Report: DeSean Jackson to Redskins a “done deal”

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The DeSean Jackson free agency tour may turn out to be a short trip.

Jackson arrived in Washington to meet with the Redskins on Monday evening in a visit that will continue into Tuesday. According to Tim McManus of 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia, things are already progressing toward a possible deal between the two sides.

McManus cites sources relaying that discussions between the two sides are going “very well” and a source close to Jackson that said it’s a “done deal” with the Redskins.

The Redskins are currently the only visit that Jackson has lined up. A second visit would be scheduled if a deal isn’t done in Washington.

Jackson was released by the Eagles on Friday and is coming off the best season of his career. Jackson caught 82 passes for 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns with the Eagles last season.

Jackson reportedly is seeking $9-$10 million a season in a new contract. He was scheduled to make $10.5 million with the Eagles this season before being released.

208 responses to “Report: DeSean Jackson to Redskins a “done deal”

  1. How do eagles fans spin this one to make themselves feel better?

    1) he wasn’t good anyway

    2) we don’t want anyone affiliated with gangs

    3) the skins overspent

    4) we are fine with Riley cooper lollol

    5) in chip we trust

    6) all of the above


  2. Desean Jackson is a Cordarelle Patterson Wannabe.

    No one will ever be the great Cordarelle with size, speed and acceleration greater than any receiver.

    Only Megatron compares to him.


  3. All the Patriots fans said it was a done deal and Belicheat was going to get another quality citizen for his team that hasn’t won a championship since Spygate.

    Well Brady can’t throw an accurate deep ball at all anymore so it wouldn’t have been a good fit.

  4. Typical redskins move. Let’s blow money on a high priced guy before the rest of their team is ready. How about building your roster first. They do play in the NFC East so they might be able to be one and done in the playoffs. Have fun being mediocre. The cowboys need the company.

  5. Hail Yeah! We got our final piece to the puzzle now. Let’s go get that 4th ring. You won’t regret this Desean. HTTR!

  6. I hate Snyder and I hate the Redskins but if they really signed this guy they are going to be scary if RG3 can stay healthy (BIG IF).

    Philly should never have leaked that bogus story about DeSean being a gang banger. I guarantee you that he will make them pay twice a year for however many years he plays for the Deadskins.

    Damn I wanted my Hawks to get this guy.

    Good signing for the Skins. Can’t believe I said that I’m gonna get drunk now.

  7. Have you seen his rap video. Pretty gang sign filled with Jackson throwing up crip a lot. And snoop is racist. Or snoop lion. Whatever he wannabes nowadays he just says. Look Im a lion. Next hes a dolphin. lol

  8. He will be in jail by week 3. Plus they need a QB to throw to him. The Rams fleeced the Skins

  9. Chip had better hope DeSean does not sign with Washington. It would be brutal if he smokes them twice a year and Foles remembers who he is, reverting to the inconsistent QB he was in college.

    Jackson is thanking Chip and Chip may be looking for an escape back to college, if this questionable move proves to be a major mistake.

  10. Good think we signed Ryan Clark, now we can cut Aldrich Robinson keep santan moss for some leadership and draft a safety linebacker, or offensive linemen. For people talking about cap, teams are allowed to go over 12m of cap without being penalized. All it takes is some restructuring of contracts and we should be fine. Dan Snyder is finally starting to look like he knows what he’s doing. Can’t believe it fking took so long

  11. Poor Raiders fans. Seemed like they really had their heart set on DeSean. Not that he would have made any difference with Pick 6 Schaub playing quarterback. The Raiders fans who delusionally think he’s the next Gannon are in for a rude awakening.

  12. If Washington is able to pull this off, there would be a lot of relief for the lack of a 1st round draft choice and change our draft posture for the 6 picks that we have. He fills the void for at least 2 of our weakest links on returns and the other wide out and slot receiver spots. The pressure and double teams on Pierre will come to a halt and the field will be stretched for lots of options that we won’t be able to do without him. It would end the saga of projects in the receiving Corp and give us the same level playing field that other teams have been enjoying especially in the NFL East.

  13. Good for him. The Raiders don’t need to spend 9’mil on a receiver. We need bodies! Wait for the draft. Might get Sammy Watkins for a lot less.

  14. ……
    Well nothing we can do there he really wants to rip the eagles twice.
    Wish him the best, sad he won’t be a raider.
    Now I’ma go cry myself to sleep.

