Darrius Heyward-Bey scheduled to visit Steelers

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The list of available free agent wide receivers lost a member on Tuesday when Jacoby Ford signed with the Jets.

It could get even smaller if another former Raiders wideout has a good visit in Pittsburgh on Wednesday. Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Darrius Heyward-Bey is scheduled for a visit with the Steelers on Wednesday.

Heyward-Bey spent last season with the Colts and held onto a starting job for most of the season before moving to the bench for the final weeks of the season. He finished the year with 29 catches, but none in the final three weeks of the regular season or in the playoffs. The seventh overall pick of the 2009 draft by the Raiders had 140 catches in four seasons with Oakland that featured too many drops sprinkled among the catches.

The Steelers have lost Emmanuel Sanders and Jerricho Cotchery in free agency, leaving them with little experience behind Antonio Brown on the depth chart. That makes their interest in more seasoned hands easy to understand, even if those hands can’t always be counted on to hold onto the ball.

57 responses to “Darrius Heyward-Bey scheduled to visit Steelers

  1. Old, slow and cap strapped…..LOLOLOLOL
    And the Steelers get younger, faster and better while the Ravens and Bungals get arrested.

  2. This will stink up He in field, he’s not worth a roster spot. They need to pass on Heyward-Bey.

  3. Once again. The cap strapped steelers continue to get it done in the offseason. This organization achieved a solid A with their recent transactions. This move, if Bey is smart enough and lucky enough to be chosen to be a steeler, would only bolster an already stellar offseason. Take note everyone else in the league. This is how you win 6 superbowls. If it doesn’t work out, he could always go the the ravens. Lol losers.

  4. Hey Bey is a rare talent , who is still shockingly young (27).
    One of the fastest players in the NFL , and is 6’2 and has a 40 inch Vertical leap.

    There is not 10 more talented people walking this earth to play NFL WR……admittedly he has had issues with drops, but IF
    you can flip the switch on this young man you have a very good NFL WR.

    Love to see the Ravens take a flier.

  5. If there is ONE thing Todd Haley is good at it is coaching up receivers – not saying he’s gonna flourish but if he does I wouldn’t be surprised if Haley was the one to do it…

  6. That is what i’m talking about!

    You give DHB a Great WR coach and you really may have something.

  7. Wow!!! they are making some moves? he would be move of a 3rd WR, but he could stretch the field regardless. DEF must account for him bcuz BB could throw the ball deep. Keep going PITT!! great moves

  8. “The Steelers have lost Emmanuel Sanders and Jerricho Cotchery in free agency, leaving them with little experience behind Antonio Brown on the depth chart.”

    Oh for goodness sake what amazingly lazy reporting. Do the words “Steelers sign Lance Moore” ring a bell?

  9. andreboy1 says: Apr 1, 2014 5:30 PM

    You should have seen my reaction when Al passed on Crabtree and let him slip to the historic 49ers.
    Was it similar to our reaction when that “sorry receiver” failed to make plays when it counted in the NFC Championship game, or the Super Bowl?

  10. Bengals owner mike brown knows that if you play a barely above-average #3 wide receiver as your #2 wide receiver… you can pay even less for the team’s #3 wr and #4 wr.

    So… continue sitting on your hands, mr. brown. Another year of having a #2 wr who doesn’t show up and/or make his presence felt for 8 games.

    2013 Marvin Jones (#3 wr masquerading as the #2 wr):

    – 8 games with less than 40 yards

    – 10 games with 3 receptions or less

  11. At the beginning of the off season, I thought we would have to go Safety in the 1st to replace Ryan Clark. We signed Mike Mitchel.

    We had to get LB depth. We signed Jason Worilds and Arthur Moats.

    We needed D-Line help. We brought in Cam Thomas.

    We needed CB depth, we just signed McCain (who is better than anyone on the depth chart other than Cortez and Ike Taylor) from the Texans.

    We lost Dwyer (no big deal) and brought in LaGarret Blount.

    We needed O-Line help. We brought in a Hall of Fame O-Line coach.

