Carlos Rogers thinks old guys can turn Raiders around


The Raiders aren’t doing anything to get younger on defense.

But the latest old guy to join them thinks that might be a good thing.

Former 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers, who signed yesterday, said coming in to work as the nickel corner inside Tarell Brown and D.J. Hayden is going to help solidify things.

“The Raiders have been one of the teams that have been more active in the offseason, trying to turn things around,” Rogers said, via Scott Bair of “I see where this team is going, and it wasn’t hard to come here and finalize the deal. Especially playing with Tarell, and I have been good friends with Charles Woodson since I’ve been in college, it was easier to come here and play with them. Plus, I just have to move myself from one place to another, right across the bay.”

Along with Brown coming over from the 49ers, the Raiders have also added senior citizens Justin Tuck, LaMarr Woodley and Antonio Smith to the front seven.

While it might have been better to have had that group five years ago, it should lend some stability to a team which needs any it can find.

32 responses to “Carlos Rogers thinks old guys can turn Raiders around

  1. Seriously what a clown show the raiders have become.
    Note to the GM; You need a real QB and head coach. Both would be good but atleast one to start with.

  2. Everybody is saying things like what are the Raiders doing signing all these old dudes. What most don’t understand is that the Raiders completely overhauled their roster the previous two yrs. They had no choice but to get rid of all the mistakes OLD Al made in his final yrs and start over. Last yr they fielded a team operating at a minus 45 mil dollar clip due to dead money. They had to sign real NFL players no matter what age. People saying why aren’t they signing 25 27 yr olds aren’t realizing that those guys if their good aren’t available in free agency. These “old” player are not the long term answer of course but it allows them time to draft and build a team highly influenced by REAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS who can demonstrate to all our incoming draftees how to be a TRUE PROFESSIONAL!!!!

  3. Old hands make good tutors for rookies. Tried and tested on every other team. Even yours.

  4. Taking the 49ers’ hand-me-downs has only had limited success for them. Rice & Lott were solid but the rest were already done when they were let go. They need to draft well!

  5. Well these old players have tons of experience in a winning environment. In short, the worst the Raiders can get out of this is creating an environment where young players they draft falls into a great situation as long as they are willing to learn. It seems to me all these players have the same thing in mind, leadership.

  6. I get one or two veterans who will provide stability and leadership but what they are doing is going to set them back another year because most of these guys will only provide one solid year if that….

  7. I always believe that out with the old in with the new for age of players has it’s downside. Hoping this works out for the raiders so vets who might of “lost” a step could still play longer. Every other sport and in the world over 30 is not old. It’s 2014 and the sports medicine has stepped up so much.

  8. Hope these are all 2 year deals… Shame going through all the roster pains of the past seasons just to get to be where they are end of season, with all this cap space…

    And they don’t sign their own good young players who thrived in their system and let them walk away with nothing in return (compensatory picks next year.. maybe)…

    It’s great if these guys come in and contribute while also mentoring the young guys… but otherwise you’ve got some player coaches who are counting against the cap and mostly coaching and not producing

  9. All of these “old guys” are signed to 2-3 year deals. They will buy the team time to build through the draft. All of their contracts are team friendly. These guys are all leaders int he locker room and high character. Reggie is building for the future while providing a competitive team now. Reggie is a branch off the Ron Wolf/Packer tree. He has a plan and is sticking with it.

  10. I hope the Raiders win the division. We saw how overated the Broncos turned out from the first play of the Superbowl. They picked up a couple of defensive players. However, Ware and Talib are injury prone. Also, KC and SD fell apart at he end.

  11. None of this matters with their lame offense
    and Schaub throwing pick sixes every week

  12. Put Rodgers and Brown on the Raiders offense. Then they’ll have two solid tacklers to avoid Schaub’s pick-sixes.

  13. Nobody else wanted any of these old dudes.


    Nobody with any talent left wants to go to the worst franchise with the worst stadium in the worst city in the league.

  14. Again. You couch GM’s go do some intern work, some sports business management courses, get hired by nfl club & then come back and give us your qualified opinions. Bunch of clowns .

  15. The only one who’s about to get turned around is Carlos Rodgers. Being a die-hard SF 49ers fan, it honestly felt like it was ALWAYS Carlos Rodgers who was getting beat deep.

    @ teams playing the Raiders: go long.

    – SF 49er fans

  16. The Broncos signed DeMarcus Ware. Ware will be 32 in July. Here are his recent sack totals: 2011 19.5 sacks, 2012 11.5 sacks, 2013 6.0 sacks. Ware has a cap hit of $9.7 million in 2014, $11.7 million in 2015, and $11.7 million in 2016. There is dead money to the Broncos if he is cut either of those outer years ($6.8 million in 2015 and $1.7 million in 2016). I defy anyone on here to show me a worse signing the Raiders made compared to this one.

  17. These contracts are brilliant. The are short term, incentive laden and below market. They are low risk and high return. Many of these guys started last season beat up so the domino effect is short OTA’s, shortened preseason, and playing the season hurt…that won’t be the case this year.
    Also…getting younger doesn’t mean overpay free agents who only give a fraction more in production…who could also get hurt…it’s also about leveraging…one gets hurt you have depth to come in.
    Most people really don’t know what they are talking about. You should manage a team the same whether you are rebuilding or fine tuning a Super Bowl championship team. McKenzie has had a few bad moves but none that hurt the team long term and usually makes great value signings.

  18. The Raiders had planned to sign 26 year old superstars in free agency.

    The problem is almost every 26 year old player available sucks.

  19. These “old” dudes are not THAT old guys.
    These guys, have been leaders, and stalwarts their entire careers.

    Now. For the first time, they are doubted. Think they ALL don’t have a chip on their shoulders? They already know how to play, to be professionals, to train. Now they show the young guys.

    Next year at this time, how many YOUNGER free agents will have been signed? Because the players with options are going to WANT to come to Oakland.

    THAT is the next step, and how you build it.

  20. Any other team signing these players would be, “solid veteran pickups”, but since its the Raiders they are old guys. You idiot meadia haters have yet to realize Raiders like you morons bashing. It’ll be that much sweeter when we are whooping.

  21. The Raiders may not be getting younger on defense but they are getting better. That’s the point you’re missing.

  22. slick50ks says: Apr 1, 2014 10:49 AM

    Nobody else wanted any of these old dudes.


    Nobody with any talent left wants to go to the worst franchise with the worst stadium in the worst city in the league.
    slick50iq cares more about the Raiders than every Raider fan combined cares about the Chiefs.

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