  15. This is just great. He’s still one of my favs but looks like the redskins are picking through our trash once again. Have fun at the bottom of the NFC east again losers.

  16. Not a done deal. What’s this a April’s Fool’s joke, because there are many reports that have said nothing is done yet.

  17. If true, good for them……With only 6.7M in cap space there will need to be some shuffling and signing bonus, so good for him too.

  18. The team is now against the cap, they have no draft picks, and are a bad team. Desean is a complimentary player to get a team over the top. The Redskins are FAR from being a contender. So, they are going to take a huge risk on a player and put themselves in a bad situation. But, that’s Dan Snyder of course. That team will never win another Super Bowl as long as he’s owner. He has no clue how to spend smartly….

  19. Poor Eagles hand their best weapon to a team within their division, and not only will they not get a draft pick, they won’t even get a compensatory pick from the League.

    They could not have handled this any worse, and the poor Giants also continue to get a double dose of DeSean for the next couple of years.

    Although Washington does not have a 1st round pick this year they have the second pick in each of rounds 2-7; thus; additional talent is also on the way.

    I sense a balance of power change if this holds true.

  20. I called it the minute he was released!

    Depending on the money, this is a great move from a pure talent standpoint. He immediately improves the offense. The Skins will have a plethora of options that will be difficult to defend:

    RG3 with the option
    Andre Roberts

    That is a lot for defenses to defend.

    Resources will not be able to rush RG3 as much because they will have to key on the weapons he has now.

    Just hopefully he keeps his head on straight and does not become a cancer.

  21. This makes the skins offense pretty damn scary! If their defense can just be middle if the pack, watch out.

  22. If this deal goes through and with the upgrades on the O-line, I think that we can be a contender again. Now to fix the secondary through the draft!

  23. Jackson and Garcon, RGIII, Alfred Morris, with Chuckie’s little brother coaching is a beginning to what on paper sounds potent.

  24. Well I guess revenge outweighs hanging out with his supposed “gang” ties. The Eagles/Skins games are going to be interesting.

  25. G-d bless the Skins. You did so well with Trotter and McNabb. Time for the next ex-Eagle to suffer down in D.C.

  26. I’m not surprised that Bruce Allen is going to make a deal happen but I’m curious what the terms will be. Knowing the Redskins, we’ll likely buy at a premium and have to deal with the consequences down the road.

    That being said, I still think it’s a good move to bring in a weapon like Desean. We weren’t going to find anyone of his caliber in the second round and we really havn’t added any explosiveness to the offense up to this point in the offseason.

  27. RAIDERS home coming would have been cool story.

    Next up Sammy Watkins (hopefully the Oakland Julio Jones) or Mack/Barr on Defense.

    Mike Evans A&M Marquise Lee USC Dennard Michigan St etc. Plenty o fish.

    9 to 10 Million is alot.

    1st thing out of DJax mouth aftrr signing….

    “I LOVE ME SOME ME!!!”

  28. I have followed Jackson since high school. A real burner for sure but small and frail. I wouldn’t say he only runs one route but he doesn’t like the middle of the field that’s for sure. His 10 yard splits in the 40 are unbelievable and if he gets a DB to bite on his studder step move he is back up to full speed in 2 strides and wide open. His return game is awesome too but maybe its just me in that I wouldn’t pay a player like this 10 million. This guy couldn’t hold Mega Tron’s or AJ Greene’s jock. Not even half as tough as Steve Smith and Smith is eleventy. He’s electrifying when he shows up but a true 10 million dollar #1 wide receiver is big, strong and fast that can take over games in any kind of system. I’m not sure Desean is that kind of player and obviously Philly doesn’t think so either.

  29. HTTR. If this happens, the pros WAY outweigh the cons. Hated him on the Eagles yet would support him on the REDSKINS. Pick your poison when this offense hits the field.

  30. That’s funny being the Skins only have like $4M in cap space, and they still need money to sign this years draft class, etc lol

  31. It would be shocking if it come close to the $9-$10 million that Jackson is seeking in a long term deal with a large guarantee amount.

  32. This offense will be something to behold in the coming year if RG3 is as improved as he is speculated to be. Tell you what, I wouldn’t want to be the d coordinator tasked with finding out how to beat a solid running and passing game with a mobile qb.

  33. ESPN’s Ed Werder jumps into the fray, saying there is no deal between the Redskins and Jackson, noting that he will continue meeting with the Redskins tomorrow as well as keep talking with other interested teams (Twitter link).
    A source close to Jackson says it’s a “done deal” between the Redskins and the receiver, tweets Tim McManus of However, Ian Rapoport of also chimes in, saying that while the two parties had a good meeting, Jackson has more visits lined up tomorrow, and a number of teams are still competing for the playmaker (via Twitter).

