Report: Titans unlikely to pick up option on Jake Locker


The Titans haven’t moved on from Chris Johnson yet, though it seems clear they want to.

But it appears they’re willing to roll the dice on Jake Locker for one more year, but maybe just one more.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, the Titans are unlikely to pick up the fifth-year option on Locker’s rookie deal, which would cost $13 million for 2015.

Team CEO Tommy Smith had previously expressed confidence in Locker, but that appears to be a short-term proposal.

With a new coach coming in who didn’t draft Locker, the rope will be short. If he performs well this year, they’ll still have a chance to secure his services for the future.

But if they don’t use the reasonably priced option (at least compared for a franchise tag), then it’s clear this is the last make-or-break year for a talented player who has struggled to stay on the field.

8 responses to “Report: Titans unlikely to pick up option on Jake Locker

  1. this is what happens when a guy misses significant time in college due to injury, plays recklessly, and you draft him in the first round.

  2. If the Titans hadn’t drafted Locker, then they no doubt would have take Gabbert or Ponder instead. So, yeah, when it comes to the big picture (long term), I’m SO glad they chose Locker.

  3. Make him earn it. Don’t give out a huge extension like Rick Smith did to Schaub (coming off a major foot injury nonetheless and with zero playoff games) only to watch him take a huge dump on you.

  4. why is this and has it been a story at all? Of course the titans were not going to pick up the option. For the 2 of you here who actually watch the games, not just glance at a stat line (think that applies to about 4 of you, the rest are espn fans), you know he shows promise when healthy. Decision making was better this year, completion percentage was better, all with no consistent run game, kenny britt half-assing his routes (just over a 31% completion percentage when targeted), and another season of a revolving door offensive line. But until he completes a season showing that upside, then why would they resign him to an average of the top 10 qb salaries? Jake is a great competitor who has suffered from a bad officiating play 2 years ago (although he never should have made the tackle) and horrible coaching this last. He never should have been allowed back on the field unless he was 100% (coaches trying to keep jobs), then to call an option the play before the one that ended his season was moronic aka dowell loggains, when your QB already had an injured hip. No one wants to win more than Jake, but this season he will play out his contract, and either be resigned or let go, this “option” was never an option

  5. I think he will shine this year, a totally different situation is happening. The moves they are making should protect him and he may finally get a chance to sit back in the pocket for more than 2 seconds. Especially since C.J will be gone and Jake may have a back that might actually try to block somebody in pass situations

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