Derek Carr says his Browns workout went exactly how he wanted


Former Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr had a private workout with the Browns on Monday, and he thinks he aced it.

“It went so good,” Carr told Gil Brandt and Alex Marvez on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “Everything went great. It went exactly how we wanted it to and now, of course, we just wait till May and see how they’re feeling.”

Carr said he wanted to do everything he could to convince those in attendance — including Browns General Manager Ray Farmer, coach Mike Pettine, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains — that he’s worthy of a first-round pick.

“Coach Shanahan runs the workout,” Carr said. “So we do their drills, and they really want to tire you out. When you’re doing the individual drills, they really try to tire you out, see how you’re feeling, really grind you a little bit. And then you go into throwing routes. You throw routes while you’re tired, like a football game. So after all that, you do some bootlegs and they want to see how you move on the run when you’re tired. Then we do some reads that they have. Then [you] say, ‘If you want to see anything else, we’ll show you whatever you want to see to make you feel comfortable.’ That’s one thing: I want every team to feel they got to see everything they wanted when they leave Fresno. So it was a great experience.”

The Browns are also planning workouts with Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M, Teddy Bridgewater of Louisville and Blake Bortles of Central Florida, all of whom are generally regarded as better prospects than Carr. If the Browns end up taking Carr, it would seem more likely to happen with their second first-round pick, No. 26 overall, than with their first first-round pick, No. 4 overall.

Then again, the last time the Browns waited until late in the first round to draft a quarterback, they got Brandon Weeden. Maybe they’d be better off just taking the best quarterback on the board at No. 4.

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  1. My initial thought when I saw that headline was wondering if that means he deliberately had an off day so that he wouldn’t be drafted by the Browns.

  2. I’m a betting man that the Vikings will reach like crazy for Carr with their 8th pick. It will be like the Ponder situation back in 2011.


  3. The workout must have been simply a tour of the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Why would anyone want to play at the Paul Brown Factory of Sadness?

  4. Cleveland has 2 first round picks this year and I guarantee you the Browns will find a way to screw it up! Book it! Derek Carr…OMG. Haven’t learned a thing from the Brandon Weeden fiasco. Some fools never learn!

  5. “I hope I get drafted by the Browns!” – said no one ever.

    “I hope my team drafts Derek Carr!” – said no fan ever.

  6. Derek Carr had a great career at Fresno State, and looked very impressive in the Senior Bowl. Good stature, appeared to have excellent poise and presence in the pocket, and really hummed the ball. Looks to be able to make any throw in the book.
    Not saying who the Browns might take,as they have myriad options there…but they could do much worse than taking Derek Carr. He has the definate look of a franchise QB. Sounds like he has his head on straight,too.

  7. Carr has some terrific wheels, Carr ran really great, Carr never ran out of gas, Carr is one of them new generation hybrid quarterbacks.

  8. No way he gets picked in the 1st round!

    Too many GM’s sense the ghost of his brother!

  9. I tend to agree with McShay for once, here. I watched Carr against USC (a half-decent opponent), and he looked more like a mid-round QB. Remember that 60% of his passes in college traveled less than 5 yards downfield. That’s why that film against USC is a red flag.

  10. He nailed the interview. He didn’t giggle or even crack a smile when they asked how he planned to take the Browns to the Super Bowl.

  11. I don’t see Carr as number 4. I see him as number 2 or 3. Only time will tell, but at this point, I wouldn’t bet on Manziel or Bridgewater. When you get to the NFL, it’s a whole new ball game with self discipline, dedication, and attitude being as important as how well you improvise. In fact, relying on improvisation becomes can become a detriment.

  12. The people who will be drafting this year for the Browns are not the ones who have blown so many picks since 99…Ray Farmer has not drafted for the Browns in Prior years and was in player procurement in Kansas City and helped lay the groundwork for their much improved team so he has experience locations and quiring good talent. Mike Pettine, while untried, seems to have a real strong sense of what he needs for the schemes his team will run and in honesty I see good things coming.

    I know having fun at the expense of the Browns and their fans is en vogue these days and for good reason. But the NFL imposed Joe Banner tenure is done. Randy Lerner is no longer hiring stooges like Mike Holmgren and Eric Mangini et al to run the club. Jimmy Haslam, in spite of the troubles at Flying J/Pilot has cut the waste (Banner/Lombardi) and has streamlined the organization. Much talent is already in place, and more already added …this draft has the potential to make the Browns a very good football team.

    This year will be fun. Super Bowl…I doubt it very much. But the AFC North is going to be a tough division this year top to bottom. I dont know where the Browns will finish, but they will show themselves well.

    GO BROWNS! Fear the Elf!

  13. I agree with Civil War Fish but then, I usually do. He’s right about his assessment of the Browns, the talent onboard, Ray Farmer and Derek Carr.

    My concern is with Pettine handling things in the short term, but not with the long term. He’s a defense-minded guy and even our OC, Mike Shanahan, is finally breaking out on his own, without the help of his dad or his dad’s friends. I withholding judgement on the QB coach, Lowgains. He didn’t show any success with Jake Locker, and Locker came into the league with good rep. I’m waiting to see what he does with whomever the Browns draft. While I’m not a Rex Grossman fan, I think he might be good to translate Shanahan’s offense to the other QB’s.

    I also have a concern about Haslam and the Browns fans patience with yet another new regime. I keep thinking back to Chuck Noll taking over the Steelers and the growing pains they went through.

    I believe we’ll be improved towards the end of the season with maybe a 6-10/7-9 record. In Ray we Trust!

  14. Oldcracker…your outlook regarding Pettine is a good one. He IS defensive minded and will lean that way. How Shanahan inputs in the formation of he daft is indeed critical. Grossman would be an asset even never taking a snap (in fact thats a plus) as a mentor, a sideline defacto assistant coach. That said I dont know enough about Shanahan to speak with a good opinion where he might lean…but he likes a fairly complex offensive scheme and I think it suits Hoyer given our already present talent.

    Given this, I can see the Browns get a prime receiver to compliment Gordon be it DJax or Watkins or someone else in this deep receiver draft…a good Running Back to compliment Tate and be at the ready to suitably fill in for him in the event of injury…and a good lineman to fill our gaps. Then we will likely see a good corner drafted and an inside linebacker that fits Pettine and O’Neil’s sheme. Thats potentially only half our picks…and a quarterback will fill another and possibly two picks. It leaves us other picks to either jocky position or build depth, which we sorely need.

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