    We lost Emmanuel Sanders and Jericho Cotchery. We signed Lance Moore and now we are bringing DHB.

    I know none of these players, individually are the best in the NFL. But for the Steelers to make these moves improves the roster over every player lost.

    NOW, instead of having to reach for need in the draft, we actually can take the best available player.

  12. The race is on for most dropped passes in the AFC North.

    I’ve got Greg Little at 20 and DHB at 19.5.

  13. Wasn’t DHB the number one pick in the draft? Oh wait, it was McFadden. No, it was Russell. Sheesh, the Raiders must have a dynasty offense!

  14. Unless DangHugeBust has been given a bilateral hand transplant, the Steelers should pass. Sure, he has size and speed and outstanding athletic ability, but you can’t be a servicable “Receiver” if you can’t actually “Receive”. The dude couldn’t catch a cold in December.

  15. Once again Steelers Envy shows itself in 1 out of every 3 posts on stories related to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Bungles fan: You KNOW your team squeaked by last year because the Steelers and Ravens had off years. And you KNOW your team’s QB CANNOT win in the playoffs. If you thought he sucked last year (he did) wait until the next time (if/when) he’s in a playoff game. He’ll be sweating bullets for a whole week waiting to collapse in the game.

    Ratbirds fan: You KNOW your team is in trouble. Your team “leaders” include yet another criminal (wife beater who could be gone for 3-5 years). And your overpaid QB is killing Ozzie’s chances at scoring some good players to help fill in all the wholes in your lineup.

    I hope you enjoyed your chances the last couple years. The Black & Gold is back and they’re gonna beat you at home and in the Burgh!

  16. The Ravens making real moves while the Steelers put their team together by picking through the scrap heap.

  17. Q: How many Steelers fans does it take to change a light bulb?

    A: None. They just talk about how great the old one was.

  18. For some strange reason, that Ravens repeat that was all but guaranteed never materialized.

  19. 72, 74, 75, 76, 78, 79, 84, 94, 95, 97, 01, 04, 05, 08, 10 – do you think 15 AFC champ game appearances is my accident?

    You think 6 Lombardis are too?


  20. Totally LOVE the Steelers picking up DHB… as soon as the NFL rescinds the law against using stickem. If we wanted brick hands, we could just move Ike to WR. lol. Steelers FO has done some great wheeling and dealing this offseason, but ill take my chances with Wheaton and Derek Moye, and draft another receiver. Didnt Limas teach us anything. All the speed and talent in the world is no good if you cant catch. Im usally not critical of the front office, and i can see the intrigue. Maybe their logic is he can be Mike Wallace without the big contract, cause Mike was pretty 50/50 his last year with us. Time will tell, but i guess it gives us something to laugh about.

  21. He may not have lived up to his first-round pedigree thus far, but I still think that he has potential. He was putting up some solid numbers during Hue Jackson’s last year before ending up in Jackson’s doghouse and getting phased out.

  22. Steelers are making moves. His speed alone would be a great asset. Just imagine if he starts catching the ball. Either way, I’d still like the see the steelers draft a top notch receiver early in the draft.

  23. Q: How many Steelers fans does it take to change a light bulb?

    A: None. They just talk about how great the old one was.

    That joke is older than you skippy! You are so creative I bet Google is,pounding on your door to recruit your genius.Yawn.

  24. I can hear Robert Loggia screaming “Don’t throw it to Stone Hands” now.

    My guess is anyone bragging about six titles is too young to get the referance.

  25. Don’t make more of this and other signings than what it is. The Steelers’ special teams were terrible last year. Moats (LB) and McCain (CB) were signed specifically for special teams. Lance Moore and DHB (if signed) are going to be tested as returners with one of these guys becoming the 3rd receiver if the Steelers do not draft one in the first round of the draft. Mitchell (S), Blount (RB)and Thomas (DL) fill needs and are not expected to be Pro Bowl players. It does not look like it from a troll point of view, but the Steelers offseason signings this year are much better than in years passed. If Colbert can put together a decent draft, the roster may actually look pretty good.

  26. @steelcurtain

    Dude, you will have to “imagine” Bey catching the ball because history (both college and pro) proves he can’t actually do it.

