McKenzie leery about adding DeSean Jackson


The Raiders are in “win now” mode.  They’ve got the cap space.  They need to attract fans to the sewage-challenged Black Hole.  So why aren’t they at the front of the line for receiver DeSean Jackson?

As one league source explained it to PFT, G.M. Reggie McKenzie is leery about Jackson.  Not because of the trumped-up gang ties (the more we read the supposedly groundbreaking article about suspected gang ties, the less hard news we actually see in it), but because of Jackson’s reputation as a me-first player who can’t be controlled.

While the Raiders have been buying up plenty of veteran free agents, most are regarded as good teammates who’ll provide positive influences to the locker room.  That’s not the reputation Jackson enjoys.

While Raiders quarterback Matt Schaub has made a public pitch for Jackson, one of the concerns is that Schaub has never had to control a potentially difficult receiver.  Andre Johnson, Schaub’s long-time No. 1 target in Houston, is the anti-diva — a team-first guy who has never created many issues in Houston.

Of course, it may not ultimately be McKenzie’s call.  If owner Mark Davis, who has been prodded by defensive back Charles Woodson to do what his father would have done with a talent like Jackson available for no compensation, decides he wants DeSean, it won’t matter if McKenzie is leery.

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  1. If Al was living, DJ would already be a Raiderrrr….
    1) Speeed
    2) Deep threat
    3) Al would have talked with DJ and gave him that cash (JUST WIN BB)…

  2. I just have this feeling that there is smoke there. The Eagles just wouldn’t let him go for nothing, even if his cap number were crazy this year. They’re willing to take the cap hit for the next 3 years and accept it? There is something going on…

  3. They’re not in “win now” mode. That’s what Denver is doing. Oakland had arguably the least talented roster for the last 2 seasons – why you say? – because they had to shed all the bad contracts. The mode they’re in now is to improve and become competitive again. Adding playmakers is one step in that process.

  4. I guess it’ s easy to say you’re leery when said player may not even make it there for talks…and Oakland of all teams to say they are leery is a joke in itself…isn’t this where all bad boys go to finish their careers? Or has this changed since big Al has passed on?

  5. If his father would have done it, that should be a huge red flag NOT to do it!
    RM might be content to trade down and go after a Mike Evans or Marqise Lee (Watkins would almost definitely be off the board by then) later in the first round.

  6. Oakland would probably be DeSean’s preferred landing spot with it’s close proximity to the California gang scene.

  7. Call me crazy, but Oakland has the cap room and the need for a game-breaker like DeSean Jackson – plus he’d open up so much for James Jones, Denarious Moore, Rod Streater – and the front sevens facing MJD and McFadden, that it’d be crazy NOT to lock him up.

    How often does a team have all the planets align like this?

    Oh, and how much do the Raiders have to give up in trade for Jackson? Answer: ZERO — he’s FREE (and only costs a negotiated contract).

  8. Listen to the NFL GM’s from ESPN. Like they said, the guy has terrific statistics but…………….he would fake injury not to practice but was showing off in games with no apparent injury(ies), he did not buy into the coaches philosophy and is a “me first” person, not one teammate was surprised by his release and some applauded his release, he has been reputed not to be a good teammate. I wonder why no teammate or coach laments his release? Obviously the Philadelphia Eagles work with Desean everyday and know him far better than we ever will, so it stands to reason-buyer beware!

  9. It looks like Washington isn’t going to let him leave without a contract so the point is probably moot . Seriously if you are not sure it would seem that receiver is the one position you roll the dice in free agency . Top receiver talent seldom hits the open market .

  10. “While the Raiders have been buying up plenty of veteran free agents, most are regarded as good teammates who’ll provide positive influences to the locker room.”

    That’s new.

  11. I think Reggie should be cautious. One bad seed in the locker room can disrupt the whole team. Great talent but I’d rather spend the cap money one more depth.

  12. As he should be. This guy is a complete turd.

    One of the worst examples for up and coming athletes to watch. Everything we teach our kids NOT to do, he does on the football field. Taunting, show boating, and overall just being a completely selfish individual.

    Chip Kelly saw it and did the right thing – and I HATE the Eagles – but good for Chip.

  13. Awesome call from Raiders organization don’t belive the hype now I will go buy me some tickets, love the new mentality go raiders

  14. Let someone else have the headache and huge salary. There are plenty of Receivers in this years draft. Also, Andre Holmes may emerge as a go-to guy for Schaub.

