Ryan Clark heads to Washington

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Veteran safety Ryan Clark has found his new home, and it’s one of his former homes.

Clark has agreed to terms on a one-year contract with Washington, according to multiple reports.

The 34-year-old Clark previously played in Washington from 2004 to 2005 after starting his career as an undrafted free agent with the Giants in 2002. Clark has spent the last eight seasons with the Steelers.

Clark started all 16 games last year, but he often looked like he had lost a step. Washington apparently thinks Clark still has something left.

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  1. Washed up safety, he wouldn’t even be a starter on the Vikings.

    Meanwhile Harrison Smith is proving himself to be the best safety in the NFL


  2. Welcome Home Ryan. Should have never let you go in that offseason of 2006, but no matter, finish your career with the best franchise in sports and enjoy this Superbowl run with the Redskins to close your chapter as a football player. Oh and say hello to your newest teammate, Mr. DeSean Jackson at Redskins Park when you go sign those contracts tommorow in Ashburn. #HTTR

  3. I usually dont care what EX Steelers do once they leave ..but Clark has proven his worth ..Congratz

  4. I guarantee that he get a minimum of 2 int’s against Romo this year. Old or not

  5. Redskins Def backs don’t need a ‘step,’ to keep up with WRs if:
    Jason Hatcher, Rakpo and. Kerrigan are getting at the QB.
    AND with D-Jax out of the East, how many burners at WR will the skins’ DB’s have to keep up with?

  6. “Washed up safety, he wouldn’t even be a starter on the Vikings.

    Meanwhile Harrison Smith is proving himself to be the best safety in the NFL”

    Clark WOULD start for the Vikes, since someone has to step in for the oft injured Harrison Smith. Watching from the bench for 8 games does not a top safety make.

  7. Now we just have to wait through another day of idiot werder playing devils advocate with D-Jax’s agent. Everybody contradicts themselves talking about sources with knowledge of other sources knowledge of the thinking of a source close to a source within the teams thinking, and how they are in deep discussions with teams that don’t exist in the NFL.

  8. Watching last year it wasn’t the missed coverage was apparent to me, it was the missed tackles.

    Just looked like a guy who had nothing in the tank anymore.

    But he was a great part of the Steelers 43 SB win and likable, personable….and hold on your hat DC, highly opinionated.

    Seems like he was ESPN’s go to guy on any issue and the Steelers players were the only ones to vote down the labor deal.

    Hope they asked him what he thought of the name change because he won’t be towing any company line.

    Bet he ends up at a network soon or in the pulpit where he was known to be quite the speaker at local churches.

  9. doctorrustbelt says:
    Mar 31, 2014 6:52 PM
    The return of the Bubby Brister Era continues.

    This is the best you can come up with?
    A Bengals fan that rips the Steelers.
    The Steelers OWN the Bengals in every way imaginable.

  10. He had some great years with the Steelers, but he’s done. He most likely won’t make the final cut out of training camp.

  11. Now if we could just resurrect Sean Taylor we’d have the safety tandem we should have had from 04 till now…


  12. Anyone who thinks that this was a good move by Washington is truly an idiot and knows nothing about football. This guy has been done for two years. In today’s NFL, with the way passing games have evolved, you need safeties that are fast and can cover space quickly. Clark is the slowest safety in the game, too old. Have fun Redskin fans!! Cheers!!

  13. Clark is a tad slower not great in coverage great run stopper led team in tackles 2 years ago he’s a decent starter stays healthy a value signing for Washington also great lockerroom guy

  14. Every post that has something about pittsburgh current and ex players he repliesthe bubby brister era but you were pretty damn quite whwhen Pittsburgh got blount. Lets see the bungles handle Le’veon bell and legarrette blount.

  15. Ryan has lost a step to age, but he plays with a lot of passion. He’s smart and a great union rep. He’s been a tremendous asset to the Steelers, and I’m sorry to see him go. Wishing him all the best as he returns to the Redskins.

  16. Another defensive player decides not to join the Seahawks, looks like they are getting there and realizing how much the Seahawks cheat the system to win. Good for Clark.

  17. Good Luck Ryan. Steeler Nation thanks you for everything. I personally won’t forget you laying out the ravens Willis McGahee in the afc championship en route to a superbowl win. Instant Classic.

  18. Ryan had a very solid career with the Steelers. He clobbered people and was tough. I appreciated watching him play. But no doubt he slid in capability last year. Good luck Ryan.

  19. Unless Clark is playing for pennies, the Jackson signing looks dead. How can the Skins pay for it and stay under the cap.

  20. So he lost a couple of steps and signed with the Redskins. If he lost a boat load of steps and couldn’t cover his grandmother in a wheelchair, he would have signed with the Vikings.

  21. Thanks, Ryan. Your tenure in the Burgh is appreciated, especially playing after losing your spleen and gall bladder due to complications of your sickle cell trait. When you and Troy were healthy, you were a dynamic duo.

  22. He signed a 1 year deal. I’m guessing its for 2 million or less with a small signing bonus and incentives. The Skins currently are about 7 million or so under the cap so this was a inexpensive signing.

  23. Much respect to the Steeler fans who have been very classy on this topic. Clarke was brought in to mentor the young safeties Thomas, and Rambo. His knowledge, and leadership will go a long way. Can only hope that the skins can eventually get this right in the same manner as the Steeler organization.

  24. One of my favorite Steelers during their most recent run of SB appearances. He spent his best years in Pittsburgh and made a difference on that defense.

    Couldn’t believe it then and still can’t now that the Redskins let him go so easily back then while making Archuleta the highest paid safety in the NFL (6 yr, $30 mil., $10 mil. guaranteed).

    Hope Skins get some good use out of him.

  25. Redskins fans are comically desperate. They had 7 mill under cap before signing Clark and before the rookie class which will cost 2-3 mill. Not hard math folks….desean wants 9-10 per year….rg knee is avg at best after 2 acls and now he will finally have to learn straight pocket passing behind that terrible O line. No shabahan no option plays. Haha. Good luck as you’re realistically looking at 6-10 this year.

  26. Congrats Ryan…U were one helluva football player for the Steelers…His best days are way behind him, but laid out some of the biggest hits on a Steeler defense that was know for some pretty big hits….Willis Mcgahee is still laid out on Heinz Field….

  27. Steeler Nation thanks you for eight great seasons, RC……..Willis still doesn’t know what hit him!

    “Here we go STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!!!”

  28. Huge Steelers fan that wishes Clark and the Skins the best of luck. While I wish Ryan wasn’t so provocative with his opinions, the man can hit like few others.

  29. Remember the Steelers still have the most talented safety, probably, to ever play in the NFL.

    Shamarko has a long way to go including actually breaking the starting line up, don’t anoint him yet. Or do you mean that other guy you signed this season? Certainly its not Troy P because no way he was better than Ed Reed.

  30. Good luck Ryan, and good luck Redskins. You will not be forgotten in Pittsburgh or by Troy, who was able to let loose because of your coverage.

  31. Ryan was always one of the hardest hitting safeties in the league. Unfortunately for him, Roger’s new NFL has made his intimidating style of play obsolete, so you better have a FS who can cover some ground. Good luck Ryan.

  32. Poor guy, actually a classy guy. Going from one of the best to the absolute worst.

    Classiest NFL Franchises:
    1) Packers
    2) Steelers
    3) NY Giants
    In that order!

  33. Congrats and good luck to Ryan Clark. He was a leader and
    a warrior for the Steelers. I’m happy he got another opportunity to play
    before he starts his next career as an analyst. Very smart and tough as nails
    and quality guy. Thanks for your contributions, and best of luck Ryan.

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