A week after getting an NFL job, Greg Reid gets arrested again

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Cornerback Greg Reid worked hard to get to the NFL.  His stay may end up being a short one.

According to ESPN.com, the Rams defensive back was arrested Saturday for violating probation.  The specifics of the violation haven’t been disclosed.

Reid had been placed on probation after a 2012 arrest for possession of marijuana and driving on a suspended license.  He was apprehended while a passenger in a car that was pulled over because the driver wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.  Police identified an active warrant for Reid’s arrest.

The Rams signed Reid after he participated in the March 18 Florida State Pro Day workout.  Reid was undrafted in 2013 and out of football after tearing an ACL in March of last year, while preparing for the draft.

Reid currently is being held without bond.  There’s a good chance he’ll be released by the Rams before he’s released from custody.

32 responses to “A week after getting an NFL job, Greg Reid gets arrested again

  1. You can take the idiot out of FSU but you can’t take the FSU out of the idiot.

  2. Dude finally gets the shot of a lifetime to play in the NFL and pisses it away on something stupid. Like the old saying goes, the world needs ditch diggers too.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly ignorant some players are. Geez, if your going to cruise with dope in you possession at least have the smarts to wear your seatbelt, use turn indicators…etc. Don’t give the cops a reason to pull you over.

  4. First off, it’s never good to ever put yourself into a position where you have to even deal with probation. However, one can violate probation by getting caught in a traffic snarl and not being on time for a meeting.

    Since we don’t have all the facts here (yet) — let’s wait until the rest of the information is presented before we slam the crap out of this guy in this particular instance.

  5. How about more detail before i can judge………… I’ve showed proof of insurance and the cop forgot to log it, guess who had a warrant out

  6. And Jeff Fisher will continue to not receive any criticism for this signing nor any other signing that fails to work out. I have never seen a coach that has never won a thing continue to be employed this long.

  7. It’s a little early to condemn the guy based on an unspecified parole violation, which could be potentially anything from a traffic violation to a missed meeting with his PO or even a misunderstanding. I hope it’s nothing serious and this kid can work it out and get his shot in the league

  8. Makes you wonder about Jeff Fisher’s ability to be taking lead on the whole sportsmanship front. The Rams are undisciplined on and off the field.

  9. and these are the guys that universities are supposed to pay $50,000-$60,000 a year to if you believe the players union supporters. Dont have the grades to get into school without lower NCAA admission standards, looking for short term financial gain (which half would spend on buying a pimped out ride), drugs, assaults, weapons offenses…yep schools should definitely put thousands in the hands of these clearly mature/well rounded kids. Its actually better for the long term for these guys the way the system is now…if they choose not to value the education, well thats their problem. However based on the backgrounds many of these players come out of, placing large sums of money in their pockets (and the hangers on around them) might not be the ebst idea. I mean a large number of PRO athletes end up broke when they are done…what do you think will happen with 18-21 yr olds in this situation?

  10. Probation violation isn’t a real crime. It isn’t as if he was waving a gun around or beating up old ladies. I just had a $130 seatbelt ticket (BS). It isn’t fair for him to lose his chance because of soemthing like this. I would like more info on whatever he did before I pass judgment and I hope the Rams feel the same way.

  11. Once you are foolish enough to have a police record, you never get the benefit of the doubt or a warning again.

    Druggies don’t care, don’t get jobs, don’t work hard, and blame society because they are losers.

  12. he violated his probation for failing to report to his probation officer.

    To thesportgenius he was not driving, he was on the passenger side the driver was the one without the seatbelt.

  13. Being a professional means a lot more than having the on-field talent. A big MUST is being able to handle yourself in a professional manner off-the-field.

  14. Why oh why do you even put yourself in this predicament in the first place, no matter what we haven’t heard as yet.

  15. Some people are just stuck on stupid. This was his problem while at FSU. At least keep your nose clean long enough to get into camp and win a job. SMH.

  16. Geez, guy was just late meeting with someone and paying fines. People acting like he choked his fiancee or something.

  17. What a loser..the question that is never asked is how do bags of balls like this end up playing college football? If you really think this criminal activity just started now you have your head up your butt. I wish all colleges-athletic depts wouldn’t bring in rogue players. Sadly this will continue because the old mighty dollar rules the roost. So as long as you can play it doesn’t matter to some colleges that you are d-bag..

  18. How long had the arrest warrant been active? If it had been active since at least last week, then the Rams signed him while there was an active warrant for his arrest.

  19. LOL, as far as NFL crimes go, this isn’t a biggie!! As South Park Sheriff Barbrady would say, “Move along, folks! Nothing to see here!”

  20. I used to teach middle school in bmore, now we are talking about one of the most hardest working conditions from a teaching standpoint. One thing or a common theme, the knuckleheads will/would always be knuckleheads regardless of accommodations. Now, dont get me wrong some will eventually grew out of it, but believe me that is just a tiny, tiny. minority. This kids actions dont surprise me.

  21. greg was wearing a seat belt was not driving and what was the warrant for ? other than that i believe we should string him up!! lets all just calm down and find out what really happened before we string him up!!

  22. I lived in Valdosta and I know the young man. Greg’s first problem is that he went to college too close to his home town bad influences. This apple fell from a rotten tree..
    He has a younger brother who is actually a better athlete but he too fell victim to his environment. I hope Greg will finally wake up and claim his prize before its too late.

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