  27. So… if DHB can be coached up to stop the drops why couldn’t Sanders be coached up to stop the drops? Ya’ll were happy to see him go because of too many dropped balls.

    Also isn’t this the guy Ryan Clark knocked unconscious and gave a concussion a few seasons ago? If he signs up I guess it’s a good thing Clark is gone. That could be awkward.

  28. DHB would bring a dimension we lost with Wallace. A field stretcher. With a player that fast, teams have 2 choices.
    1 – Cover him with your fastest CB. Which would leave the slower DB covering AB.
    2 – Double him. Which leaves AB in man coverage.

    It is not a matter of him catching everything thrown his way. It makes the D be honest, and not put 8 in the box.

    By not putting 8 in the box, it opens running lanes for Blount and Bell.

    DHB had a decent year with Luck as his QB. Every year before that, I could have been his QB. Cant wait to see what he can do with Big Ben throwing to him.

  29. @nickster31

    “decent year”??? Really??? The guy averaged 19 yards A GAME!!! He had one, count them with me now, ONE freaking touchdown. Bob Hayes averaged more yards per catch in his career than what DHB averaged per game in a supposedly “decent year”.

    Caveat emptor!

  30. Get another WR IN THE DRAFT MORONS!!! Focus on getting linemen and pass rushers now since the defense puts no pressure on the quarterback! We do not need Darius Dropward-Bay with all the young receivers we already have in addition to an incredibly deep draft where guys like TJ Jones and other underrated playmakers sit. Our management has destroyed all of our depth and put us in such a cap bind that we have to turn to washed up bums like this and people who aren’t proven NFLers at all. Sad, really.

  31. Nickster I don’t know what gave you the impression that Dropward-Bey is faster than Antonio. Antonio had a nice year with almost as many receiving yards as Megatron. Antonio has much more speed and is a better over the middle and over the top threat. You look to Dropward-Bey on drags and out routes but Antonio is the playmaker. Steelers have to find a balance in the offense and re-establish an identity. They need to bot be stupid when it comes to looking for WRs.

  32. I would rather have the Steelers sign “Dopey” – (Santonio Holmes -30 yrs old) with 2 strikes on him rather than DHB.

    others available too… sign them to a “prove it contract”…

    Robert Meachem – 29 yrs old
    Sidney Rice – 27 yrs old
    Danario Alexander – 25 yrs old

  33. Seriously people, haven’t we been over this several times before? He’s a vet minimum salary signing, and that costs nothing extra against the salary cap since it replaces the exact same salary of someone else. Then if he doesn’t make the team, he costs only the amount of his signing bonus, that’s it. The signing bonus will be about 65k, which is a lot of money for you and me, but almost nothing for the NFL. There’s no reason not to take a flyer on him. So chill. It’s all good.

  34. It must really suck to not be a Steelers fan. I mean look at all the trolls who have to come to a Steelers topic to get some football talk. Now i guess it’s probably the same 3 clowns in mommas basement, looking at National Geographic magazines and working the tweezers, but they do give me humor each day reading the jealous posts.

  35. With A Brown and L Moore, you need someone to take the top off. Ideally you’d like someone who can catch everything, but a) with Brown, Moore, Miller, Bell he won’t be targeted much, and b) Defenses will still have to cover him, even if he does have stone-hands.

    Not to mention he’d run circles around the old and slow d-backs of the ravens and bengals.

  36. About that “decent year”: 160th in yards and around 280th in points league wide. The guy scored exactly 8 points more than a dead man. Impressive!

  37. DHB would be used for Special Teams and every once in a while put in so he can spread a defense and blocking situations. May have to go long to him once a game just to keep the defense honest. Not crazy excited about him but who knows ? Maybe he surprises after all he did play for Oakland right? Remember what happened to Randy Moss when he played in Oakland. Nothing ….Nothing happened at all when he played there. Which is the point.

  38. DHB is a DUD imho but if the Steelers sign him I will hope for the best. One caveat to his past performance is that besides Luck he hasnt had a good QB tossing the pigskin…

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