Raiders sign Carlos Rogers


Free agent cornerback Carlos Rogers has landed in Oakland.

Rogers visited the Raiders this afternoon, and his signing was announced hours after the visit began.

The 32-year-old Rogers has started all 16 games for the 49ers in each of the last three seasons, and he was a Pro Bowler in 2011. He previously played in Washington from 2005 to 2010.

Rogers becomes the second former starter in the 49ers’ secondary to jump ship to the Raiders this offseason; Tarell Brown has also gone from the 49ers to the Raiders in free agency.

58 responses to “Raiders sign Carlos Rogers

  1. The Raiders are assembling a great team…for Madden 2008. As for you’re only target that would help you in 2014? The #DJaxtoOakland movement is such an epic fail. He’s not leaving Redskins Park without a deal. Deal with it. #DJaxinDC

  2. Well, he really wants to be in Oakland. The Raiders secondary is looking solid. Hopefully they can add a couple more guys in the draft now and we’ll be set.

    My personal pick would be Darqueze Dennard from MSU he is the real deal.

  3. I’m not sure signing a bunch of players over the age of 30 is a good idea for long term success, I understand the Raiders had a ton of cap space heading into the offseason, but I think it should of been spent on promising players 28 years old and under, Raiders need to win this season, all these old players that they signed this offseason are going to be in a huge decline in the 2015 season.

  4. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little concerned at the age of the majority of the free agent signings the Raiders have done. However, overall I’m happy with it. I think despite his age Rogers is a solid signing and addresses a need in the secondary. Keep them coming big Reggie!

  5. Good for him, they probably had the contract already typed out and ready to go before he arrived. Raiders make another relevant signing. Interesting. A handful of other players still out there, who’s next?

  6. Raiders about two see that these two corners aren’t nearly as good without a ground defense of the 49ers caliber.

    Still, good pickup for the Raiders. Wishing you the best Carlos.

  7. All these signings are great but they NEED chemistry. I think we can surprise some teams with a playoff berth. Like this past year when 3 team from the AFC West made the playoffs.

  8. Reggie is doing a great job, signing proven veteran players, while we draft players so they can develop learning behind these veterans also younger players can get use to a winning culture with all these veterans that have won superbowls. So idk why people are hating. We’re gonna be competitive and maybe get into the playoffs as wild card, our defense is looking pretty good. I say we draft khalil mack, such a beast.

  9. People can you please realize that MOST players that are available in FA EVERY YEAR are NOT young. Thats why they are FA. Aside from the Raiders, look at all the other FA signings. Older players. Please know what you are talking about.

    That said, I like this signing, Big Reg is bringing in FA Veterans that are from winning teams to help set the foundation and bring up the young guys with some mentors. ANOTHER SOLID signing Big Reg!


    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!

  10. I’m happy for Carlos, for a man who was considered a bust in Washington to rebounding and having a phenomenal year in 2011 with the Niners I can only wish him the best.

    And although in the Bay it’s anathema for a Faithful to want the Silver and Black to succeed, I can’t help but want to. Raider nation defines loyalty, unlike those neon green pukes in the northwest, you have shown up and supported your team year in and year out, let’s hope this year there are two great teams in the Bay.

  11. A lot of you guys have to realize, all these players the Raiders have been signing are on one year contracts, with team options on a year to year basis. None of the money is pushed into future years. The Raiders will have a load of money to spend in the years to come. And seriously, if anyone says they’d rather Donald Brown or Toby Gerhart for one year over Mojo has never watched a football game in their lives. Reggie is trying to build his team, his long term players, through the draft, while filling in the roster with quality players, with high character. Whatever you have to say, they’re leaps and bounds ahead of where they were last year. Hopefully the draft can work out.

