Darrelle Revis’s trainer says ACL is no longer an issue

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The Darrelle Revis who suits up for the Patriots this season will be just as effective as the Darrelle Revis who was a three-time All-Pro with the Jets, according to Revis’s trainer.

Brett Fischer, who leads Revis’s offseason workouts, told the Boston Herald that Revis moves just as well as he ever did and no longer even thinks about the torn ACL he suffered in September of 2012.

“Now that [Revis] is with a new team, obviously a winning organization like that, he’s so fired up. To see the determination that he has, he’s unbelievable,” Fischer said. “The fun thing for me is we’re starting with a person who played this year with basically no injury, so we can take him to the next level. I think fans in New England are going to see a guy who is even better than in the past because he has rehabilitated himself from the ACL. To have him to the point now, we don’t even mention the ACL. It’s not even a factor. He’s looked so well in all his drills. He’s looked great in everything he’s doing.”

Fischer says Revis is working as hard as he’s ever worked.

“When Darrelle comes in the door, you never have to push him. That’s what makes him great,” Fischer said. “He knows we’re going to push him to the limit and get after him. He accepts that, and he wants that.”

The Patriots want to see Revis looking like the cornerback they used to play against twice a year. It sounds like that’s what the Patriots are going to get.

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  1. Winning organization?

    Don’t tell that to the Patriots haters who view having the most wins in the last 10 years and making it to the Super Bowl 5 out of 10 years and a 16-0 regular season as proof a team “can’t win” without cheating

    Unless they win the Super Bowl every single season that’s the hater’s mantra

  2. I am so happy to hear that! Very proud of my team for rehabbing him for 16 million dollars. I am also really happy I blow my years worth of savings to travel from Saskatoon Canada to Tampa Bay to watch them play every year. Thank god Tampa strippers are good. Feel sorry for all the people I saw buying Revis jerseys for 100 bucks each as Carolina kicked the crap out of Tampa on a Thursday night.

  3. Back to mugging the WR every play. NE is the perfect place for him since the officials swallow their whistles so regularly for Brady and crew.

  4. If that’s true, Richard Sherman is no longer the best corner in the NFL … Not even close.

  5. There’s a misconception among naive fans and ignorant members of the media that Revis had a “down” year last season but that was hardly the case.

    He still graded out as PFF’s number one corner and excelled at playing in zone like the Bucs foolishly had him do early in the year and he excelled at playing man coverage which is what he did the second half of the season. Now that he’s 100% healed from his ACL injury it’s almost scary to think how good he’s going to be with the Patriots this year.

  6. I can’t wait for this season! Welcome to the Patriots Revis. You made the correct choice.

  7. well…it took about nine years, but they’ve finally replaced Ty Law with a guy that can just do his thing and lock down his side of the field.

    I can’t wait to see Revis and Browner do their thing. I only worry about Josh Boyer and those hack DB coaches telling them to do stupid things. “…and when you’re in coverage, NEVER EVER EVER look for the ball!”

  8. The Patriots want to see Revis looking like the cornerback they used to play against twice a year. It sounds like that’s what the Patriots are going to get.


    They may get the same attitude but there’s no guarantee they get the same play on the field.

    Even if he isn’t 100% the player he used to be he’ll still be a very good corner, just not worth what he’s been paid the last 2 years.

  9. Lol still don’t get why Talib was being talked about in the same breath as Revis and Sherman. Talib is nice don’t get me wrong but he’s NOT Revis or Sherman.

  10. Revis has the drive to be great, with the intensity to match it. Sometimes it rubs teammates the wrong way, but when you have a hall of fame player pushing like that, you’d only hope everyone else steps up. I’m sure Belichick is loving it, having a star player who is also the hardest worker makes any coaches’ day.

  11. The Island is in New England.
    Now, we need to upgrade the O-line/D-line in the draft. Also pick up a Tight End who can contribute in the passing game. No offense to Mulligan or the Hooman!

  12. Can’t wait to see the Pats actually play legit Top 5 caliber defense again. The past 10 years of offensive firepower has led people to believe that’s how their 3 championships were won and that simply wasn’t the case. They were the epitome of a team with a strong defense at every level and a steady offense that didn’t make a lot of mistakes.

    All the “haven’t won since spygate” clowns conveniently forget that Ty Law, Tedy Bruschi, Rodney Harrison, Richard Seymour, Willie McGinest, and Mike Vrabel haven’t played a down for the Patriots in years. Those guys were massive parts of the Patriots dynasty in the early 2000’s.

  13. “Now that [Revis] is with a new team, obviously a winning organization like that, he’s so fired up. To see the determination that he has, he’s unbelievable,”

    Aka, I Revis didnt give a crap in Tampa with Shciano and his knee has been fine, and he blamed poor play on his knee when the truth was he just didnt care enough to give his all.

    Still hate the guy and always will.

  14. Great team that just can’t get past the AFC championship game….Revis talks a great game but everywhere he’s been those teams get rid of him and his big contract a.s.a.p. Soon tom terriffic and Mr.Revis will only been known for the grecian grey hair forula commercials they make. Pats haven’t beaten anybody in forever except the Dolphin, Jets, and Bills.

  15. Lol he was 100% last season and still sucked. Sherman is the best corner in the league HANDS DOWN. So much that this guy can’t keep his name out of his mouth trying to stay relevant. I remember in week 4 when Sherm had the game winning pick 6 and Revis got torched for the game winning TD. As far as I’m concerned the discussion ended after that.

  16. What else is his trainer going to say? “Well, I’m not very good at my job and he’s not ready to play at 100% still.” Not saying Revis is or isn’t 100% but his trainer’s opinion on the matter is clearly biased.

  17. Revis is a Me 1st guy. Just like RGIII and a similar injury. Only difference is RGIII is young and can come back and play for years. Revis is old and with the injury it will show as the young players start to torch him. Young mans game. Always has been and always will be.

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