Kevin Costner: NFL nixed scene of fans hanging him in effigy


Maybe the NFL just didn’t want to give fans any ideas.

While the league allowed permission to use its logos and images for the upcoming movie “Draft Day,” there were certain lengths they weren’t willing to go.

Actor Kevin Costner, who plays the General Manager of the Browns in the film, told Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times that the league stepped in and cut a scene of fans hanging his character in effigy.

I thought it was a real funny moment, but I think the NFL’s really cracking down on fan behavior both inside the stadium and outside,” Costner said. “The idea of hanging somebody, for as funny as I thought it was, and as realistic as I thought it was, it was just an image that I didn’t want in the movie. That was a small price for us to pay, but it shows that they were watching very closely.”

That the league allowed the use of their trademarks at all is a bit of an upset, since so many movies have had to make do with fictional teams and uniforms, which Costner said would have dampened his enthusiasm for the project.

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  1. I’m interesting in seeing this movie. Costner usually makes excellent films, but his choice of the Browns is questionable.

  2. Censorship makes everything worse. I’m already expecting this movie to flop, Hollywood is out of ideas and Goddell’s NFL craves that Hollywood limelight and profit over proper football.

  3. wait, the NFL owns the teams? then how the hell do they get by without paying any federal tax? The excuse that the individual franchises pay taxes is absurd, if it is true that the NFL owns the rights to the teams…….

  4. Even though the league may not like the idea of a scene in a movie where Browns fans want to hang the likeness of their team’s GM, it kinda does fit with the Factory of Sadness, doesn’t it?

  5. This movie was supposed to take place in Buffalo, but was moved because production costs were cheaper in Ohio. Who wants to see a football movie without actual football scenes, anyhow?

  6. Alternate Titles
    “Dancing With Colt”
    “The Badly Guard”
    “Field of Screams”
    “The Untacklables”
    “Table of 53”
    “Bull Drafting”
    “Robin Hood: The Prince of Fee’s”
    “For the Love of the shame”

  7. I want to see a Fantasy Football Draft Day movie starring Will Ferrel, Zack Galifianakis, and Ray Farmer.

  8. Screw this movie…see how the advertisements are red, white and blue?

    Yeah, this movie was supposed to be about the Bills and filmed at Ralph Wilson Stadium…then we got screwed as usual.

    Hope it flops. I won’t watch it.

  9. This movie is going to stink, its about a guy who tries to acquire the #1 pick in the draft. Besides its HOLLYWOOD.

    85% of it is going to be blown out of the proportion and over the top. Just like Rudy, Moneyball, Titanic, Noah, and Jurrasic Park.

  10. I saw it at an advanced screening and yeah there are parts that are unbelieveable but its a movie. The Browns are not the only team that its about several other team’s front offices are involved. Overall, I thought it was good and I’d give it a 7 out of 10.

  11. Costner never struck me as a guy with much of a sense of humor, but his quotes keep coming back to how funny the mock hanging was. Personally I agree, and it seems completely real, but, ah well, the league is protecting the shield. Ugh. If you want real teams in the movie, you have to live with the limitations. If you want the players to shoot laser beams out of their eyes and snort the hashmarks made from cocaine, well, then you have to live with a lot of bogus footage of the Cleveland Conquerors. I’m happy to watch it when it comes out.

    Hopefully the NFL didn’t object to scenes of fans throwing batteries, ice-balls, or bottles at players/refs, because stuff like that could totally never happen.

  12. The City of Cleveland may not be able to produce any winners on the field of play but when it comes to making sports movies, there is no better place to go for the genuine pain, sorrow and uncanny ability to lose in any situation and every way possible.

    The dark cloud that hovers above that city is large and heavy.

  13. I heard the NFL made the production company reduce the movie to five minutes in order to make sure no truths about the league would be told.

  14. Spoiler ALERT!!

    The Browns make a bad trade….. You can tell that this is a movie, because someone takes the bad trade off their hands… In real life, the Browns just screw up.

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