Giants sign Charles Brown

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Add another name to the Giants’ offseason haul.

The team announced Tuesday that they have signed tackle Charles Brown. Brown visited with the Giants earlier in free agency and joins an offensive line that has also added Geoff Schwartz, John Jerry and J.D. Walton to the mix since the start of free agency.

Brown spent most of last season as the Saints’ starting left tackle, but wound up getting benched in favor of rookie Terron Armstead after a rough outing against Rams defensive end Robert Quinn. He’s played right tackle as well during his career and gives the Giants an experienced option as a swing tackle behind Will Beatty and Justin Pugh.

The Giants got very little from their offensive line last season and have devoted a good bit of time to reworking it this offseason. If nothing else, they’ll have more choices available to them heading into next season as they try for a better performance up front.

23 responses to “Giants sign Charles Brown

  1. Aside from Brown’s holdings, false starts, and getting burned a time or two per half… he’s a pretty solid NFL OT.

  2. And just think..he will get to go up against Quinn again this year if he starts at LT. Yikes!

  3. Played two games against the Rams. Played RT the first time and Chris Long ate his lunch. Played LT the second time and Quinn ate his lunch. If they’re playing the Rams this year, give him the week off.

  4. He was a tight end in high school if I’m not mistaken. Very athletic, but mostly due to his long frame and that he only weighs 297. He’s effective vs speed rushers. However when the rusher has the ability to switch from speed to power he really struggles. A simple fake to the outside followed by an inside move and he’s toast. Never seen more hands to the face and holding penalties at the worst possible time in my life. He’s a career back up.

  5. Most comments here are from people who know very little about what the giants are doing, adding big bodies and all cheap!
    Next up the draft, and more to come, Mara made it clear”we will not stink in 2014″.
    It’s clear, Reese is doing his best to have as many O-line guys in camp, and will only keep the winners!
    Got it?

  6. Grimreaper12 you’re always so hilarious.
    “you’re behind the eagles….”
    “you’re still behind the eagles….”
    “Eli’s interceptions…..”
    “you’re so far behind the eagles…..”
    “Eli throws a lot of picks…”
    Is this just spontaneous or is it part of your stand up routine?
    The last I checked you were hanging your entire passing game on a broken WR#2 & a redneck whose own team mates wanna beat the crap out of him.
    Should’ve kept the Gangsta Jackson if only to dust the cobwebs off your trophy cabinet. Hope you’re ready for a mediocre year for Foles.

  7. Not a bad signing depth wise by any means. But the team as a whole is awful. The line has a bunch of second and third rate trash, I understand they’re trying to bring in new blood, but when Pugh is your best linemen you have MAJOR problems. Then their dline, it went from one of the NFL’s best to the worth so quickly. Also losing Nicks is HUGE. Cruz is far from a 1 and whenever he played and Nicks wasn’t playing his numbers were awful aside from a game here and there…at best this team is 7-9…..500 would involve a lot of smoke and mirrors…sad.

  8. I can see the jokes coming for Charlie Brown this seasons being the stadium’s mascot is Snoopy. Provided of course he makes it through training camp.

  9. You can’t win the super bowl in March and April, but you can lose it. The Giants are building depth after waiting a year or two too late to rebuild. They repaid super bowl winners instead of cutting them loose. It’s a no win situation.

  10. Seems like a lot of these comments are from guys who know nothing about football. If you don’t think adding a swing tackle who has been a starter for most of his career for depth is a great move you guys are idiots. The Giants realized the roster needed an upgrade, they have done that in FA… I know most people say stuff to get a rise out of folks but when it gets down to football the G-Men have done a great job so far!!!

  11. Hope Eli’s ObamaCare is paid up. Charlie Brown, he’s a clown. That Charlie Brown.

    In Reese’s Pieces I Trust.

  12. The Giants had injuries to the offensive line last season.Moves like this is to guard against that.I know the eagle cowboy and redskins fans are worried because they know we are going to be much better.Two Super bowls and going for a third,yeah they’re worried,very worried.

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