  12. In 1972 the Redskins were called the “Over the Hill Gang ” & they went to the SB. If the Raiders can get DJAX CJ2K & draft Sammy Watkins they can make they playoffs barring major injuries . All the haters are so jealous . The Raiders need older veterans for leadership and to build a new winning tradition and solid foundation. Raider fans are sick of losing and the win now attitude is what will work best after 12 years of bad football.

  13. You ink the veteran to start and teach. You draft the youngster to watch and learn.

    It’s a trait Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie was immersed in Green Bay and brought to Oakland.

    The Raiders are signing the veterans for their established play and leadership.

    Are they aged? Of Course.

    But there’s also the draft. It’s not like the Raiders acquisitions end in free agency.

  14. cant wait to see the average age of all teams come opening day….and our first place record at seasons end!

  15. If you chose a CB than OT in the draft, than the following year pick up 2 CB’s and 2 OT’s in FA who are looked upon as instant starters, It looks bad on your drafting skills Reggie… Real Bad.

  16. I don’t get the criticism for the Raiders to sign players on the wrong side of 30. All of these guys have Super Bowl experience, they’re all once a pro-bowl/all-pro player. The absolute worst case scenario is that the team still finish with a losing record, but at the same time this is probably one of the best environment for a young player. You have assembled a full team of guys whose done it before, if you draft guys that are willing to learn and work hard then you have a great situation for these guys.

  17. Hopefully the kids in this and next years’ draft can learn from these older vets and be ready in a couple of years. Reggie’s doing pretty good in FA.

  18. Watching Oakland spending money on free agents is like handing a monkey a handful of hundreds and expecting them to assemble an NFL dynasty

  19. For those old enough to remember the Raiders of the ’70s and early ’80s, this was their method of operation back then (and made them successful); get a bunch of established veterans who were right on the edge of being finished, and ride their experience, knowledge, and last bit of talent to the top. Whether it’s a viable strategy for an NFL 40 years later remains to be seen.

  20. It’s nice to actually have money to spend for the first time in years.

    It’s still very early in the rebuilding but they should get to 8-8 next season.

  21. Ha ha Viking fan thinks xavier Rhodes is the 3 Rd best CB in the league. Keep smoking the hippy lettuce. Rhodes is nowhere near the player Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman or Jimmy Smith are. Keep dreaming. Skol.

  22. Pickings are pretty slim concerning Oakland’s FA needs. Sign who you can,really can’t expect to turn things around in one off season. Hopefully they can draft well and develop players. Then,as we know,a NFL contract is only worth the guaranteed money,so cutting non-productive players isn’t a problem.

  23. The Raiders are signing hungry, quality veteran leaders (mainly) from winning franchises. No better way to develop and steer your young players in the right direction. They’re one good draft away from being a competitive and they may surprise a few of you who fail to realize that they’re not the same team they were under the strangle of Al Davis.

  24. Raiders grab another ex niner, was not worried about losing him he got burned alot during the season. The niners secondary was the weakest part of that D. Not a bad pickup for the raiders though. They might not finish 4th in the AFC west.

  25. If this does not work.

    Reg….DA….are gone.

    Mark Davis will put the full court press for move to LA!

  26. HAHA the raiders cant buy themselves more than 8-8 in 2014. Leave it to them do blow all that cap space and have nothing to show for it in wins.

  27. He was just able to buy cigarettes when the raidets last had a winning season. 99% of current league players haven’t played in a season where the Faiders were relevant. How’s that for reality? I’m amazed they haven’t gone to LA and back in that time… Oh wait… Stay classy raider!

  28. I’m a huge raider fan but I find this extremely comical. These Reggie supports can see no wrong in what he dies. Originally it was building through the draft, when that failed. It was clearing cap cap space to sign young players that would be used as cornerstones for the franchise. Now it’s signing every over the hill veteran to save his job for another year. Wake up raider nation Reggie Mckenzie has ruined a franchise because he is clueless and inept and his job. If you say anything criticizing Reggie you ate labeled a racist by his supporters. This sounds eerily familiar to another high ranking official in the government. Veteran players looking to hold on with a new team are not, I repeat are not mentoring younger players. If they mentor the younger players they are out if a job and a paycheck next season. Doesn’t happen and stop using it as an excuse. The veterans will ostracize the younger players every chance they get. They veterans want them to look bad so the can keep getting a million dollar salary. That’s how it works.

