Mike Zimmer on Manziel: There are some flags that come up


In Sunday morning’s one-liners, there was a link to Vikings coach Mike Zimmer talking about his feeling that Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel’s pro day workout last week was a “sideshow.”

Zimmer shared some more of his thoughts about Manziel during an appearance on 104.9 The Horn in Austin, Texas on Monday. Manziel met with the Vikings on Friday for a workout and a dinner and Zimmer said that he tried to get some information to clear up some “question marks” he had about whether Manziel was going to do what it takes to be a great player or if he wanted to be “the celebrity man guy.”

“We asked him all kinds of questions. … There are some flags that come up. All of the things that happened out in Los Angeles, the commercials and all that stuff; the position of quarterback in the NFL is such an important position and the reason these guys need to be a totally football-minded guy is the pressure of the position and being the face of an NFL team and doing everything right,” Zimmer said, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “That’s the thing you want to know about him — will he be into work early every single day? Will he be the last to leave? Will he be the guy that is working the hardest to get better?”

Zimmer cited Peyton Manning and Drew Brees when talking about the kind of focus — “eats, breaths, and sleeps football” — on the game that he wants to see from a quarterback and that the team has to figure out if Manziel will put in the same kind of time. There’s been a variety of opinions offered on that front since Manziel decided to enter the draft, but we don’t expect any teams to share their full opinion until Manziel’s name is called in May.

115 responses to “Mike Zimmer on Manziel: There are some flags that come up

  1. Then Zimmer realized he is better than any QB on his current Vikings roster. Do’hhhh!

  2. Are we supposed to believe anything any team says? We hear all offseason long that they are intentionally misleading us but all of a sudden we need to report every single word they utter as if it were gospel…

  3. He is a risk but I think he definitely is worth it. He is more of a conventional quarterback then Tim Tebow was so he should be able to transition to the NFL level.

  4. Zimmer’s worried that Manziel threw the ball too much in college and doesn’t know the proper hand-off technique.

  5. First I rarely believe anything a coach or gm says prior to the draft, no way they are going to tip their hand.

    In addition to that it’s not enough to be there early and last to leave if you don’t have talent. It sounds like CP is that character guy, and works hard, he just doesn’t have NFL talent. When you have a guy like this who without a question has the talent, that’s where a coach makes his money, you have to be able to reach him and get him to do the other things necessary to be successful.

  6. Zimmer taking the page right out of the Rick Speilman book of providing disinformation to deflect from your true intentions. I read this a Zimmer wanting the guy and sending a message to the 7 teams picking before the Vikings to make them just nervous enough not to pull the trigger on him so he lasts until the 8 spot. I’d personally rather see them try and get Carr if he falls to round 2. Johnny Football is Farve without the rocket arm to bail him out. Hence all the bad interceptions but without the record setting t.d.’s to balance it out.

  7. There are some flags on the Vikes QB situation lol. Good luck winning in that division

  8. Ya ponder showed up first and was last to leave…great pick Spielman! I’m done with the methods they are using to find a QB

  9. This tells me that the Vikings are very interested in Johnny Football, and are now going to try to throw other teams off the scent by having their old school coach raise questions about character. I’m convinced that if he is there at #8, he’s going to Minnesota.

  10. “Johnny, we think you are too into doing commercials and stuff for our liking, we want you to be more like Peyton Manning and Drew Brees”

    Funny stuff.

  11. “…will he be into work early every single day? ANS. Did he work everyday at the famed Manning Football Camp?

    “Will be the last to leave?” ANS. Do you mean the club or the party?

    “Will he be the guy that is working the hardest to get better?” ANS. At his showmanship or signature?

    The time-tested rule is, if you don’t know the answer to the question, don’t ask it.

  12. Not sure whether this is a head-fake on Zimmer’s part. Either way, it’s smart.

    Zimmer is far from alone in his concerns. Calling out Manziel is a favor to Johnny Football. Hopefully Manziel is receptive to the criticism.

