Champ Bailey visiting the Saints, maybe another team


It took Champ Bailey a long time to reach his first Super Bowl, and it might take him some time to make people forget his recent form.

But that hasn’t kept him from looking for another chance.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the veteran cornerback is visiting the Saints, and may have another trip lined up, depending on the negotiations.

The Broncos couldn’t find enough nice things to say about him, but they also couldn’t get out of paying him $10 million next year fast enough either.

The 35-year-old Bailey has expressed a willingness to play some safety if need be (though the Saints are covered there), and his presence alone should help a team. But a foot injury and the inevitability of aging made him look like a different player last year.

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  1. You put the old Champ Bailey in the same defensive backfield as Keenan Lewis, Kenny Vaccarro, and Jairus Byrd, and the would easily be the most talented in the league. The current version of Champ Bailey, not so much. I don’t know about this one.

  2. What a sad way to end a career…if the Saints even make the playoffs they’re going to get blown out by the Seahawks AGAIN. Champ, we’ll take you as nickel or dime back. Time to win a ring, and you’ll have the best fans in the NFL behind you.

  3. Great player…in his prime.
    He’ll be 36 when the season starts, old enough to lose a few steps.

  4. As a close friend of the Bronco organization I feel the Saints, and ANY team who gets Bailey is getting a hell of a lot of skilled experience.

  5. “madmikepromo says:
    Apr 1, 2014 6:00 PM
    Ok maybe I’m stupid but how can the Saints afford Champ Bailey when they can barely pay other players”

    you’re not stupid. it’s perplexing even to saints fans, or at least to this guy. how does mickey loomis pull these rabbits out of his hat? how did he sign byrd to that contract this year?? how did he sign keenan lewis from the steelers last year??every year we seem to be on the cusp of eclipsing the cap, but he’s just apparently very smart and very good at what he does. he knows if he can pay a player one way (i.e. signing bonus) vs. another (i.e. contractual obligations) and get around any restrictions, then he will do that to meet a sum. for better or worse for the future of the club.

    (disclaimer: this is coming from a fan very uneducated in the science of being a football gm; it’s just what i gather based on what’s released to us public folk)

  6. There’s a reason Denver did not keep him.

    Raiders need another re-tread?

    Amazing GM McKenzie did not learn his lessons well from GB’s GM Ted Thompson: do not sign FA 30+ vets on the wrong side of youth.

    Odds are good that the goods will turn odd.

    Glad Thompson is Eyes Wide Open while N.O. and Oakland appear asleep.

    N.O. in ’14-’15: 8-8 at best
    Oakland in ’14-’15: 7-9 at best

  7. Pairing him at S with McCourty, with Revis & Browner on the outside would be very interesting. Just not sure there’s a place for him with Dennard & Ryan locked into spots, too.

  8. Great player as well as person, however right now, he is old, slow and done. Why would any team sign him at this point?

  9. Seattle couldn’t be us @ home….in the playoffs you come to the dome, you’re going home….no matter who you are….come on man!

  10. packers were 8-7-1 last year. saints were 11-5. big difference bud. if anyone regresses it’s neither. my money would be on the pack to improve (having rogers back) and for the saints to stay where they’re at (11-5, 10-6, MAYBE 12-4).

  11. Sick of hearing about Seattle. Just because you guys just got a franchise in 06 and happened to win a SB this year doesn’t mean anything. 9/10 of the ripped off 12th man won’t get it.

  12. What’s his price? If low enough would be art for Det to at least give visit. The leadership n things he could show our young DB’s would be huge!

  13. The Panthers could use a vet on the corner for a couple of years. Even with his age, he would be a step up from Munnerlyn.

  14. I’d like to see him with the 49ers, especially if they draft secondary help this year. He won’t costs much but can bring a lot of intangibles to the table. I think signing him makes more sense than signing D. Jackson.

  15. pfic15 says:
    Apr 1, 2014 7:41 PM
    Sick of hearing about Seattle. Just because you guys just got a franchise in 06 and happened to win a SB this year doesn’t mean anything. 9/10 of the ripped off 12th man won’t get it.

    We came into the league nine years after you came into the league and still had our first winning season a full ten years before you had your first winning season. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

  16. Too old. with Vaccaro, Byrd and Lewis we may not need a 4th db. Best d backfield in the game and will spank all comers. #failcants #40whiners #cryhawks

  17. Loomis knows how to arrange the payouts to avoid cap restrictions. He only has to do this artistry for one more season since the new TV contract will then kick in and raise the cap for each team a large amount.

    Champ would definitely help. I think he really still wants to play and that means much.

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