  29. The Raiders had one of the youngest rosters last so Reg is trying to bring up the experience level. They didn’t have enough veteran leadership to finish games last year. This is necessary.

  30. Let me explain why we are signing all these veterans. We need to WIN now. Reggie and Allen are gone if we don’t.
    We are building through the draft, but need veterans with short deals to be competitive.

    I would think I’m pointing out the obvious, but no telling with this crew leaving comments.

  31. Oh, another stiff signed.

    Did anyone notice that every single player signed by the fade didn’t have an offer from ANYONE else?

    Gotta spend that money though. It’s in the rules.

    What’s the over on how many weeks into the season the dumbest fanbase in sports realizes this was a horrible idea?

  32. Brilliant…these signings are lower than market, incentive laden, short term, low risk high upside deals on stars who have something to prove…of course most people don’t like this…most people are stupid.
    even Schaub could be scrapped for cheap after the restructure.
    Why should he OVERPAY for an injured prone LT in Veldeer or over-rated DE in Houston.

  33. Look this is the raiders were talking about. Give em another few years till Davis’ son gives up. Maybe 50 years from now hahah AFC loners

  34. how many times has Al Davis signed cast offs over age 30 and won super bowls…Jim Plunkett…John Matuzak..Lyle Alzado..Ted Hendricks . Cedrick Hardman .. Pat Tomay..George Blanda was 39 when he came to the Raiders .these are just few examples so for all you haters read em n weep..these are facts

  35. Tarell Brown and Carlos Rogers work extremely well together. I’m guessing The Raiders will kick Carlos inside on passing downs and use T Brown and DJ Hayden on the outside. You really can’t knock what Oakland is doing. If I were a Raiders fan, I’d be pretty amped about this upcoming season. The NFL is better when The Raiders are relevant. Go Niners!!

  36. I love this “they’re old” argument.

    You mean to tell me our first round pick from last year, Hayden, has nothing to learn from Charles Woodson, Carlos Rogers and Tarrell Brown? All productive winning players and we have 2-3 DB’s behind them that we need to develop into depth….

    We may not go d-line in the first round…you mean to tell me that a 2nd round rookie with some untapped potential couldn’t learn from Woodley, Smith and Tuck?

    Yes, the Raiders added age but all it takes is a quick look over the roster and it’s not as old as you may think….Donald Penn 30 years old on a 2 year deal; Menelik Watson = future at the position with a very limited playing history….think that won’t help him? I could keep going…

  37. The Raiders should have a much improved team from last year. They had absolutely no depth at any position, and it showed as the season went on. The cap space is a blessing in that they can bring in veteran depth at the key positions, OL, DL, and CB. The veteran players they have brought in have pro bowl and super bowl resumes and will be great role models for the younger guys on this team, and the 2014 draft picks.

    This years draft is one of the most important in Raiders history. They need to get at least two players out of this draft who start and are more than solid contributors. They need an impact player, a game changer.

    This year will prove if Dennis Allen can coach, and Reggie can draft. The clock is ticking for both of them.

  38. What the Raiders, particularly Reggie McKenzie, are trying to do is be competitive and, at least, come close to making the playoffs this year bu assembling a lot of talented guys from winning organizations that, hopefully have another good year left in them. I believe that most, of not all, of these contracts are for one year only so that, if things don’t work out or there is a better option, each of these guys can, and will, be cut. The problem with this is, yes, they are sort of ‘going for it now’ at the expense of developing young talent for the future. Reggie and company better have a really good draft, or their long-term plans will be in trouble.

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