Agent, Redskins to talk soon about DeSean Jackson

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Yes, agent Joel Segal has been in Washington on Tuesday.  No, he wasn’t there specifically to meet with the Redskins.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Segal served as a guest lecturer on Tuesday at George Washington University.  He made the commitment at least a month ago, long before the possibility of Jackson looking for a new job became anything close to a reality.

Segal has yet to negotiate with the Redskins, but we’re told talks likely will commence soon.  They’ll happen either in person or by phone.

Jackson met with the Redskins for roughly three hours on Tuesday.  He has left the building, but it’s too early to know whether he’ll be signing or not signing with the team.

47 responses to “Agent, Redskins to talk soon about DeSean Jackson

  1. Niners fan here. I think our GM may make a mistake and not pay up for him. I understand the chain of payment, but we have to win a championship. NOW. We’ve been too close. Jackson can be the difference. If he gets arrested/hurt/becomes a distraction, deal with it then. And tell our homegrowns (Kap, crabtree, etc.) that we will take care of you, but we need this ring. Any true team player will buy into the move for the Lombardi.

  2. I would love to see where all of this people are getting their “inside” information. I’m guessing they’re pulling it out of somewhere the sun doesn’t shine.

  3. what are you doing reggie???? and for all the posts about drafting watkins at 5, sorry he will be long gone. We will have a choice of Matthews (who is a better rt) , and Mack, wh0 is better suited for a 3-4, or whatever 1 QB is left from Bortles, Bridgewater, or MAnziel…that is a fact

  4. Skins are a joke, maybe more so than the Browns. Pierre Garcon is just a good a talent as Desean Jackson if not better and do you really think RGIII can handle the personality of Desean Jackson…

  5. easy to see whats going on here,they are just playing synder to get an offer they can take to a contender to try a force a better deal no way would he go to a perennial loser like skins

  6. Matt Schaub to Djax……yea, I can see that……opens things up for Moore, Streater, RunDMC and MJD……..could be good! Eagles made a big mistake!

  7. Drew breezy, u better not be a saints fan talking smack… you’re one dolphin decision away from still being no bodies with bags on your heads. Now go fix those dikes so you don’t have to grow gills.

  8. If the Skins sign him, I give it 5 games until RGIII and Jackson are throwing blows on the side line after RGIII over throws him for the 10th time in a row. Then after the game in the presser RGIII will simply say, “we all just need to do our job”.

  9. This is so exciting, it’s almost like….oh wait….this isn’t exciting at all. Whoever signs him has to know that he’ll be wanting a re-negotiation within 6 months of the “deal”. #honorwhat?

  10. You Pats fans sure make me laugh. All of you begging DJ to “take a cut in pay to play with Brady” Gimmie a break. This is capitalism, bro. Why dont you guys take a cut in pay at your own jobs to make your bosses happy. Put YOUR money where your mouth is. Didnt think so…

  11. Apparently my cousin who works at the airport, just texted me that Jackson boarded a plane headed to Cleveland ab 20 mins. Ago!!

  12. Agent tells media suckers that deal is near hoping someone else swoops in with a “Godfather” offer. Call me when he actually signs.

  13. If history has taught us anything about mesean it is the talks and the raiders will talk loudest in his gang banging ear

  14. D- Jax is all about the green ; not Brown or Burgundy – hell he wasn’t happy at 10 mil ; and whoever pays the most he will suit up for now and bitch about the contract later .

    He’s a weapon but like a bad gun, he will backfire

  15. Redskins are intruding in the great state of Maryland… Represented thoroughly in the Baltimore Ravens’ midfield shield logo.

    The Baltimore Ravens are Maryland’s ONLY team.

    2x Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens

  16. Your coverage of DeSean Jackson is pretty ESPNish…. Just sayin.

    You don’t need to stalk the guy. Just let us know when negotiations get serious.

  17. well? did Segal’s presentation go ok? did we find out whether he had lunch and – if so – what the heck did he have?!? has either side budged on the appointment time yet? have they actually talked directly or is this just sources confirming that those close to the situation suspect they intend to talk? what do those (or ANY other) sources conjecture the numbers will look like? Did SF and Cleveland call Segal while he was talking to Snyder – or otherwise updating sources close to Segal and DeSean that that phones are indeed turned on?!?

    geeez… it’s been like an hour now

  18. Problem with DeSean in Oakland is that he doesn’t fight for jump balls or chase down interceptions. That combination with Schaub at QB could be dangerous.

  19. mesean is just using Snyder to drive price up he would never play for a perennial loser like skins

  20. Can Washington afford to add him? I know it’s fun to joke about Dan Snyder, but in the next couple of years they’ll need to start looking at long-term deals for RG3, Orakpo, Alf, and Trent Williams.

  21. @siggtacular:

    The Redskins have been here for 82 years.

    The Baltimore Browns are Maryland’s AFTERTHOUGHT team.

    Washington Redskins:
    3 time Superbowl Champions.
    5 time NFL Champions.

    When the Ravens continue to suck – and it will happen, the fans will stop going and the team will move. Just like the Colts.

  22. News like this is why the Redskins are perennial Super Bowl champions and the greatest franchise in sports history. No one can match up with RG3, the best football player in history. #TheRedskinsNeverStopWinningSuperBowls

  23. “I had a great time. Let’s get together soon. I’ll call you.”

    3 days later….

    “why hasn’t he called? He said he would!”

  24. 7 mill a year for 3 years??? You people actually think that’s realistic?? He was set to $10.5 mill this year and said he wanted MORE!! What makes you think he would sign for 7 with the first lousy team he meets with???

  25. youtubeingravenvids says: Apr 1, 2014 3:16 PM

    he is getting annoying.


    I guess when the rumors aren’t about your team possibly signing him right?

  26. The more people cry and complain about rg3, the etter i feal. You never see people cry so much over a player that isnt good. And by the way….run first qb? Shows exactly how little you know about rg3. Mike vick, cunnigham, run first qb. Rg3 is a qb that runs. Huge difference. Cant read defense huh? Only set rookie and nfl record for lowest int thrown first year qb. Please post fact not bias opinion. We see enough of that from the media these days. Facts are facts, opinions? Well tbey are like something else everyone has and it stinks as well.

  27. Hear is my theory on why DJax has not signed his contract. He has a contract in place but will not sign a contract on April Fool’s Day. Deal will be signed tomorrow. Book it.

  28. The lions are so lucky to have a class act like Calvin Johnson god I wish Oakland would have taken him instead of getting caught up In all the hype about J Russell every scout and Mel kipper people were all wrong ………….

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