  13. Generally speaking, the bigger the risk the bigger the reward. That’s why I keep stressing that he needs to go to a team that has a QB guru and mentor that can help him maximize his potential. If you have that, then draft him by all means!

  14. why would he say that? if it’s true, he shouldn’t be talking like that on the radio. as a head coach. he should be more professional. unless it’s a smokescreen..

  15. Sandlot football doesn’t work with the big boyz! Manziel is a gimmick i.e. wildcat and read option.

  16. He’s worried about commercials?
    And Peyton and Brees do is eat, sleep, blah blah blah…?

    How many Visa commercials has Drew done?
    How many times does Peyton hawk Papa John’s pizza A GAME?
    How many times do we have to see Drew snoring for NyQuil?
    How about the lousy Buick commercials with Peyton & “Poppa Bear” on OnStar?

    If you’re gonna lie to hide your interest, at least make it somewhat believable. Zimmer sounds like a 12 year old girl afraid to say she has a crush on the boy in the next classroom!

  17. He is the best qb coming out. Zimmer wants Josh Freeman istead? Manziel is Fran Tarkington with attitude.

  18. Manziel is Russell Wilson minus the ironclad work ethic and maturity. Wilson’s dad was doing mock Super Bowl interviews with him as a freaking teenager, you won’t find another short QB like that in decades.

  19. Yeah good bet Johnny football will be more concerned about his “brand” than putting in the time required to be in the same category as manning or Brady. It’s easy to see through his scripted press conferences prior to the draft. Someone will get caught up in the hype and pick him in the first round. Only time will tell, just hoping my browns don’t take him at 4!

  20. Sometimes the last guy to leave is the one who fell asleep in class.
    But anyway, the Zimster sounds very Les Steckle-ish. Should be interesting to see when the first rumblings of player discontent begin.

  21. With the rare exception of a coach saying “No we absolutely dont want this because of [specific reason]”, you shouldnt pay any attention to what is said about draft prospects.

  22. Viking fans are about to find out Zimmer is a straight shooter. He feeds no bull. It should be a refreshing change compared to what your used to. Your not always going to like what he says, but you can count on it being the truth. He knows what he doing. A Bengals fan. Missing Zim already.

  23. I’d take Manziel over Bortles, Bridgewater, or Carr. As a Vikings fan, my preference would be 1-Manziel, 2-Carr, 3-Bridgewater, 4-Bortles.

  24. I understand Zimmer’s concern, but he also cites Drew Brees and Peyton Manning who are two of the largest “celebrity man guys” in the NFL.

  25. Manziel does not make it to 8 no matter how much the Vikes brass try to paint the picture.

    Bridgewater will make it to 8 and that reminds me,,,,,,,,,,,,,the Vikings are cursed at QB. Get ready for two glove, short arm dink and dunk purple fans. Those of us who are fans have really enjoyed the scene play out time and again.

    If Carr does not go to Oakland I’d like to see that Arm come into camp,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if you are going to fail-fail with a cannon not a pea shooter.

  26. It’s cool that Johnny Football loves being Mr. Celebrity Man – and doesn’t care that much about winning titles.

    That makes him a perfect fit for the Vikings, where titles just aren’t part of the culture.

  27. You didn’t see Drew Brees & Peyton Manning doing commercials before being drafted. You didn’t see Brees & Manning doing commercials their rookie years.

    Jeez guys, that is what Zimmer means, he isn’t talking all commercials & endorsements, he means so soon before proveing anything at a PRO LEVEL!!

  28. Like manning doesn’t do any commercials…he needs the money, he only makes 20m a year.

  29. Also, as a Vikings fan I’m sick of mediocre and inconsistent QB’s. Ponder and T-jax showed just enough flashes of competent play to keep the coaching staff and front offices wondering…usually at the end of the season. With Manziel, he’ll either be brilliant or a complete bust. I’d rather have an epic bust then a mediocre QB that sets the franchise back for years.

