PFT: How much is a great non-franchise QB worth?

Erik Kuselias debates with Ross Tucker and Shaun King about if a talented non-franchise quarterback such as Colin Kaepernick is worth $15m.

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  1. The Vikings will draft the best qb in the draft.he will be a HOF while the others will be working at burger king in 5 years.rick Spielman knows how to make his magic work.SKOL

  2. That depends on who the “franchise” QB is.

    There are some guys that are tier 1 that are paid as such like Rodgers and Brees that are worth.

    Then there are guys that aren’t like Flacco, that get paid that aren’t.

    The Vikings haven’t had a franchise QB since Fran Tarkenton. Culpepper was close but I am pretty sure some of us would look good, with two HOF WRs.

  3. In the coming years, franchise quarterbacks are going to go for $25 million as the cap increases. $15 million for Kaepernick will seem like a bargain.

  4. He makes a valid point. Kaep isnt worth 15 million. He barely completes 55% of his throws, has no ability to read the field and has absolutely no touch. He can run and throw the ball hard. Is an incomplete QB worth that much. 12 million is the most that a competent GM will pay for Kaep, and thats solely because this is a QB driven league and people think that QBs arent replaceable in systems like the hawks and 9ers have. People are kidding themselves if they think that Kaep would go to another city and win a championship. If hes not doing in SF hes not doing it anywhere except maybe seattle where the defense is better.

  5. This guy has so much talent around him and he can’t win???
    Niners are taking a back seat to the highly overrated hawks (but they did win it all).
    I hope they overpay him!! That will come back to bite them sooner than later!

  6. 15 mil, wow. Think how many tats, and headphones, and flat-billed Dolphins hats Kaepernick could buy with that.

  7. If the Niners don’t pay Kaepernick, who are they going to pay? They didn’t draft a QB until the 7th round last year, and didn’t draft one at all in 2012.

  8. Isn’t it grossly premature to decide either way if Kaepernick is a franchise QB?

    No. I would not pay him $15M at this time. I would pay him above the rookie salary if the CBA allows it – but not $15M. I wouldn’t even go $10M yet.

  9. No one runs like Kaep, so that needs to be figured into the equation. He makes plays. He shouldn’t be faulted for not beating a stacked Seattle team in their house. Manning got smoked on a neutral field…I’m pretty sure everyone would label Peyton as “franchise.” Give him his money.

  10. I’m sorry but my Quarterback get’s paid $20 Million a year and has:

    -a regular season record of 62-34
    -gone to the playoffs 5 of his first 6 seasons
    -a playoff record of 9-3
    -played in 3 AFC Championships
    -won a Super Bowl
    -and was named Super Bowl MVP

    What has your quarterback done over the last 6 years?

    By the way My Quarterback’s salary cap number this year ($14.8M) is lower than: Eli Manning ($20.4M), Ben Roethlisberger ($18.9M), Jay Cutler ($18.5M), Drew Brees ($18.4M), Sam Bradford ($17.6M), Aaron Rodgers ($17.5M), Matt Ryan ($17.5M), Peyton Manning ($17.5M), Phillip Rivers ($16.6M) , Mathew Stafford ($15.8M), Tom Brady ($14.8M)

  11. First, what is a “… talented non-franchise quarterback”? I question the label(s). To me, any starter who you ARE NOT actively seeking to replace is by definition, your FRANCHISE QB.

    The QB market should be determined by the free market. Each guy should get what he can get some team to pay. (even though the NFL has a socialist pay scale system)

    When you do a comparative analysis of the QBs pay, you find that it’s pretty crazy. Look at what McKown and Schaub just got paid and think about how Cassel, Kolb and particularly Matt Flynn flecced the teams, you realize just how crazy it is.

  12. Funny, a Packers fan saying he can’t win… he’s 21-8 as a starter including the postseason. (BTW, 3 of those are against your Packers, and twice in the postseason).

    And he throws more picks than TD’s? Try again, he’s 31-11.

  13. It is hilarious to hear people make ignorant statements like Kaepernick has no touch or accuracy. I have watched every game he has played in because I have the football package. He can make any pass and has the ability to drop it in when need be. Some of his passes are one of a kind, not to mention is ability to avoid the rush and run down field. Admitted he needs some maturing, and maybe a make over, but his talent is undeniable. I think a lot these guys are over payed until a look at baseball salaries. But you haters believe whatever it takes for you to sleep at night.

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