  15. Hell PST NFL players are affiliated with hoodrats. There’s a difference from knowing one and being one!
    Oakland has the $$$$$, but. 10 million a year? Come on! He is going to the Redskins where he can be another TO, screwing with a young QBs head …me, me, me! ! Good receiver, but still a few out good free agents out there. Plus great one from Oregon named Cooks.

  16. McKenzie won’t last the season in Oakland. He is horrible at making decisions. All he has done this off-season is sign a bunch of old guys. And when a playmaker drops in his lap he gets leery. Oakland looking at another 2-4 win season.

  17. Hence why Bad teams like The Redskins get better… and why Bad teams like The Raiders stay bad.

    Who cares if he is a “me guy”

    He produces on the field and is a superstar WR… something The Raiders have lacked for years.

    If you wanted to win now… DeSean would be in Oakland right now.. and not ready to sign a contract in Washington.

  18. So the news is actually the Raiders may actually have some level of common sense, which has been missing for nearly 15 years, good for them.

  19. Being a skins fan I think this “close to a deal” talk is to drive up the price to the raiders and bills. Knowing Dan Snyder close deals mean he hasn’t made an offer.

  20. I swear you people acting as if Watkins would be the answer.

    yall do know that out of all Players drafted between 1936 and 2013, played WR, in the 1st round, between the 1st and 5th pick, none of them won a superbowl?
    If we can get the best player available who is better than watkins at #5 and we have Desean then we get the best player.

  21. sorry but have the delusional fans multiplied since last year? I seem to only remember only seeing one redskin fan without a grasp on reality. Now it’s Jets, Vikings, Bengals, and a slew of others.

  22. I wouldn’t sign him he’s a selfish punk, if I did that contract would be LOADED with incentives. Wouldn’t guarantee much money up front if I could get away with it. But we r talking about the Raiders who flush millions down the toilet every year!!

  23. If you don’t learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, etc… are still trying to get back into the NFL and were untouched or late pickups when they still had tread on their tires. Sorry DeSean, but you will be signed by lunatic fringe elements like Snyder, who has thrown more money at a bunch of losers than any team owner in history since Al Davis.

  24. When your character is so low the Raiders are leery at kicking your tires it is probably time to do some serious soul searching.

  25. I can’t believe the clamor for a mini-receiver with frequent alligator arms.
    The guy is fast. No doubt.
    But he’s not exactly a scoring machine. In an offense very complimentary to his skill-set, he produced 9 TDs.
    This is not a record breaking, future HOF receiver. This is a small, fast receiver who will end up causing problems in the locker room. And who is a safety hit away from IR.
    Pass, please. Look to the draft to add talent at the position.

  26. DeSean is a cancer, and if you are too short sighted to see that, then it is understandable why the Raider Nation has fallen into a slumber for the last two decades. Reggie understands this, and as talented as D-Jax may be on the field, he will more than diminish that talent in the locker room, the one place where chemistry is made. Take a pass!

  27. No WR won a Super Bowl? Santonio Holmes vs Arizona…

    Maybe the culture in Philly forces WRs to have bad attitudes…

    DJax was a Raiders fan when he was young and this ‘leery’ stuff is ridiculous. Leaders on the team like Marcel Reece and Charles Woodson have openly lobbied for him. He will not be a problem in the locker room with the leadership that is in place. If the team in DC lets him get away, Reggie & Mark should sign him.

  28. @daltanfan and others

    The cap hit is only for this season. It accelerates forward. It’s still less than they were going to pay him in salary this season. As for compensation, no one wanted to pay him $10.5MM this season. Teams that might’ve dealt for him need him to sign for less than a $10MM cap hit in 2014. It’s not entirely unheard of. The gang ties and his attitude are issues, but the Eagles are probably using that as much to justify his release as anything. Chip Kelly felt he didn’t need him to be successful. The Eagles didn’t want to pay that much to a WR who caught five passes only once after Foles took over at QB. Are the concerns real? Yes – though I imagine the underlying issues many think are hiding are overblown.

  29. Tell Lynn Swann that and Santonio Holmes, some of the best winning and spectacular catches in SB history.

    And the Steelers have been a Rival team for me through out history but Im just sayin.

  30. No WR won a Super Bowl? Santonio Holmes vs Arizona…

    Maybe the culture in Philly forces WRs to have bad attitudes…

    DJax was a Raiders fan when he was young and this ‘leery’ stuff is ridiculous. Leaders on the team like Marcel Reece and Charles Woodson have openly lobbied for him. He will not be a problem in the locker room with the leadership that is in place. If the team in DC lets him get away, Reggie & Mark should sign him
    No Wr picked in the first round as won one between 1936 and now

  31. Not everyone from Raider Nation wants DJax!

    It’s a substantial investment for a player that is 27 yrs old, and who is not the best locker room influence. His abilities speak for themselves, but he’s also on the small side and that wear has it’s toll!