  30. Johnny is going to end up on a bad team and get hit real hard. He’ll be flat on his back making the money rub gestures but only because the concussion is making him do it.

  31. Funny, Zimmerman mentions commercials as a distraction, but then mentions Peyton Manning as someone that eats & sleeps football. Manning is in tons of commercials. Manning is great, but don’t make sound like all he does is football.

  32. Yes, Manziel reminds everyone (that can remember that far back), of the great Viking Fran Tarkington. The only problem is that the defensive linemen chasing Tarkington were like pygmies in lead boots compared to today’s D-linemen. He won’t last more than two or three games before your #1 draft choice is on the DL.

  33. Ever since Buddy Ryan called Keith Byars a “medical reject” right before drafting him 7th overall, only a moron would believe anything said in pre-draft interviews.

  34. Maybe I’m missing something but I’m interpreting Zimmer as saying the flags that come up are reasons for asking the questions, not that the answers Manziel gave caused flags to come up. Zimmer is never going to say anything substantive about what they heard in the interviews.

  35. I think everyone can agree that Manning and Brees didn’t go nuts on commercials until after they were a success in the NFL — not before like Johnny football — which is Zimmer’s concern. I still hope “Mr. lack of pocket presence” is gone before the Vikes’ pick.

  36. Manning and Brews did commercials after winning.
    RG3 did commercials before winning.

    Something tells me Manziel won’t say no to commercials and stupid endorsements.


  37. zimmer is an experienced, hardened, smart, no nonsense guy. he won’t take a chance of manziel.

    i think the vikes hope they can get blake bortles.

  38. he isn’t lasting past pick 4 so it doesn’t matter, vikings fans. i wish he would fall to 8 but he won’t. not after seeing that arm strength and pocket quickness

  39. Does anyone fall for this stuff anymore? I think Spielman is still hurting from the 2004 draft when he was with Miami, where the Pats “leaked” that they were trying to trade up with the Vikings for Vernon Carey.

  40. The Manning and Brees comparison is on their work ethic and dedication to being the best they can be week in and week out. Not the commercials they do, think a little bit before you post non sense.

  41. When Manziel is drafted by the Vikes maybe he and Chris Kluwe can do a Lavender magazine spread. this type of lingo almost guarantees the Vikes will move up to get him.

  42. Zim knows he’s worth the risk. The “it” factor may be the most important characteristic that any QB can display…and he has “it”.
    He has flair, and excels at winning. Certainly better than a QB that’s a “tasteless box of mashed potatoes” and excels at losing (aka–Ponder).

  43. I think you snarky critics picking part Zimmer’s comments are missing his point entirely.
    He never said “my QB can’t ever do a commercial”

    He was talking about Leadership, preparation, diligence, character.

    Peyton and Drew Brees can do all the commercials they want because they have already PROVEN themselves in those areas.

    Peyton’s work ethic and preparation and knowledge are legendary in the NFL. Down to such little things as breaking in the footballs before games to ensure they are all consistent.

    Zimmer is simply trying to say he wants his QB to have exemplary leadership.

  44. Zimmer wants a quarterback who is in bed at 9 PM every night after a glass of milk and some cookies. Like those old time greats Brett Favre, Ken Stabler, Joe Namath….

  45. All style, no substance. He’ll put the “M-E” in “tEaM”…he’ll be a huge distraction, bring a lot of heat and hype, cause of a lot schisming in your locker room, sell a lot of jerseys, cost a lot of money, cause a lot of turnovers, divide your fan base, make a lot of excuses, rip players and coaches in the media, start getting injured and missing games, all while your team splinters and disintegrates around him, setting you back years (see, RGIII)

    In light of all that – God, PLEASE let the Vikings draft him!

    A Bears fan

  46. Yea, too bad about those red flags. We should draft a nice, clean cut, yes sir, yes ma’am, book smart, QB that can’t throw a football to save his life and wets himself when the defense blitzes again like Christian Ponder. It worked so well the first time we have the blueprint.