  34. If they didn’t break the bank, he could be a terrific addition to the Redskins offense. Here’s hoping it works out well for both parties…

  35. After the ridiculous contract given to Hatcher, washed up Clark, no early draft picks, and now trying to win the Superbowl in April…

    They haven’t adressed the biggest need. Offensive Line.

    And they will have no rookies to season, and no money for the next few years after getting out of cap Jail…

    Better keep that knee brace on, RGIII

  36. When/If he scores against the Eagles in Philadelphia this season the heat will come down on Chip and Howie Roseman hard. Although, when the Eagles were done with McNabb they sent him to Washington and he burned out fast. So it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

  37. Congrats to the skins if this goes thru. This will cost the eagles in the end.

  38. And once again, daniel snyder decides to throw truckloads of money at a questionable character and locker room cancer to try and win the offseason. Has anyone signed that unblockable talent Albert Haynsworth… anyone??

  39. Stick it to the Eagles! They fired em for “gang association” but kept the guy who calls blacks the “N” word?!! Really dust the eagles DBS every chance u get!!

  40. I do not have a horse in this race, I am a beloved by all Pats fan, but I think it would be a good deal, Eagles getting a shot at him twice a year, D gets paid, fun times for all.

  41. I thought DC only had $7 million in cap space. How can they sign DeSean, stay under the cap, and still have $$$ for their draft class?

  42. The real irony is that the Skins could have drafted Desean Jackson back in 2008. Instead, we used our time – exactly one pick before the Eagles grabbed Jackson – to draft Fred Davis.

  43. Should be a good signing for Washington. Maybe a little bit overpriced, but he made it very clear that he wanted to get paid like an elite WR. As long as he stays out of trouble he should be able to help RG3 and co. a lot with their style of offense.

  44. I’m no eagles fan but after seeing them thump my cowboys enough , I’m convinced they are committed to win. They felt the need to De-Sean their roster. Looks like it may cost the redskins 10 huge to find out the same thing.

  45. Well, I think RG3 is garbage and DJack is a virus., but Alfred Morris is good.

  46. RG 3, Garcon, Morris and Jackson could be formidable. Looks like people who have been writing off Griffin may be eating their words.

  47. As a Redskins fan, if this was to happen, I would seriously consider becoming a Cowboys fan. I’d rather they bring back Deion Sanders over this guy.

  48. I’d rather have seen him end up in Oakland but I’m really interested to see how him and RG3 play together. If this even turns out to be true that is…

  49. I’m surprised the Panthers didn’t make a run for him. Then, I realized he’ll play the Eagles twice a year.

    It’ll be interesting to see who the Eagles draft to replace him, (Cooks from Oregon?)

  50. Desean has killed us over the years. Why would redskins brass bring him here? I couldn’t root for him. You bring in our nemesis? Another fine job by Dan Snyder. Jeeeez….why not sign witten and manning too…

  51. Redskins might be a solid team this year if RG3 and the D can stay healthy. RG3, Al Morris, DJax, Reed, Orakpo, Kerrigan. Solid base to build a team around.

  52. Dan Snyder back at playing fantasy football.

    Thought the Redskins had learned their lesson of going for the splashy names vs. a disciplined approach (Haynesworth, etc).. Too many red flags on this guy.

  53. If it’s true, I hope we got it right. It’s time for these FA signings to start working in our favor. If not, it’s gonna be another long few years.

    I hope getting tossed from the Eagles humbled you, Desean.

  54. Hate all you want but you cannot deny the fact that this addition immediately upgrades the wr core. Rg3 will bounce back in a huge way!!!!!! Haters are jealous because their team couldn’t land him

  55. Well WAS has been frugal throughout free agency until now. I’ve liked all the free agent signings except this one. I hope that Jackson doesn’t create problems here and is a productive player, but I wouldn’t have signed him. Hopefully they didn’t break the bank to get him.

  56. hope he kicks the eagles butt …so chip kelly thinks he is belichick now after a 10-6 season….10-6 is not all that in some places like new england and denver
    san fran seattle 2

  57. I dont like this move. Of course I hope I am wrong and they sign him to a cap friendly deal that will allow them to work out contracts for our core of Kerrigan, Orakpo, RG , Morris,Garcon and Trent Williams. Dont f up those future contracts by signing this punk. If this happens it has Snyder written all over it. He just cant keep his nose out of it.