    Reggie is smart not to move, unless it’s a sweet deal! The better option is any of the top 5 wideouts. Homegrown talent that can learn and grow from Day 1!

    The 2014 Draft will be remembered for the wideouts, mark it down!

  32. Jackson does not want to play for the McKenzie train wreck. This is Mckenzie blowing smoke because Jackson probably told him he does not want to play for a team that will be 2-14 next year.

  33. Do not sign this guy. He’s a punk, alway has been since his Cal days. We got a good group of veterans, some nice receiving options and the potential to get Watkins.

  34. With all the negative publicity surrounding DJax, I’m not so sure he should be taking pictures at a club with a rapper that was just in an altercation earlier in the day…just sayin

  35. The last time the Raiders signed a dynamic wide receiver with character issues it ended badly and caused problems in the locker room at a time when they needed cohessiveness badly . That receiver was Randy Moss and he , like Jackson , was a me first guy . I’m all for having a playmaker on the field but not at the risk of the entire team . One player , no matter how good , can win ball games . It takes a collective effort from every player and every player must be committed to each other and the goal the team has set for itself . If Jackson can be that , sign him . If his antics continue to lean toward self gratification he isn’t needed no matter how good he may be .
    The Raidets ate trying to build a team that can compete while their young players develop . That’s the reason for all the veteran signings . For people who think they’re signing all these ” old guys ” with thehopes of winning a Superbowl , they couldn’t be more wrong . They’re buying time while the young talent develops and bringing in leadership to pave the way so as they add through the draft they can compete . They are under no pressure to make the playoffs this year . Davis just wants improvement so he knows they ate heading in the right ditection . Barring a rash of injuries , this team will not post a 4 and 12 record in 2014 .

  36. If he leaves DC without a deal, and Oakland doesn’t sign him it has to really drive his price down. Bills could be the eventual winners in all this.

  37. This is a watershed moment for Reggie. Signing DJax would appear to contradict his words and actions regarding team players with good attitudes with responsible contracts. DJax is like the apple hanging from the tree in the Garden of Eden.

  38. First off, that “too young, gotta be at least 30” joke is old. Pun intended. Get some new material.

    Secondly, Reggie has been known, for a while, that he likes high character, team first players. The opposite of DJax. He’s trying to build a winner so why would he sabotage himself by signing this dude? Yes, DJax is a playmaker but I guess he ain’t worth the headache. Reg can get a playmaker in the draft. One w/out the me-first attitude.

  39. I don’t understand how it took the media four days to figure out how ridiculously thin the NJ dot com story was. I read it Friday, and was shocked at how flimsy it was. There’s no there there.

  40. are we sure Chip Kelly is not a me first kind of coach, and DeSean being a me first kind of guy , that just possibly their two me first kind of big ego’s could not fit in the same locker room.

    So to save face they made up some far fetched story like being a gang banger …….

    With that said , sign him already Reggie!

    Go Reggie, Go DJAX, GO RAIDERS!

  41. And that’s why we have contract clauses. Put some clauses in there to C.Y.A. Reggie.

  42. Okay, say we do sign Djax’s melo dramatic ass & things don’t end up going his way. Then what! We end up losing out on money and morale! & to me no 1 person is bigger than the team or the RAIDER NATION.

  43. Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson and Megatron are all team first guys, not to mention career top 5 wide outs, none of them have Superbowl wins. Hell, two of them haven’t even come close. That whole argument is stupid, me first guys have won in this league, plenty of times. If RM doesn’t believe Desean fits what he is trying to build, then he shouldn’t sign the guy… no matter what the fans say.

  44. At least get him over to Oakland for a visit. Sign him under stipulations of off field potential issues. I’d he messes up no guaranteed money.

  45. nflfolly says: Apr 1, 2014 12:10 PM

    Jackson does not want to play for the McKenzie train wreck. This is Mckenzie blowing smoke because Jackson probably told him he does not want to play for a team that will be 2-14 next year.
    Jackson reached out to Oakland before he was released to express his interest. But it’s your story, so tell it however you want.

  46. DJ just has to grow up a little bit. That’s all. He would have plenty of role models around him, since the Raiders have become a veteran team of good, solid players with good solid characters. I’m sure people like Tuck and Woodley would counsel him on how to act like a man and still get what he wants out of his career.

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