the relevancy of the value QBs, there are QBs you can take in any of the 7 Rounds that are good choices for those respective later rounds. Even some UDFAs are going to be ripe for the top 1-2 that don’t even get selected.

  2. No matter the QB rankings.

    Every single quarterback in this draft wants to get drafted by the historic Minnesota Vikings who have been known for winning thus having more division titles than anyone else in the NFL.

    Plus he would have the best offensive talent in the NFL around him.

    There’s no better security blanket than handing it off to the best RB in the NFL and having single coverage around the field on play action plays.


  3. Can you even imagine Manziel running read option with Adrian Peterson in the back field?

    No matter who the defense tried to tackle, the other one would decimate the defense.

  4. Don’t have any idea on whether Manziel will succeed in the NFL, but Mayock must be on crack.

    The only QB in this draft ready to start on the NFL level is Teddy Bridgewater. He doesn’t look like Luck did coming out, but he looks capable of being a starter without development.

    Bortles, Carr, Manziel, Mettenberger should all sit for a year. Probably 2-3 of them won’t though.

  5. Oh, yeah, and Mayock should have told himself one of his own favorite saying:

    “The tape doesn’t lie.” It doesn’t.

    Manziel scrambles out of the pocket without completing his reads. He makes plays with his feet. He puts balls up for grabs that will be 40/40/20 receptions/picks/incomplete in the NFL, and he does it with regularity.

    Bridgewater made pre-snap adjustments at the line of scrimmage, reading the defense. While his deep ball accuracy is a bit questionable, take a look at his completion % and lack of INTs when forced to scramble. His game stats are incredible.

    It’s all moot anyway cause Teddy will be drafted with one of the top 4 draft picks. Excellent chance he’ll be taken #1 overall.

  6. All of yall and mush mouth Mayock sound dumb as hell…There’s only ONE true first round QB this year and his name is Teddy Ballgame Bridgewater. I would take Logan Thomas over ALL these other stiffs you’ve mentioned as well..Pathetic.

  7. Manziel will come to a team and make them want to play better, kind of like what Tebow did in Denver except Manziel can actually throw the ball. I’d much rather have the team with the terrible defense and good offense because its just more exciting to watch and this is why you skip over a guy like Clowney and take Johnny.

  8. Pro days can tell you one important thing: How does a player deal with a situation that has historically been labelled insignificant. Manziel proved he takes it seriously – he prepared, he executed, and found a way to make the best of a dull situation. That’s exactly what a coach wants. A guy who won’t take anything lightly…which is the equivalent of playing down to the competition. Bridgwater did not.

  9. Is Manziel better than Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brian Hoyer, Chad Henne or Matt Cassel ? Chances are he starts the season behind one of these guys. Getting poked with a broom is not even close to getting blitzed.

  10. Johnny wore pads because his is so small in the upper body…with just a T-shirt, dude would have looked pretty frail.

    However, I wouldn’t bet against this guy.

    NFL is funny. Prototypical QBs fail all the time, but when a small dude fails, all the negatives come out relatecto his size.

    Flutie was more successful than a ton of NFL QBs, but he had to take his talents north early in his career. Back in the day, JF would have never gotten a shot, now he could be the #1 pick.

  11. Manziel is Pat White 2.0, Mayock has lost credibility with me for this. Suddenly game tape means nothing?

  12. Yeah Johnny may be #1 on mayock”s NFL QB league, I put him #1 on my Pop Warner draft rankings. He Looked great at times in college, he won’t look so great when he faces the speed of NFL defenses. Manziel, reminds me too much of Brady Quinn coming out, alot of show not much go. Only time will tell, but I see many of the draft experts here, as well as Mayock (which I put as much stock in his opinion as anyone else here) have bought into the hype that is Johnny Pigskin.

  13. Forgetting what Mr. Wizard Mayock has to say, I heard Johnny did okay IN FULL GEAR on his pro day. Better than some who threw in tee shirts and jocks.

  14. Manziel was 6 years old when Brady got drafted, and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t evaluating qb’s at all.

  15. Manziel to me is a second rounder. Look at the tape from the Mississippi game. Throwing into double coverage (resulted in a INT at the goal line), uses his legs first before scanning the field and he misses open receivers. A number one pick at qb is about ready to start with a little seasoning. I just do not see him worth the risk.

  16. This QB class will surprise me if any of them have careers longer than 5 years unless they’re backups.

  17. As much as I love to watch the Air Raid offense not many quarterbacks are able to transition to the NFL from running that system in college.

  18. There isn’t a first round QB in this group…there are plenty of teams that will over-draft one this year just for need alone. The NFL needs QBs to go in the first round to ensure a great Draft Day, so “experts” are going to oversell the glamor positions.

  19. Bucs should pick BPA at 7, not of of the 3 Stooges (Manziel, Bortles, and Bridgewater).

    Can’t go wrong with Jake Mathews. Stud Tackles don’t just grow on trees. Mathews is the safest pick in the draft, and he is a major reason Johnny Football could do what he did.

  20. It’s simple. Manzel looked on his proday like a player that has been working at his craft and trying to improve, especially in his mechanics.
    Bridgewater looked like a guy that had to be there and didn’t want to be.

    There will be a lot of days they have to be there and I want the guy that wants to be there and is working to get better. That’s Manzel.

  21. “The best Pro Day that I’ve ever seen was JaMarcus Russell”

    -Mike Mayock

    Pro Days are absolutely meaningless. You’d think people would know that by now.

  22. Best known QB this year is the qb from San Jose State, Fayles.
    Hope he gets picked up by a team that take care of him.
    Mayock is nauseating .

  23. Real scouts pay no attention to pro days…I have respect for Mayock, but don’t know why he would change based on the pro day. It’s about the body of work. Not just one day.

  24. Texans will take Clowney.

    Manziel needs to go to a team with a strong offensive line, so he can complete his reads. Texans line is not strong, which will lead to scrambling. That’ll be exciting enough, until a 270lb linebacker knocks him into next season.

    As much of a fan as I am of college Johnny Manziel, professional JM may not make it.

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