  58. I’d rather not see him twice a year. Them again, watching him and RGMe eventually go at it and cause the Annual Washington Professional Football Team Meltdown will be glorious.

  59. DJack’s is a game changer and put along side with Garcon, Andre Roberts and Jordan Reed will make our offense very legit if our O-Line can hold up. This signing also allows us to focus on Defense and O-Line in the draft. Unfortunately this signing may also mean Moss probably won’t make the 53 man cut.

  60. Hope he clicks with Kirk Cousins…cause after the 3rd game of the season when RGIII goes on the DL that’s who’ll be throwing to him…

  61. I called it since I knew he was visiting the skins. I am an eagle’s fan, don’t like the skins; however, they have a very very motivated Jackson which the eagles will face twice a year, plus pierre garcon, plus a motivated rg3. Right now, the skins are on top of the nfc.

    I mean they have santana moss too, that’s 3 wr with blazing speed. I’m curious to see their offense. They will kill.

    As for the Eagles, WR become our greatest need. Maclin coming of acl will need another year to complete heal, Avant is gone, so that left us with Cooper. Awesome.

  62. If a deal gets done, you can bet the contract won’t be insane. It will be an appropriate balance between what Djax is seeking and his market value. They still make some head scratching decisions, but if there is one thing that Bruce Allen has shown over the last few years is that the front office has finally figured out the whole “goofy headline contract” thing.

    I’m not sure I like the idea of the ‘skins signing Jackson. There’s a reason the Eagles let him walk for nothing so at least I hope they are doing their due diligence. That said, on the field he is a game changer and would give this offense another avenue of attack.

  63. I give it 4 wks before it implodes.
    Jackson needs to go to a stable professional organization.

    Cut from one .500 disaster, joining another .500 disaster.
    What a waste.
    Should be fun to watch.

  64. People really think a player goes to a team so they can “get back at their old team”. DJ would go to the CFL if they paid him 10 mil year. He is going to the deadskins for MONEY, period.

  65. As a Eagles fan i like this. Mcnabb saga all over again. He his a headache. And when he starts his antics he will further fustrate RG3. Good job skins. I like this. Keep your enemies close

  66. Prediction: they will have a small amount of success, then the whole thing implodes as soon as a team full of selfish players start to lose a few games.

  67. If RG3 plays like he did last year it wont matter at all; as is almost always the case, you go as far as your QB takes you unless you have some sort of “all-time” caliber defense, which the skins do not have. He’ll help but Im still seeing 6-7 wins this year at most. Philly should win 9 or 10 and the Giants will win 7 to 9.

    The Cowboys will be figuring out who they’ll be taking with the 3rd or 4th pick in next year’s draft.

  68. Don’t know if this story is bogus or not, but if it isn’t, things are going to be mighty interesting in DC next season. It could turn out to be great, as Jackson, Garcon, Jordan Reed and Morris behind an upgraded O-line would give RGIII a lot of weapons to work with. Or it could blow up in everybody’s faces because of DJax’s baggage.

  69. Of course it’s a done deal. It’s already being reported that the Redskins are the single only team in the NFL currently interested in him. The jets and Deseans former O coordinator backed out. KC and Deseans old coach backed out. Oak and his hometown backed out. Makes you wonder why all these teams, especially the ones that know him so well, don’t want him.

    Shockingly Dan Snider is bidding against himself…. and losing.

  70. This should be fun. It will make Redskins games relevant again to the Eagles. I am curious to see how much he got and and how it was structured.

    DeSean needs money now so I think he’ll get this year’s salary as a signing bonus and a 1 mill salary for 2014.

    Regardless, it will be interesting to see if the Redskins will go into the season with their many other holes due to lack of cap space signing DJax.

  71. I love how all the haters come out once a team signs a player that everyone else coveted. Now let’s make no mistake….the Redskins are indeed a joke of an organization. Walmart named their clothing line (Faded Glory) after the Redskins…yes that is true, and yes and I’ll miss the drama of Weasel vs. The Rat this year; but it’s a good signing.

  72. you can always count on the Skins for some good laughter. you would think they have learned their lesson when it came to free agency and in building through the draft but guess not. keep doing those ill advised mistakes for the rest of the other teams of what not to do, It’s always good to see one bone head team others can see and learn of what not to do to learn from.