  47. I guess Zimm doesn’t watch too much TV…never seen a Manning or Brees commercial??? LMAO, those are two of the biggest celebrity QB’s ever and they handle their day job just fine. I smell a ripe red herring!

  48. Considering the Vikings haven’t had a competent qb in ages its no wonder the posters really don’t get what Zimmer is saying.

  49. I like the Vikings because they worry about the big stuff like whether the QB is popular and companies may want to pay him to do commercials or is he the first one to show up for work. We don’t sweat the small stuff like whether or not the guy can throw a football or read defenses.

  50. Peyton went into the NFL because football is his life. He had great success and the side things (commercials, being a celebrity) never were an issue. Johnny, on the other hand, has already allowed the celebrity stuff get in the way (autograph signing issues). Add the fact he is not the biggest guy and he runs wrecklessly. Teams shouldn’t blow a top pick on him.

  51. Watch Manziel slide to the Packers at 21 and Rodgers will be like: ‘Sayyy wwwhhhaaaat????’

  52. I am totally over Zimmer party pooper attitude. JM has always been about football first and is all business on the field and in season.

    He has been working is butt off since he declared he was going Pro and Zimmer is concerned about him filming a cameo appearance in a commerical which took all of one afternoon to film? Give me a break.

    All of the issues of JM partying and other stuff took place in the off season after the Heisman/Cotton Bowl last year. In the life of a college student a year is like an eternity… with growth and maturity moving along a much quicker spectrum than an adult.

    Zimmer is watching too much ESPN who reports on everything breath JM takes.

    and by the way…What happened in LA?

  53. Red flags on you Zimmer and the entire Vikes organization as well….you will be gone in less than 3 yrs – and be DCoord of a 4-12 team.

  54. Zimmer is right though manziel will be a bust like Tebow!
    Manziel is too small to play QB in NFL and will get killed.
    And first time he takes off and runs he will get a “welcome to the NFL” hit by big LB

  55. he may be a risk but it has more to do with the type of player he is than what he does off the field. what did he do that raises red flags? so he drank while under age and got caught big deal! according these experts then I guess he should have DUI or 2 and beaten his girlfriend along with having a bunch of kids by multiple women then he would be ready for the NFL right? doing a commercial and getting paid before he signs a contract is bad? if I were Manziel I would hope I would not get picked by a coach who was concerned about that than what I did on the field. because his parents could afford to get him the best seats at any event he wanted and he got to hang out with the stars makes him not focused on football? he would hope the qb he gets would be as unfocused as manziel was with the numbers he put up in 2 years.

  56. Defense first, then go get AJ McCarron!!!!!! As a long time Vikings fan, I hope they don’t waste their time on Johnny Football.

  57. Shocker, NFL coach talks down top player from position he needs.

    Also does it in the hometown of said QB’s biggest rival.

    “Bubba, that boy knew what he’s was talkin’ about, hook ’em Mike”

  58. If I am the first to arrive and the last to leave, will you hire me?

    Some of these questions are a joke. Only one guy on a given team can be this guy…What? Are you going to fire the rest for not being first in, last out?

    Its not same for every player, some players need the extra work, some players do better with more nite life.

  59. What is this last to leave deal? So every other position has the excuse to leave early or on time but the QB HAS to be the LAST PERSON to leave everyday? What if around the league teams have like a random FB, Olineman, or backup RB whose the last person to leave most of the time because they are trying to get on the field.

    I just get irked when I hear cliche statements.

  60. Gotta strong feeling that Manziel will be a starting QB long after Zimmer is back to coaching linebackers.

  61. Manning and Brees have done TV shows and commercials…hmm,a college kid that got drunk…oh he went on the Tonight Show,hangs out with LeBron James. Sounds like stuff anyone would do if they had the opportunity. Good luck Vikes lol

  62. Great points. Aaron Rodgers also does a lot of commercials, and look how they have held his game back.

    Come on Vikings, just take Manziel if he’s there! It’s about time we get a decent quarterback. Don’t outsmart yourselves and try playing games like trading down or waiting until the second round. Get Manziel at 8!

