MJD’s compensation gets cut in half

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Running back Maurice Jones-Drew wasn’t happy with a Jaguars contract that paid him $4.45 million in 2012 and $4.95 million in 2013.  He can’t be thrilled, then, about his how first foray into free agency finished.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract details, Jones-Drew’s three-year contract with the Raiders has an annual average value of only $2.5 million.

Specifically, he’ll make $2.5 million each year.  In 2014, the money comes from a $1.2 million fully guaranteed roster bonus, a non-guaranteed base salary of $1.2 million, and a workout bonus of $100,000.

Next year, the money comes from a $2.4 million salary (non-guaranteed) and a $100,000 workout bonus.  The same formula applies in 2016.

Jones-Drew’s replacement in Jacksonville, Toby Gerhart, is getting $3.5 million per year on a three-year deal, with $4.5 million guaranteed.  Former Colts tailback Donald Brown, now a Charger, has the same three-year package, with $4 million guaranteed.

While surely the best offer Jones-Drew received, it’s far short of what he thought he’d get on the open market.  Which explains why the numbers didn’t come out until they were officially filed.

Still, it’s always better to be silent about a bad deal than to try to make a bad deal look better than it is by lying about the numbers.

52 responses to “MJD’s compensation gets cut in half

  1. Maybe some day these guys that complain about their contracts will realize that their current team is already giving them more than any other team would.

  2. All running backs should go on strike. The crappiest of quarterbacks are getting paid nearly twice that to hold a clip board.

  3. The Days of the High Powered Running Backs are over; even AP is breaking down faster than normally because of the speed and size of the game today…

    It’ll be RB by Committee for many teams now…

  4. If he isn’t happy with this price then naturally he would have retired. Sounds to me like he is happy with this number, and probably was happy with the previous numbers but felt like complaining anyhow just because some people aren’t very appreciative of getting paid many millions of dollars to play a kid’s game.

  5. How about the fact that big Reg struck gold on ANOTHER contract???

    Keep up the great work Reggie and Co.


  6. Aside from his baseless holdout and parting comments, I loved having him on the Jags. In his prime he ran as tough as anyone. This is a business though, and he is on the decline. Glad he found a home, but I most definitely dont feel sorry for him.

  7. MJD is a BALLER. He’s already made Money, he coming back to play in his hometown for his friends and family. Even though he past his prime is likely these will be his best years…He living the dream and he will be remembered for bringing his team the Raiders back to relevance.

  8. How about acknowledging the fact that Big Reg did good with this signing. Didn’t overpay for what people are calling an “old” RB who still got gas in the tank.

  9. Until we see another great RB like Adrian Peterson come into the NFL, this will be the compensation trend for RB’s for a while.

  10. I remember when I was a kid, everyone wanted to be a QB, but RB was right behind on the list.

    Today’s kids would be well-advised to take up WR or CB instead – the possibility for a long-term, big-money deal are much, much greater, and careers probably last longer as well. There’s just not as much money in being a RB these days.

  11. I hope he does well in Oakland. He was a warrior for us in Jacksonville. Most Jag fans sincerely wish him the best. It’s a business. Nothing personal.

  12. It’s all good, and he is back home….now bring DeSean back home as well. (maybe for a little more $) LOl

    Go Reggie, Go Raiders!

  13. Raiders appear to be on the right track for a successful season. The only problem is their division…KC, and Den will make it difficult to win and compete.

    If the Raiders were in the NFC North/AFC North, probably be division champs

  14. Raiders should sign RB Chris Johnson when the Titans cut him along with DJAX and Draft WR Sammy Watkins . Then it will be a fun 2014 season and all the haters will finally back off and shut up. Once they move back to LA or VEGAS it’s lights out for the AFC . The Raiders will be bad from the dead like Lazarus for sure . They get a brand new stadium like the Cowboys have and EVERY TOP FA will want to be a Raider .

  15. Who cares about running backs? You need at least 4 in the NFL these days anyway. 4 mil a year on one running back?? Is it 1982 again where an rb had to carry the ball 50 times a game?

  16. You never pay RBs for what they have done, you pay them for what they are going to do.

    Raiders got MJD two years too late. Guy can pick up a blitz very well, but his days of 20+ yard runs are over.

    Good luck Mojo. Careful the chip on your shoulder don’t fall off.

  17. Wonder how much it would cost to employ Michael Bush again.

    We need to get young in a position that demands youth. All respect to Frank Gore across the bridge.

  18. Did no one read the article on the devaluation of the NFL Running Back? Value of RBs have gone down considerably in the NFL due to draft standing because most backs have remained one dimensional. Backs have become a dime a dozen and interchangeable. You have to have a back that can not only run for 16 games but catch and even throw during that time. There are punters getting paid more than RBs due to longevity alone. Where a kicker can easily get 7 points in a game, it’s hard for a RB to get a touchdown or a 100yd game and all while the load was placed on them

  19. Jags overpaid for an unproven guy and a team leader and when healthy, a rushing Champ in last three years was let go, for nothing, to sign for a lot less than our new, career-long 2nd-string replacement? Sorry, but this is a mistake. I can’t help but think if Caldwell could have gotten MJD back for $3M guaranteed for one year he’d of paid it. Now MJD goes to Oakland. Sad.

  20. You Raider fans chortling about this signing shouldn’t forget that MJD wears #32 b/c of the 32 teams that passed on him in the first round. You’re one of them, prepare for his badmouthing you, too.

  21. Memo to Chris Johnson.

    You might want to keep those numbers in mind if (when?) the Titans release you…

  22. MJD knew he was on borrowed time when he held out two years ago. He had confirmed in interviews that the cartilage in one of his knees was gone, and it really looked like that holdout was his one last chance for a payday before his on-field performance caught up with his physical decline.

    I doubt very much that he’s unhappy with the contract he got. He’s known for years that this is where he’d be at this season.

    The guy has been a class act the whole way, the holdout was just business, it didn’t come with pouting to the press or snotty tweets. Wish him all the best in Oakland.

  23. I like how you pinheads pump out weak little zingers without a shred of pride. MJD is a good running back. He had foot surgery. Quit making it an issue. And maybe quit drinking yourselves to death and posting drunken rhetoric you moonbats.

  24. MJD’s contract in Jax was a front loaded contract which shows the player they believe in him and want to kept him. Your rarely see front end contracts. All he should be is grateful they showed that much love toward him. As far as his free agency I’d have thought he’d get at least 4 mill a year myself. He probably could have went to the Pats,steelers, Denver,falcons, or a few other teams that need a good RB. I’m glad he’s a Raider though. I think with him starting and McFadden as a change up back we can be dangerous for sure.

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