DeSean Jackson says he’s moving on as he moves through the airport

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Free agent receiver DeSean Jackson hasn’t had much to say since the Eagles cut him, but that hasn’t stopped the media from trying.

Most recently, reporters caught up with Jackson at the airport after he flew to Washington. There, he had what Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post describes as “a pretty amazing exchange” with Jeff Skversky from Channel 6 in Philadelphia.

The interview basically consists of Skversky peppering Jackson with questions and Jackson doing his best to avoid answering.

“I’m moving on bro, I don’t have nothing to say about anything. I’m just moving on, man,” Jackson said.

After briefly answering two other questions by saying he thinks Eagles fans will continue to support him and that he’s not upset with the Eagles, Jackson returned to the “moving on” theme.

“Moving on man. That’s all I’ve got to say. I’m moving on,” Jackson said.

Whether Jackson is moving to Washington on a permanent basis remains to be seen.

67 responses to “DeSean Jackson says he’s moving on as he moves through the airport

  1. Mixed feelings if he signs with the Skins. Looks amazing on paper, but like most things in the Dan Snyder era, everything is usually spelled in invisible ink.

  2. The Minnesota Vikings don’t have any me first players like Desean.

    They’re all in it together as a team to hoist the Lombardi trophy.


  3. Translation: he is shopping his services around.. probably will end up signing with the Skins..

  4. “I’m moving on bro, I don’t have nothing to say about anything. I’m just moving on, man,” Jackson said.

    So he has something to say? It’s really sad to think he talks like this and made it past the 2nd grade

  5. Good Luck D-Jack and thanks for some pretty amazing years. You will be missed in Eagle Nation

  6. There is more to the story but these “journalists” won’t investigate. They’ll wait for one colleague to report it, tweet it, then the re-tweets will happen and everyone will have the story one person decided to investigate on. Reporting these days has gone by the wayside for speculation.

  7. If RGIII can return to his 2012 form, the Skins offense with D-Jax, Garcon, Roberts, Jordan Reed, and Morris is going to be ridiculous.

  8. There has to be little doubt that he’s heading to Oakland next. And there’s no way he leaves there without a contract.

    The whole Raiders organization is probably rolling out the red carpet at this moment for him.

  9. Reality is 99% of fans only care if their team wins. DeSean is one heck of a WR. I’m sure Washington had their attorneys make sure his contract state if he goes down the path we are all reading about they can get out of the deal with relative ease.

  10. He’s a fool if he stays on the LEAST COAST. You still have a chance to get aboard the DYNASTY TRAIN Djax! Best defense, best QB, best coach, best fans….best TEAM.

  11. So happy we got rid of this guy. He was a horrible influence on this team despite what the inflated numbers suggest. He gives up on plays, complains to refs while the plays are still happening, gets completely shut down in the biggest games, has a horrible attitude, misses practices, and has murdering buddies who he takes instagram pics with. There is a reason the Chiefs won’t sign DeSean. Andy almost cut him several times before Chip finally manned up and did what need be done. Enjoy him!!

  12. If that’s a “pretty amazing exchange,” that guys life has to be awful

  13. “I’m moving on bro, I don’t have nothing to say about anything. I’m just moving on, man,” Jackson said.

    For all you kids out there…Rule #1 when speaking-If you don’t have anything to say don’t phrase it as if you do.

  14. So now reporters looking for a story are going paparazzi on him? He’s not T.O., not even close, but the media will try to make him into that. It didn’t work with Richard Sherman, so they moved on to DeSean. I’m not saying he’s a saint, but people are piling on a guy that just put up career numbers. Yes, he’s a diva, but how many divas play in the NFL now? Deon Sanders started all this and we ate it up. Now we have a league full of these guys and there’s no going back. Give it a rest already and let him find another team. All this attention is ridiculous.

  15. chad504boy says: Apr 1, 2014 12:03 PM

    Saints offer still stands. Sign for Less and We’ll make you a Winner.