  63. Zimmer sure runs his mouth a lot for a first time head coach. Oh I mean, I know he had tons of success with the Bengals, all those first round eliminations, but not everyone can be Andy Dalton. Hes gotta realize that.

  64. I think Zimmer is out of line here. It’s too early to say what kind of pro Johnny Football will be. I’m sure his commitment to the game is real. Also he has a huge uncut Johnson and one time he slapped me across the face with it and knocked one of my teeth loose, so every time I “service” him it whistles.

  65. I’m a Browns fan but used to like the old Vikings with Bud Grant, so pls bare with me.

    I believe the Texans take Manziel at #1. (They just moved Schaub and Manziel would sell tickets)

    Rams (if they can’t deal down) take WR Watkins at #2, and get O-line help later.

    Jaguars will feel they can get a QB later, and take DE Clowney.

    My Browns at #4 will take either LB Mack or Mosley. (I feel this because they still want to run a 3-4 defense, and the departure of LB D. Jackson. Yes, the signed LB Dansby but he’s the band-aid.)

    At #5, I would’ve guessed the Raiders taking one of the QB’s but, they just traded for QB Schaub. So, no pressure on getting a QB until later. I say they take whatever LB the Browns don’t take.

    Unless the Falcons move up to #2 to get Clowney, I see them taking an OT (Matthews?).

    The Bucs could take a QB, maybe Bortles, leaving QB Bridgewater or Carr at 8.

    However, will the Vikes take a QB here, or grab a WR? I’d really like to see WR Cooks (Oregon) in purple, as your #2 WR.

    But, what the hell do I know? I’m still a Browns fan! 🙂

  66. Give me Teddy Bridgewater all day long. He fits what Turner likes to do on offense. Not a fan of Manziel. I don’t think his game will translate well into the NFL game. Rather see a pure pocket passer behind center than a scrambler. My biggest fear with Manziel is that he won’t become the leader on this team that he needs to be. Bridgewater has all the intangibles and physical tools to be a successful quarterback in this league.

  67. If you draft Manziel you must be willing to accept that if Manziel become the QB everyone wants him to be then great. But also know that he is a show on the football field you may never win a championship and its gonna be a me attitude all the time from him as long as he fills the seat every sunday. Remember Brian Bosworth he was a show also, made a lot of money and brought in a lot of fans during his short time in Seattle but dont put hope in that.

  68. Love Zim – miss him in Cincy already – but don’t agree with these comments. A lot of people speculating that this is a head fake for the other teams or Zim’s way of prepping Vikes fans if they pass on Manziel… I just think it’s him speaking off the cuff and sort of issuing a personal challange to Manziel. He’s a consumate teacher and is not publicly effusive with his praise for anyone (even gently ribbed Geno Atkins for going “hollywood” at pro bowl… when Geno might be the least “hollywood guy in the league). I doutbt he really meant for this to come off as critical as it does. I’d be surprised if Zimmer isn’t truly intrigued by Manziel… and it wouldn’t shock me to hear him soften/clarify these comments in coming days.

    Vikes offense with AP, Patterson and Manziel + Zim’s defense would make them a very interesting/scary team almost immediately. The other possibilty is that he already realizes that there is no chance that Manziel drops to 8 (which might be a legitimate observation) so he’s trying to keep fan’s dissappointment in check… don’t really believe they are passing on him though.

  69. Johnny Football is not an NFL caliber quarterback. He was fun to watch at the college level but he will get destroyed in the pro game. If he goes before the 3rd round, someone is making a big mistake.

  70. No Manziel does not get a personal assistant yet, like Rodgers. He has to develop the highest QB rating of all time, win the league MVP and win a Super Bowl. THEN you get a personal assistant.

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