Pats may be gauging Manziel’s value in advance of possible trade down


So why are the Patriots using one of their 30 on-site visits with draft-eligible players on a player for whom they apparently have no need?

In the event Johnny Manziel slides through the first round, the Patriots may have an opportunity at No. 29 to trade down with a team hoping to vault back into round one to get Manziel.  By fully and completely scouting Manziel, the Pats will have a better sense regarding the appropriate trade compensation for a crack at Manziel.

In recent years, the concept of draft slots having a specific value has yielded to the idea that the value relates to the specific player for whom the move is being made.  Two years ago, the second overall pick yielded the sixth overall pick, two other first-round picks, and a second-round pick not because of the inherent value of the No. 2 pick but because the move put Washington in position to draft Robert Griffin III.

That’s why the Rams are scouting the quarterbacks believed to be at the top of the draft.  They won’t take one with the second overall pick, but they possibly will trade down with a team that wants one of them.

For the Patriots, it’s the most logical explanation for the decision to host Manziel — especially in light of New England’s history of trading down in an effort to stockpile picks.  If Manziel is on the board at No. 29 and someone wants to move up to get him, the Patriots will have a better idea regarding what they should request if they have a better idea regarding Manziel.

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  1. It would just kill Manziel if he were actually drafted by the Patriots. Not only would they make him sit for Brady’s last couple of years but they would put the kibosh on on his off-field shenanigans.

    Not that he couldn’t stand to learn some humility. . .

  2. You never know what can happen to your franchise QB. Mr. Bundchen could be lost in a hair
    styling accident in the blink of an eye.

  3. Or they could actually be scouting him. Tom Brady isn’t gonna play forever(sorry pats fans) and Mallett is gonna be a free agent. Manziel is a gamer,learning from Brady could be a good thing

  4. Seems like a sketchy theory. His value in a trade situation is not absolute, it’s fully dependent on how much the potential trade partner values him. Seems to me you would get better info by studying the teams who may be in need, then if any of the QBs slide, you know who to call.

  5. Tom Brady won’t last forever, plus his hot Swedish wife wants him at home to watch the kids. Babysitters are expensive.

  6. Is this in the belief that Tom Brady plays until he is 40 or 45 years old? Pats will be scouting QB’s evey year…… for their own team.

  7. It’s rare the Pats do something dumb…but c’mon. If he slides to them, THAT tells you his “value.” What they see on a visit will have nothing to do with how others view him.

    What makes more sense is that Belicheat has realized that Tom Brady is 100 years old and unlikely to complete another NFL season, and Ryan Mallet is pond scum.

    If Manziel is there when New England is on the clock…they will draft him to start. As much as I hate Belicheat, he’s nobody’s dummy. New England’s run is over, and it’s time to rebuild.

  8. Nah, the pats dont need to know johnnys value unless they wopuld like to draft him, they would be trading the PICK, NOT the player. And the pick already has a preset value, by using the ole draft pick value chart.

  9. No need? Maybe in the short term but what about 2 or 3 years from now when Brady is 40 years old? Manziel could sit and learn and be ready when Tom hangs them up. Packers used the same approach with Favre and look how that turned out.

  10. Please keep passing on decent young QB’s…Brady has 2-3 years left, and nobody developing behind him…besides a bust of a head case nobody will trade for.

  11. Or they could just keep him. Tom Brady’s getting old and this could be another Aaron Rogers situation.

  12. He won’t get past the Raiders. Top 10 pick for sure. Especially when you consider other QB’s that have gone top 10 that are no where close to his raw talent level.

  13. Or maybe they’re looking to the future. Getting Brady’s replacement now would be smart. He’s not getting younger, and sitting didn’t hurt Rodgers.

  14. They met with Tebow before his draft too – though a certain young head coach in Denver with a fascination with non-traditional QBs took him in the 2nd round. (Hint: he now works in NE)

    They also took Mallet when he slid in his draft.

    Or they just want to scout a future opposing NFL QB while they have a chance.

    The question isn’t why are the Patriots meeting with a player they will more likely face isn’t why the Patriots are doing – it’s why every other team isn’t.

  15. Is this like how the Packers apparently had no need at QB when they drafted Rodgers in the first round in 2005? I guess Brady will be playing forever.

    I’m not saying Manziel is the heir or that they even want the guy…just that it is silly to say they have no need at QB when Brady is going to tun 37 later this year and Mallet’s contract is going to be up soon.

  16. I know Miami has Tannehill, who I’m a fan of, but I’d be pissed if they past on Manziel. He has ‘it’ and has an NFL arm unlike Tebow

  17. This tough to buy. I think it’s more likely Manziel has interested them enough to check out further. Does mean much – they check out lots of players.

    Scouting Manziel to determine what sort of compensation they should get if somebody wants him with their pick? Seems unlikely and good way to price your pick out of the market. They know what 29 is worth on a trade up – and so do 25-28 for someone really looking to move up for him.

  18. They will have also evaluated him as an opposing player. Having an interview with a QB and discovering what makes him tick can be vital information for an opposing team.

  19. A more logical explanation is the Pats might actually take him at 29, or even trade down to get him.

    How many more years does Brady have left? He’s 36. Time to start planning for the future and maybe Belichick sees this as a possibility to replicate Manning to Luck, or Favre to Rodgers?

  20. Christian Ponder, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert and Brandon Weeden just to name a few. But the powers that be are gonna let Manziel slide? Maybe if this were 1974 but not in 2014. Hell, then even Davis and Madden would have taken him. Ha!

  21. That’s logical but the market is the market and perception is reality. If the Pats are only looking at Manziel as someone another team would want to trade for it matters little what the Patriots think his value is; it matters what their potential trade partner thinks. More importantly, it matters if there are multiple suitors. The last point is key. The Pats want to create the impression now that they are a potential trading spot for any team looking for any QB late in round one, creating a market for their choice in excess of what the patriots can get in any one player they themselves would pick.

  22. Elway is now calling texans… broncos will draft him no.1 over all! 4 first round picks…

  23. He’s not getting past pick four because the Browns are taking him. Sorry Billy Boy, looks like you will have to look elsewhere for a backup for old man Brady.

  24. Or it could be that they know Tom Brady can’t play forever and think he would be the draft steal of the century at 29.

  25. …you know…or the Pats are interested in drafting Brady’s heir and Mallet isn’t seen as the answer (or a stop gap at best)…

    …or they are doing it as a smokescreen to seem interested if one of the projected 1st rounders fall to them (brought in Bridgewater as well)…then they make it seem like they could actually take them and have more leverage to extract better picks…

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