Jim Caldwell: We could use a flamethrower in the pass rush


When Jim Schwartz was the head coach and Gunther Cunningham the defensive coordinator of the Lions, the team did not blitz that frequently.

That’s expected to change this season as Teryl Austin has taken over the reins on defense and word out of Detroit is that things will be changing on that front. Austin is expected to call more blitzes, an alteration that will lead the Lions to identify players capable of getting after the quarterback. Coach Jim Caldwell said defensive end Ziggy Ansah should be part of the answer, but that the team will be looking for more help in that area.

“Now we also need trying to find maybe a little bit different flavor in that regard, trying to find maybe another guy that can do it,” Caldwell said, via Kyle Meinke of MLive.com. “He may be in our program right now, in our organization. We have to see how he fits within our scheme, but obviously, anybody can use a flamethrower, and sometimes you find one here or there.”

Outside linebacker would seem to be a prime spot to install a flamethrower and Meinke finds the team lacking in in-house candidates for the role. UCLA linebacker Anthony Barr could be a possibility with the 10th overall pick in the draft if Caldwell’s own read on the talent on hand leaves him with the same conclusion.

15 responses to “Jim Caldwell: We could use a flamethrower in the pass rush

  1. This guy is so in over his head it’s unbelievable. It’s going to be a longggg year in Detroit watching this guy stand silently on the sidelines while his team is getting clobbered.

  2. Maybe what Jim Caldwell was saying is that only an ACTUAL flamethrower would help the Colts pass rush at this point?

  3. Flamethrower? That’s a little violent. He needs to be fined and attend sensitivity training. I wonder what Nancy Pelosi thinks.

  4. But the flamethrower has to be reminded to direct the flame at the *other* team.

    That’s been a problem in Detroit.

  5. I was saying this all last yr, they only rush 4 guys by the 4th qrt the pass rush is no where to be found, the guys were exhausted, add to that the secondary not being all that good was made worse trying to cover receivers for 8 seconds…..Detroit you got the right guy for the job

  6. LOL at Lions fans. Look, Caldwell coached 2 teams that went to Super Bowls. That’s better than the Lions have had since before the merger.

  7. The more he talks the less intelligent he sounds… I just hope the Lions win in spite of him (ala: Barry Switzer vs. Rod Marinelli part 2)…

  8. I think the more he talks the more intelligent he sounds. I didn’t really like his hiring at first. I am cautiously optimistic now.

  9. After reading these comments, i realize Caldwell is the man for this job. With the talent the lions have he will get them consistently to playoffs and possibly super bowl. He is our first real coach in my lifetime. He will own most wins, i’m gonna go on a limb and say our first super bowl. Yes that’s right, he should be here at least ten years

  10. The real story here is we have a Lombardi coaching our team. Who cares about anything else. What do you think will happen to Green Bay if we can keep this dude in our organization twenty years? We need to hold on to this dude, forever! Lions fans, we have been waiting our lifetimes for good leadership and now the football gods have blessed us with, well a god!

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