    While the Saints would be stupid dangerous with Desean in Black & Gold, I am quite certain that NOW we can’t afford anyone over $1 mil per year. I originally thought that was the case, then we signed Byrd. We still have to pay Jimmy also.

    Also, we don’t like personnel issues. So I wouldn’t be too high on signing him anyway, cap concerns or not.

  16. I think the “Me” in front or behind the RG3, DeAngelo, DeSean is a pretty lame joke.

    There’s like 5 guys in the league that are team first lol.

  17. getting cut after the yr he had would be humbling for many guys and induce an attitude change. but i doubt that is the case with jackson.

    he is fast but physically small so has limited upside. and when his speed fades, he is done. also while he is explosive and makes big plays, he is inconsistent, cannot keep his head in a gm for 60 minutes and most of all gets shut down in big games.

    personally i don’t think he will learn from this and if he goes to wash will most likely clash with rg3, who is similar to mcnabb in that he is the face of the franchise and as such understands the business reality and conforms. jackson likes the street mentality which is why he gravitated to vick who did federal time.

  18. There’s one thing hidden in all of this, DeSean left Washington without signing a contract. Doesn’t look like he’ll be playing there.

  19. DeSean did some amazing things for Philly. he will be missed. Hopefully he goes to an AFC team. To the Pftpoet, Who cares about the vikings? get a QB. Jared Allen certainly didnt think “They’re all in it together as a team to hoist the Lombardi trophy.” silly person

  20. So, let’s look at the Eagles roster without DeSean Jackson. Is it appreciably better / worse than the Washington roster? They are about the same.

    So add Jackson to Washington, what does that make the Redskins, 9-7 at best? More like 8-8?

    And Philly goes from 9-7 down to what, 6-10?

    The real problem with both teams is a permanent quarterback. I think Philly is in better shape and can find a replacement easier than the Jackson making RGIII that much better.

  21. RG3 quote you will soon hear: “Other teams can’t read the Redskins offense.”

  22. Go ahead Danny and sign him! Ignore the sound of Albert Haynesworth laughing outside the window as he spends those fat stacks of cash you gave him a few years back. What a franchise.

  23. “And now, the #1 worst free agent signing of all time… Anybody to the Redskins.” – NFL Network, Top 10 Worst Free Agent Signings program.

    I sort of hope this happens. Watching Bob Griffin and this guy try to get along could be a stand-up comic’s dream.

  24. I think moving on might mean the Skins & no one else so far is anywhere near the $9 mil figure that’s been mentioned.

  25. I haven’t seen any mention of how the Redskins can even afford this, considering they only have a little over $7-million to spend with their current cap figure.

  26. So he left Washington without a deal?!?!?! Raider Nation, we are still in the MIX!!!!!!!

  27. As an Eagles fan, I’m getting more and more comfortable knowing this guy isn’t on the team. Keep in mind, I practically have a shrine built around the 2010 walk off punt return game in my man cave. He’s like a mini T.O., and that’s assuming there is nothing to the gang/insurance fraud rumors. Thanks for all you did DeSean, but we’re just not that into you anymore.

  28. Also…I know you’re loaded, DJAX, but did you really need to FLY from Philly to Washington? It’s like a two hour trip by car. Can’t you rent a limo with booze and “entertainers?” Guess that might fit the whole gangsta image.

  29. Has an NFL team EVER dropped a WR from their team after that receiver posted up 80 catches for 1300 yards and 10 TDs? It’s completely absurd.

    Obviously there was talk of gang affiliation, but I don’t believe that is the sole reason they got rid of Desean. There’s something we don’t know about this situation and I’m very eager to find out what it is. Desean could have definitely acted more professional during his time in Philly, but he wasn’t the cancer everyone is making him out to be.

