Report: Carlos Rogers visiting Raiders

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The Raiders signed a former 49ers cornerback in Tarell Brown early in free agency and it looks like they may also have their eyes on another defensive back who did his recent work across the bay.

Coleen Dominguez of FOX Sports reports that Carlos Rogers is visiting with the Raiders on Monday. Rogers was released by the 49ers earlier this month as part of their effort to both clear space under the cap and rework their cornerback group.

Rogers shares a former team with Brown and, like many of the other new Raiders signed this offseason, he has a lot of NFL experience under his belt. Rogers is heading into his 10th NFL season and spent the last three with the 49ers. He started every game of those three years for San Francisco, picking up 146 tackles and nine interceptions while helping San Francisco advance at least as far as the NFC Championship Game each year.

Rogers hasn’t generated much other public interest since hitting the open market, which may bode well for the Raiders’ chances of adding him to their already large free agent haul.

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  1. Niners gave him all that money, and the biggest play of his career he gave up the catch to Kearse for the game-winning TD in the NFC Championship.

    To quote the great Nelson Muntz, “Ha-ha.”

  2. Tarell Brown was an absolute STEAL at 3m per. If Raiders can sign Rogers, and maybe a recently released No.1 WR(which i will never forgive Chip for)… and dare i say, could the Oakland Raiders make the playoffs?!?!?!

    ….. Nope. Not with Mr. Pick 6

  3. The Raiders throwing money at has beens, it’s how they got into cap hell in the first place and they haven’t learned a thing.

  4. Scary move now that Culliver will be going to jail for quite some time….. That is if the front office doesnt bail him out like they did with Aldon Smith… Sometimes I wonder if the 9ers draft right out of Pelican bay.

  5. The Raiders signings this year have been very cap friendly with little/no cap hit/dead money in future years. This is a HUGE difference to past years. Anyone who dogs the Raiders’ signings as the same old deal regarding the cap, are just showing their ignorance. All of the signings have been low risk cap friendly deals.

  6. Smart-once again McK has found another prospect with experience and gas still in the tank to mentor the youngsters, all the while adding depth in case the injuries start piling up. Smart approach.

  7. I hate when people want to comment to hate on the raiders but are totally ignorant with their comments, all signing this year have been low risk with no guaranteed money, reggie is making smart moves, nothing like the old days. Do your homework kids

  8. Rogers would be a great low-cost/low-risk signing. Like every other free-agent acquisition thus far this off-season, a proven talent with a chip on his shoulder destined to help the Raiders achieve substantial improvememt & immediate siccess (with the lone exception of QB Matt Schaub on whom the jury is still out; Schaub fails & this is all for naught).

    More importantly, however, is the urgency to sign the greatest free-agent catch of all this offseason: WR DeSean Jackson. If ever the Raiders needed to be proactive with an available mega-talent, it’s this guy! Considering the horrible luck experienced by this storied franchise for much of it’s existence & the string of depressing losing seasons endured by it’s loyal fanbase, it’s indeed an uncharacteristic twist of fortune for a marquis player in his prime to quite literally fall into the GM:d lap, however in the case of DeSean Jackson, that is precisely what hlhas happened. Yet instead of immefiately signing him to a minimum of 3-years, RM instead behaves like a paranoid procrastinator by embarking upon a lengthy investigation of DeSean’s background while interest in this tare megatalent is allowed to augment around the league, culminating in a face-to-face meeting with the Washington Redskins this afternoon and STILL the Raiders apparently have no visit schelduled themselves, still “researching” & “investigating” the totally unfounded, unprofessional & vindictive allegations of “criminal gang involvement” made by the Philadelphia Eagles as he was unceremoniously “kicked to the curn” by the Eagles earlier this week. Brutal!

    If Reggie McKenzie somehow manages to blow this, he’ll need to turn in his pink slip the moment that it is announced that DJAX has signed somewhere other than in Oakland if for no other reason than to avoid the wrath of the angry mobs that’ll be camped outside the team’s facilities impatiently waiting to exact revenge on the man responsible.

    Get DJAX on the phone, then het him on a plane to Oakland right away. It’s your only hope, Reggie!


  9. These faiders are really resembling the 70’s Redskins.

    George Allen insisted on old as hell players, and usually gave away most of his draft picks.

    The brain trust in chokeland is just stupid.

    Fetch me a coffee Big Reg. It’s what you do best.

  10. As a Niner fan I hope that it works out well for the Raiders if they do sign him, but it was clearly time to part ways as far as him and the Niners go. Personally I would like to see the Raiders return to relevance as I think it would be cool to have two tough teams in the Bay Area.

  11. Culliver may do some jail time, but it won’t be any time soon. It will take at least a year for it to run through the court system by which time he’ll be a free agent and the 49ers can move on without him,

  12. Couldn’t have said it better cuttyplease…These signings give the flexibility now and in the long term…Throwing big money at D-Jax wont hurt because of all these other short term cheaper contracts..

  13. Raiders need GOOD players now..they will slowly weed out these old guys via the draft in the next 2-3 years. But for now, we need talented, veteran guys who can produce this year.

    Haters can go ahead and hate…we deserve it for the last 10 years of horrible moves on and off the field that we have made. But the haters know what’s coming now, the times they are a changing people and this team is slowly taking shape. gonna be some a$$ whoopin’s handed out next year by this Raider team.

  14. I would also like to add that the Raiders play the Niners this year so for that reason I hope even more that these moves pay off for them. I would love to see a close, hard fought “Battle of the Bay.” Imagine the hype that would generate if both teams came into it playing well.

  15. At the very least Carlos Rodgers is good depth. I hope the Raiders get him.

    If he signs tonight he really wants to be on the team.

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