  73. Some of these comments are hilarious, skins have a huge need at receiver and djax is best receiver available, skins need to sign him and use the draft to get O-linemen. And if djax is a bust, oh well, that is the nature of nfl

  74. I assume Snyder inherited all of his money. Hard to imagine someone so stupid could have earned.

  75. I hope they do, and I hope they don’t. I’m sure it will be a safe contract for Washington. Bruce Allen seems to have a good grasp of things. O-line in the draft and its a good offseason.

  76. I think the lesson of this offseason is that the deal is done when it’s actually done. Although if this does go down I’m sure Morris and Helu will be pretty excited.

  77. D jackson is a great talent. Why wwouldn’t u want him on team.
    Maybe the the news outlets should look into the coaches gm the teams staff and see what they doing in their personal lives as well

  78. With the first round pick, the Redskins draft D-Jax. Guys don’t even know the deal yet and saying it is like Hanesworth. Granted health is my only concern, if the deal is in the 9 to 10 range, I’m in. The cap is going way up and the next few years. The kid is 27. I was at the Monday night crusher, still see D-Jax blowing by Landry, shivers.

  79. This signing will be such a disaster… The Redskins will WANT to change their name to avoid the embarrassment of Haynesworth, the Shenanigans, RG needs III legs and Desean “Crypto-Blood” Jackson.

  80. Criiiiiips on the Redskiiiiiins
    Diiiiiva on the teeeeeam….
    Aaaaand come the bye weeeeek….
    FIGHT, with RG Threeeee

  81. I remember George Seifert and Charles Hailey couldn’t get along so George shipped him off to Dallas (or released him, not sure). That tipped the balance between the two closely matched teams.

    I applauded the move at the time for taking a stand against Hailey’s anti-team antics but in retrospect I wished the coach could have brought the best out of the player instead of giving up on him.

    So is Jackson an Albert Hainesworth or a Charles Hailey situation?

  82. Hmmm… A player with a questionable work ethic and character issues on the Redskins? Who would have thought???

  83. He will play well the first season, just to keep the critics off his back, but when season 2 comes… It will be back to MeSean.

  84. Washington back in cap hell has rg3 ever hit anyone on a go route down the sideline? His forte is over the middle. Jackson doesn’t go over the middle

  85. Please god make this happen. From an eagles fan, we play u 2 times a year. Come across the middle alagator arms. Hahaha. I love it….

  86. The skins were supposed to be the best thing ever last season and how did that turn out for ya? Oh yeah Philly won the division title with a rookie HC… ouch….

    Now you really think Jackson gives the skins an edge over the eagles? LOL… Okay.. It’s not like we don’t know how to cover him or anything our DB’s only practiced with him everyday… annnnd goodluck losing 10-15 yards on punt returns. And to the skins fan that said the eagles lost their best weapon….. No we lost our best weapon last season in Maclin. He is fine now. Good day 🙂

  87. “It’s not like we don’t know how to cover him or anything our DB’s only practiced with him everyday”

    Do you honestly think the Eagles have any DBs who can cover Desean down the field?

  88. He fits the perfect mold of a Redskins player: absolute diva, big mouth, and seems to disappear in the games that matter. While he’s a great talent with breakaway speed, he reminds me of his small and quick counter part in Garçon.No big wide receivers, no tight end help, decent offensive line, the next Michael Vick at qb and an absolutely atrocious defense. They may win the NFC east with an 8-8 record, you know how that goes. However, they would still get beat up by the entire rest of the NFC

  89. I remember when Redskin fans were all like “we got McNabb, look out he gonna burn da Iggles twice a year.” Well that didn’t play out as hoped. Granted, Djax is younger than McNabb was, but they have had good receivers in the past and haven’t done much with them. Djax can strut around after his big TD catch makes the score Philly 41, Washington 14.

  90. So happy we got rid of this guy. He was a horrible influence on this team despite what the inflated numbers suggest. He gives up on plays, complains to refs while the plays are still happening, gets completely shut down in the biggest games, has a horrible attitude, misses practices, and has murdering buddies who he takes instagram pics with. There is a reason the Chiefs won’t sign DeSean. Andy almost cut him several times before Chip finally manned up and did what need be done. Enjoy him!!

  91. He left without a contract which means that, he wants to visit more teams first. So, Red Skin fans getting excited over D-Jax coming to Washington is over.

  92. Too bad you haven’t addressed that o line that bob blamed for his poor season.It starts up front. Good luck with the biggest wide out diva in the league.

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