    I trust in Chip Kelly and his vision of where this team is headed in the future, but until I’m proven otherwise…THIS DECISION TO OUTRIGHT RELEASE DESEAN JACKSON IS A 100% MISTAKE.

  30. The most interesting thing about that interview is that a guy who made $7 million last year travels by himself and carries his own bag.

  31. This is not to denigrate DJax but I do think he should be tested for bi-polar personality disorder. There may be mild mental health issues that need to be address. Again, this is not to criticize the man but rather help him prolong his nfl career.

  32. It amazes me that year after year, if the skins sign someone than they are like they were when Vinny was still the GM, and people start vomiting Albert Haynesworth. Jackson would help any offense, he has proven that year after year, can also be a difference maker on special teams. Griffin, Garcon, Reed, Morris & Desean Jackson? I don’t care how many bad rap videos he’s made, how can you NOT be excited about that, skins fans?

  33. I saw the video, that reporter might as well be a TMZ reporter. Jackson just flew in from California, give him a break and leave him alone. The audacity of these guys. ” you have to answer me because I’m asking you questions!!!”

  34. Who says that RGIII can’t read defenses? All the rhetoric and foolish commenting is more nauseous than the media driven hype that couldn’t tell you which way is up while lying flat on their backs.

    Fear makes people do crazy stuff and DJAX is not afraid to let people know what he thinks he’s worth. If Washington agrees with him it will be a win win out come. If anybody thinks that every receiver doesn’t supposed to want every ball thrown his way and is open on every play, you don’t know the psychological of the game.

    Philly didn’t want to pay and so he’s moving on until he gets what he believes is right. Are you going to tell me that there are 5 other receivers in the league and in the draft that are better than him?

    Based on his numbers this year and the potential of the group in Washington that by the way collected over 100 passes through one the hands of one receiver alone, there is reason for fear in the NFC East.

    There is the possibility of having three 1000 yard receivers a 1500 yard rusher and a 1000 yard rushing qb. The lame and selfish RGIII had over 500 yards rushing with almost no legs and no offensive line.

    DJAX is not coming to be the face of the franchise, but to catch a lot of those passes that other receivers dropped and take them to the house on his way to the bank.

    Yes you rainy day novice pundents with your unsavory jokes will have the last laugh at your expense on you as you choke down the poison crow that you have been trying to feed everyone else.

    I hope that your apologies are better thought out than the rhetoric because that will help the crow to go down easier.

    Oh you might want to take a little of that egg off your face to go with it for some protien to help build your mouth muscles to cheer for the Washington Redskins if this deal go through.

  35. I think he’ll either be a Niner or a Raider. If the Niners get him then Seattle should be afraid. In fact the Seahawks should be VERY afraid. The addition of D-Jax to go w/ Crabtree & Vernon Davis??? That would make the Niners passing game almost unstoppable. I don’t care how good Sherman is or how good he thinks he is–he can only cover one player at a time.

  36. ‘…There, he had what Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post describes as “a pretty amazing exchange” with Jeff Skversky from Channel 6 in Philadelphia.’

    What??? I’m sorry Dan Steinberg. Whoever that is? I just saw & then read the exchange & I fail to see why that’s ‘pretty amazing?’ Pretty much nothing IMO.

  37. If he comes to Oakland and wins the superbowl, I don’t care what the hell he does off the football field.

  38. If this train wreck were to sign with the Hawks, we probably wouldn’t make the playoffs. If he’s so all-fired good and so valuable, why’d Philly can him? What is it that they knew about him that made him dog food with the Eagles? If he truly were the superstar you all are making him out to being, the Eagles would’ve put up with anything to retain his services. I’d be very careful before I’d sign him, and never to more than a one-year deal.

  39. “oakmeals85 says:
    Apr 1, 2014 4:13 PM
    He’s moving rite to Oakland boyyyyyyyy.”

    Thanks so much for that.

    I’m embarrassed to be a Raider fan sometimes, and not so much due to the on field product.

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